Boon Flo Faucet Spout Cover


I told you in my review of the Boon Pod, that more bath products from this company was yet to come. Well, here’s another great bath accessory from Boon, called the Flo.

It’s a product that is easily placed on the bathtub faucet. It actually serves a few functions:
~ Water Deflector, creates a waterfall instead of a heavy stream
~ Protective Faucet Cover
~ Bubble Bath Dispenser

I like that it so easily clipped onto our faucet with absolutely no assembly required. It’s also just as easy to remove too. Yet, it has an opening on top for the shower diverter, I never need to remove Flo anyway. The really soft edges of the Flo make it safe for the girls to brush against and touch. Sometimes, when all 3 kids are in the tub, someone is bound to lean back onto the faucet. The Flo has prevented a few tears in this house!
The waterfall effect is fun for Isabelle to play in and makes it so much easier to wash the girls’ hair. The babies just started disliking laying back in the water to rinse their hair – it disturbs play-time, you know! They don’t mind leaning back just a tad to rinse under Flo’s waterfall.
It has a bubble bath reservoir on top, and a push button in front (to dispel the bubble bath into the waterfall). Isabelle thinks this is just ‘so cool’, and likes that she is able to help with putting the bubbles in.
The Flo comes in 2 great colors (and I’ve heard there’s a new color coming soon…!)

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own 

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