Boon Bath Toys

If you are a new reader to My Organized Chaos, you may want to catch up on my review of the Boon Pod and the review of the Boon Flo. This is the third installment of my series of features on the Boon bath toys. So far, I have shown you how the Pod is fabulous for keeping soaps, shampoos and toys, organized and out of the way. And, the Flo enables easy hair washing, a cascade of bubbles and safety from the faucet. So, whats next? Well, what kids love the most abut bath, of course – the playing!

Boon has bath toys in their diverse lineup of products.:
First is Scrubble. You get 3 interchangeable bath toys which are used to scrub, explore and play. Each one is a different color and has a different head screwed onto it. Isabelle likes to use each to scrub the tub walls and ‘wash’ her mermaids. When the flexible bulb is filled with water and squeezed, water comes out of shooting out. The girls practice drinking out of the bulbs, and try to put them together. They have also mastered the art of the water fight. It’s hilarious to watch the Twins inthe tub, shooting water at each other.

There is also Splat, which is a ring toss game. All the parts float in the water and provide play and encourage fine motor skills in trying to stack the 3 rings on the base. Isabelle uses this the most as a ring toss. For now, the Twins love these as teething rings. And, because of this reason – I appreciate that all of Boon’s products are phthalate and BPA free.

The last Boon toy that we got to review, is the Water Bugs. It’s 3 brightly colored water bugs and a mesh net to catch them in. Again, Isabelle gets the most practical use out of these, she loves her bugs – indoors and out. So, this is the ideal bath toy for her. When I bathe the twins, they splash and kick the entire time. This causes quite the tidal wave, and these floating bugs go flying. They have a lot of fun trying to catch them, even with their hands.
With the Boon bath toys, there’s a lot of giggles and fun in this house!


** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own

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