Bob Motion Stroller Giveaway


BOB Gear has an outstanding 15-year track record for having the ultimate in “jogger” strollers for active families. The BOB Gear company was acquired by BRITAX in 2011, and Britax is no stranger to My Organized Chaos.

Now, the company has widened their repertoire with the addition of the BOB Motion stroller, a lightweight aluminum frame represents the company’s most compact design and complements the BOB joggers as a daily stroller. The highlight of this stroller? It has 4 wheels, unlike the 3 adorning the joggers.


Made for everyday freedom, the MOTION is designed for parents on-the-go. From the first day of parenthood, the MOTION is ideal for active family outings, including trips to the park, as well as the mall or playgroups. Helping parents juggle the chaos that accompanies parenting, the MOTION features a one-hand, quick-fold with an automatic frame lock and a padded, adjustable handlebar for effortless maneuvering.

The following is basic information on the stroller itself:

The new BOB Motion stroller includes the BRITAX Click & Go integrated adapter for convenient attachment to the BOB B-SAFE™ in matching BOB fashions or BRITAX® Infant Car Seats. When coupled with the BRITAX infant car seat adapter frame (sold separately), the MOTION is compatible with a variety of infant car seats to seamlessly create a complete infant travel system.

bob motion giveaway

Appropriate for children from birth up to 65 pounds, the Motion offers a padded, supportive seat with an adjustable head-pad, a five-point harness system and an infinite seat-recline. Durable pneumatic tires mounted on high-impact polymer wheels and a rugged independent spring-suspension system absorbs bumps in the road.

For a a fantastic review of the BOB Motion Stroller, visit Baby Gizmo. It’s the best review {thorough and detailed} that I’ve seen on this product thus far. Best of all, she did a great video comparison between the B-Agile by BRITAX and the BOB Motion Stroller. Helping Mommies make informed purchasing decisions!

bob motion stroller giveaway myorgnaizedchaos

WIN IT: Speaking of helping …. One of my readers won’t have to make a purchase at all! Someone is going to get their own BOB MOTION Stroller, arv  $379.99 CDN {$349.99 USD}.

TO ENTER: Fill in the form below with your qualifying entries. Good Luck!!



Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.




  1. I would love one just because I honestly need a new stroller that isn’t horribly bulky and takes up a ton of space.

  2. This is a wonderful giveaway .. and would be great to haul our new granddaughter in this summer πŸ™‚ Thanks

  3. i love the suspension and the canopy. we walk alot outdoors and it’s great to have a smoth push/ride and sun protection.

  4. I would love one so that I could give it to a niece that is having a baby this summer. πŸ™‚

  5. this would be amazingggg….we walk everywhere in the summer…ty for the giveaway

  6. I love the weight limit, suspension, and so, so much more! Our family is growing. With toddlers and a baby this is just what we need.

  7. I love the car seat attachment and would love to be able to go walking with my new son! A smooth ride would be great!

    1. I’d like to win for my grandson. I like this stroller because I could use it til he weighs 65 lbs.

  8. We are still using the big bulky stroller and I need my trunk back!! This would be amazing!!

  9. i really like that the weight goes to a decent amount!
    BOB has such a good name behind them, I would love to own this for my new babe!

  10. I would love to win this for my friend, these are such great strollers!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. I have three children aged 4 1/2, 2 1/2, and 4 months. I have tried so many strollers in my price range and they all stink!!! I would love to have his one it would make my goal of leaving less of a carbon footprint bye making it easier to walk places.

  12. I love the easy fold design and that it’s so compact. Also that it will fit my two month old or my two year old for many years.

  13. Oh I would love to win this! I’m needing to invest in a new stroller since our little guy is outgrowing his car seat (we have the snap caddy stroller for the car seat!).

  14. I love how comfortable the bob strollers are! Also such a smooth ride. would be great to have when our third baby arrives!

  15. This would be so awesome to win!!! I would love to have one of these!! BOB strollers are fantastic!! πŸ˜€

  16. My husband and I are walking and running a lot now in an effort to get healthier as our family grows. A stroller like this would let us continue to walk/run as a family (even while it grows!) and get our kids involved in healthy habits, too!

  17. Beats the stroller I had! I had my first 7 years ago and feel like I missed out on some great stroller options! This would be a perfect gift for my brother and sister-in-law with their first on its way

  18. We’re planning in having another baby and our old stroller is in rough shape. This would be great!

  19. Holy cow. This is what I have been dreaming about! We have an almost 4yo and our son is turning 1 on Sunday. While we LOVE our BOB double jogger, it is way too cumbersome for every day in and out of the car use. We can’t take it to the ball game because it wont fit under our seats, they won’t allow it on most buses when we go to the city for the day and take public transportation. And of course we haven’t found one that we could agree on. Until this one. I just woke hubs up to see this and he said this is the best compromise yet!

  20. I would love to win because it is such an awesome stroller. You can use it for all sizes! It is also very sturdy and compact!

