Bobux Shoes for Kids

As much as I have always loved footwear for myself, becoming a mom started an intense love for kids’ shoes. They just look so cute! Bobux Shoes USA & Canada are the official distributors for Bobux Baby Shoes, which originated in New Zealand. What makes Bobux unique, it that the shoes are developed by an arcitect who’s main client was his daughter. After seeing unsafe and awkward shoes made for her, he decided to produce a safer and more reliable shoe. And thus, Bobux was born.

Their line features 3 categories of shoes, the Bobux Original (soft soled shoes), i-walk junior and i-walk’s (hard soled shoes for babies and toddlers). All handmade in New Zealand, Bobux is the original makers of the soft-soled shoes featuring the stay-on elastic ankle. Many since have tried to imitate their design, yet Bobux shoes are made from 100% Eco-Leather and are still the leaders in this revolutionary style of footwear. (and they come cheaper then the copy-cats too!)

I was able to try the Bobux Original shoes and I chose the Chocolate/Pink Flower design. The first thing I noticed was the adorable look to the shoes and the vibrancy of the colors. I was drawn to this particular shoe because of the color combination and that it would match almost every outfit the twins have. The scalloped edge to the ankle allows for a nice touch, great details for a wonderful design The feel of the Eco-Leather is soft like butter. The soft-soled shoe is perfect for little movers as it allows protection for their feet. As well, it is recommended for growth and development. The soles feature a non-slip suede bottom, which provide safety from slipping and extra grip to move about on slippery surfaces. Available in over 100 styles, there are plenty of choices for you to choose your favorite pair (or four).

I was also fortunate to have a pair from the i-walk line, the Mary Jane in Black. (Can you tell I like the pink flowers design!) The i-walks are the next step up from the soft-soled, and are designed with walkers and pre-walkers in mind. They have rubber soles, yet are flexible and soft which allow for the movement of a young and busy child. They also feature padded insoles and a leather lining, for that extra comfort. This style of shoe could be worn from casual, to those cute summer dresses. A shoe made to be used all year around. The particular one I received is too big for the twins to wear safely right now, but they will by summer. As with any footwear, proper measurement is key to getting the perfect fit. Bobux offers a detailed sizing chart on each line of shoe.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own.