Bobs & Lolo at The Calgary Stampede

It’s July, bring on the Midways! In my area, I have the pleasure of selecting from about 4 different city fairs this month. One is the Stampede in Calgary, AB which runs from July 3-12, 2009.
The midway, the food..the entertainment!
Years ago I used to keep in the know on the latest rock concerts at the midway. These days, I scan the events to see what the kids would like first. After all, happy kids = happy parents!
Bobs & Lolo will be at the Stampede this year, any parent bombarded with Treehouse programming will know who they are!
Fabulous Canadian entertainers whom have fun and lively music, movement and tons of make-believe. “Sharing musical stories that engage, inspire and educate, they teach kids to care about themselves, their neighbours and the planet”. Loved by kids, they received many Parents’ choice awards for their abilities.
Very soon, my family will be doing a review of their products…with a chance to win as well.
But for now, if you are in the area and are fans, catch a Bobs & Lolo show
(It’s included with the admission-into-the-park fee).
Their shows run daily throughout the Stampede, see HERE for listings and information.


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