  21. Love this Lightweight & compact aluminum frame stroller, love to win this for my daughter.

  22. This stroller would be an amazing win as we our expecting our first this fall! Thank you for the chance.

  23. My favorite features are the great suspension and a quick one handed fold! I would love nor of these!

  24. I love this BOB’s 4 wheel design and would love to win one so I can get on the move with my little one!! Great stroller for running!

  25. I would love to win because I recently had my 4th baby and with 2 toddlers and the baby the 1 hand fold is soo awesome!!

  26. I love how far down the shade comes down, and I’d love to win one because I go through strollers a lot, running a dayhome.

  27. I would absolutely adore a new stroller .. The one I have is a cheap
    Little one & it’s not great .. It doesn’t even fold up correctly for me
    & I recently just moved into the city so I’ve been doing lots of walking
    Along with the fact my license are suspended for unpaid fines walking is
    My only option & a new stroller would sure make things a lot
    Easier with my little monkey πŸ™‚

  28. What a great giveaway! There is not enough I could say about how amazing this Bob would be for us up on the beautiful NW! Thank you for such great giveaways!!!

  29. I live the color choices (orange), the canopy, and the fact that it is sold exclusively at REI! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  30. Good up to 65lbs, and as someone who doesn’t drive and walks everywhere when I can (sometimes taking the bus) I think this would be perfect for my youngest son!!

  31. We are excited for our first grandchild, due April 4, 2013, This stoller would be grand!!!!

  32. Love that this compact stroller goes to 65lbs. You don’t see that in a compact stroller often, and the fact that it’s a BOB is a bonus! I love my BOB, but this one would sure be easier to keep in your car. πŸ˜‰

  33. I love the suspension. Perfect for my mother-in-law to take the grandkids on a walk through the nature trail to the park.

  34. I love that it is lightweight and also that the rugged suspension system allows it to handle any terrain

  35. While it is hugely important to me that it be lightweight, I think the clincher is the matching car seats sold – both features which save the back.

  36. I would love to win because I’ll soon be starting a family. Their reputation proceeds them for jogging strollers. I like this one because of the sturdy materials its made with.

  37. because this would be the perfect stroller for my niece who is about to have her first child in april

  38. So awesome and would be perfect addition for our foster family must have check list.

  39. A friend of mine had the double and i loved using it when she allowed me to borrow it, but now i need a single stroller that is just as well made and i love the large sunshade!!

  40. This stroller would help me out so much, I am currently using one of those old ones with the tiny plastic wheels.

  41. I would love to win because I need a new stroller that is durable and Lightweight & compact aluminum frame

  42. There are so many great features to this stroller, but the one I really like is the compact way it folds down and locks. Great for apartment dwellers!

  43. I love that it has a good suspension system so it’s a smooth ride, also love the car seat attachment

  44. I would love to win this stroller because I need one that can keep up with my busy lifestyle. My daughter is now 7 months old and I have yet to find one that can do the trick.

  45. This is a beautiful, functional stroller and I would love to win it because this is a birth to toddler stroller made for real life! Light, easy to fold and adaptable! Who could ask for more?

  46. We’ve got another little one due in June, and our stroller has been over-loved! I’d love to have a new one that handles bumps a little better than the one we have.

  47. The light weight and the suspension are my favorite features. The sidewalks around her are pretty torn up from the ground heaving from summer to winter and its rough on my regular stroller which is heavy to boot!

  48. Good suspension is a must, love that about this stroller and of course the 5-point harness.
    What an amazing stroller, also thrilled by the extra protection from the weather. It definitely rains a lot here

  49. I would love to win this stroller as I am expecting my first child, my due date is July 30th and this would be an amazing stroller to have for our newest addition.

  50. I’d love to win this because we’re due with baby boy #4 in June. I love that a child up to 65 pounds can use this stroller!! That’s super awesome! Plus, I have always heard such wonderful things about bob strollers.

  51. I want to win because of the high weight limit. We could use this stroller for a long time.

  52. I love all the features, It is so high quality and I love the carseat and stroller combination.

  53. I love that you can close it with one hand and the weight limit. Plus it’s a good looking stroller! It would be perfect for our baby boy who was born last week. πŸ™‚

  54. I would actually love to win this for my god daughter who’s expecting a baby in the next couple of months and a new stroller would be a perfect gift for her.

  55. I have heard amazing things about BOB strollers. We are in DESPERATE need of a new stroller and I would love one with better wheels/easier to push through rougher terrain!

  56. I really like the suspension. I would love to win this for my baby daughter. We have a used stroller but it doesn’t work very well and I don’t feel safe with it.

  57. I would like to win one as I have two new grandbabies on the way and this would be a great gift for one of them!

  58. like to win and love the Rugged suspension system allows it to handle any terrain aspect.

  59. It is well built, sturdy, easy to fold and it can be used until the baby is beyond the toddler age.

  60. Love that this stroller has a roomy seat and can safely hold a newborn up to a 65lb kidlet! This is good for me because I have grandkids of various ages and sizes so it would be perfect for me!


  61. I love how light weight and small it looks! I have two kids under 3 but my husband and I don’t always want to take the big bulky double stroller with us. It would be nice to take two small strollers instead. Especially when we go to the swap meet and there is such a big crowd!

