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Boon Bug Pod – I have been debating whether or not Boon needs a formal introduction. After all, if you have seen the products made by this company, I am sure you would remember them. And, since Boon is available in so many stores all over – the chances you coming across them are pretty good. How about I just say that Boon makes modern-looking products that all serve a great function in making our jobs, as parents, more stylish and practical. In the past, I had reviewed some feeding products made by Boon. Now, I am happy to be doing an entire series of reviews (with giveaways) on their Bath products.

The first feature is The Pod. In fact, it was the Frog Pod that first made me take notice of Boon products. You can either get the Frog Pod, or the Bug Pod – and the Bug is what I received. The main purpose of the Bug Pod to me, is that it’s a Bath Toy holder. Before the Pod came came into our lives, the bath toys were a complete mess! I have kids who are complete water babies, so many bath toys which were scattered all about the bathroom. The Pod is perfect for storage (I love discovering great products to use for organizing!). It keeps the toys, out of the way, yet within convenient reach. And, the holes in the Pod allow for rinsing the toys and water drainage (so the toys don’t get moldy).

Yet, I am so impressed that the Pod’s design enables it to be so much more than a toy holder! The shell of the Bug Pod detaches from the wall mount, and has a handle. This allows the shell to act like a Scoop. This makes for an easy clean-up! (And, it’s fun for them to ‘capture’ the toys’!)

There is a shelf on the top of the pod, to place bottles and soaps. You can also hang loofahs off the antennae. I adore this added storage space, as it keeps these potentially hazardous items away from the girls’ reach.

The Pods attach to the bathtub wall by either screws or very strong adhesive strips. I used the strips, and for re-assurance that it won’t slide or fall off the wall – these strips can hold a good 10lbs!
The Pod is really big and spacious, and I am surprised just how light it is as well. In my opinion, this is one of those must-have products for any parent. From baby to big kid, the Pod is a genius invention…And, it sure is cute as well!

For more information on the Pod products, and for a list of retailers, visit Boon online.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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