Bobs & Lolo

Bobs & Lolo are are two great Canadian women who share their passion for music and teaching, with kids. They are Robyn Hardy and Lorraine Pond, two Vancouver performers with their own CD’s and DVD’s – and even a spot on Treehouse television. Kids everywhere will know Bobs & Lolo, their vibrant smiles and energetic personalities shine through and inspire children. Recognized for their talents, they are also award winning artists too!

My daughter received one of their CD’s, Action Packed and their DVD entitled On Your Feet. Isabelle was familiar with Bobs & Lolo, yet the excitement on her face when she knew she could listen and watch them whenever she wanted to, was priceless. From the mailbox to the CD player, took less than 3 minutes. ‘Action Packed’ has 12 songs that are not only catchy and lively, but speak a great message as well. The importance of friends, working together, eating right and exercising, and taking care of the environment. Isabelle sees it as fun and friendly, and can easily sing along to it.
Then, Isabelle put in On Your Feet, this DVD won a 2008 Parents’ Choice Award! Isabelle immediately nestled in and watched, not long after – was dancing away as it played. The fabulous Bobs & Lolo are very creative and enthusiastic, each video is like a story, complete with cute animation throughout. It caught the attention of the Twins too. The babies were pretty mesmerized by the video. They even were clapping at the end of each song! I think this DVD gained Bobs & Lolo a couple new fans.

What’s Mommy’s view? It’s pretty darn cute, and I like that they incorporate teaching, in a kid-friendly way. Most importantly, parents, it’s not annoying! Seriously, we all have certain kids’ songs and shows that we cringe to hear. The vocals and background music doesn’t scream ‘kid-music’. It’s quite a nice and refreshing sound.
I think Bobs & Lolo do a great job and are very talented, I even found myself singing and dancing with the girls too.

Remember, Bobs & Lolo are going to be performing onstage at the Calgary Stampede this week. This would be a great show to catch. I’ve only seen pictures of their onstage performances; and they look lively, colorful and so much fun!

Bobs & Lolo products are available in select stores in Canada, as well as many online shops for everyone to enjoy.

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own



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