  62. Because it would be great for my 6 month old or my 2 1/2 year old (he’s very tall and older looking than he is, almost 40 pounds already!).

  63. My sister needs a new stroller as the only one she had was recalled. I had a Bob for my daughters and we loved it. She will love it too!

  64. the easy way you can fold it up. usually its a wrestling match to get them colapsed

  65. Our current stroller is quite worn and with baby #2 on the way later this year, we could really us a new stroller. Thanks for the chance!

  66. My husband and I will be trying for our first child within the next year. We are currently graduate students with a limited income, so I am hoping to win as much baby stuff as possible! Thank you SO much for the amazing giveaway! πŸ™‚

  67. I like that it is lightweight and that it has air filled tires. My cousin has had her first baby and wants to get back in shape and this would be amazing for her

  68. I’d like to win this for my grandson because it has an easy, quick fold, a safe 5-point harness, and a smooth ride!

  69. It’s perfect for my daughter – she is getting older and the weight limit is fantastic!

  70. This would be a fantastic stroller for our growing family. We don’t have a car and walk everywhere so the suspension would be great. As well, the fact that it can used from birth all the way up to 65 pounds is ideal – no need to worry about purchasing a second stroller once the little one gets bigger πŸ™‚

  71. I’d like to win one for my nephew’s baby to be, think it would be a great surprise for them.

  72. My best friend has been letting me borrow her 7 year old Bob Revolution stroller and I LOVE it! I have never used a stroller that is so good on trails before! It is so easy to turn, I would love to have one of my own πŸ™‚

  73. My favorite would be the swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability, and can lock forward for added stability on tougher trails. Of course the rest is just icing on the cake. I love it!

  74. I’d love to win because BOB strollers have a very good reputation. I love my double but it’s not always practical.
    Thanks for the chance.

  75. This is a great all round universal stroller for anyone on the go! Great product! Thanks

  76. I like that it’s lightweight. I’m pretty small with a truck so it’s not to easy to pack up my current stroller.

  77. I love that it holds up to a 76lb. child! My son was always big and I could have used this with him especially for the boardwalk! I have another little one coming in October and would love this stroller!

  78. I would love this because when I go walking with my grandson I could really walk fast without worrying about it tipping over.

  79. expecting a new arrival, and I’d love a stroller that can take the hills in my new hometown (and which I can attach a car seat to).

  80. Would love to win for grandchild. So many great features including the birth to 65 lbs weight!

  81. All my kids are big kids not older just tall and they are young so the weight limit us up to 65 pounds! That’s awsome

  82. My favorite would be the adjustable handlebar, I’m short, my husband isn’t that feature would come in handy!

  83. I would love to win one because I need a new stroller for my son and this one is perfect! I especially like the one hand, quick fold and the Infinite seat recline positions

  84. I’d love to win this because I love my Bob Duallie but it’s so bulky and heavy and not very practical when I only have one kid with me and it’s way lighter and more maneuverable in stores.

  85. I would love to win one because we are always on the go!! We could use a well made stroller like this!

  86. I’d like to win this because it can fit in my mom’s car, and she could really use it for when she takes care of my daughter

  87. I’d love to win because of it’s lightweight, one-hand quick-fold and that it’s swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability, and can lock forward for added stability on tougher trails

  88. Love that it included CLICK & GO adapters. My baby is currently using the BRITAX Infant Car Seat CLICK & GO. So with the Motion, they instantly become a complete travel system. I believe Bob Motion is a great stroller and the one for my baby. He’ll definitely loves it

  89. I’m expecting my first child in June. I love that this stroller is lightweight, easy to fold and can be used with an infant car seat. Thank you!

  90. this is an amazing stroller, i would love to win this, thank you for the opportunity

  91. I just started getting into running and this beauty will be easier to jog with than my cruddy umbrella stroller. Thanks for the chance to win.

  92. I would like to buy this stroller because we do a lot of hiking and the swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability, and can lock forward for added stability on tougher trails

  93. We’ve started to try for baby number 3 and got rid of a lot of stuff after number 2.

  94. rugged independent spring-suspension system absorbs bumps in the road, and for my sis who’s expecting

  95. I would like to win because it can suit for kids up to 65 lbs which means I don’t have to change to any other stroller when my kids get older

  96. I like the Adjustable seatback recline, Infinite positions to 90Β° from near vertical.and I would love to win for My Daughter She is expecting Her first Baby in July …Thanks for the chance

  97. i have a baby on the way and 2 kids already…strollers have come along way since our first and i need something to keep up with our busy lives. thanks!

  98. I like that it is light weight and one-hand…I don’t drive, walk everyone and would love to win because it looks easy to push when power-walking.

  99. I love the extended weight limit of this stroller, and I like that it seems more compact than the standard BOB jogging stroller. My stroller is gigantic, way bigger than we need now that my son is a little bit older. I’d love to win this!

  100. I Love how far the canopy streches out this would be great for when I take my daughter for walks because the sun tends to get in her eyes with her other stroller.

  101. I would love to win this stroller because the airlines we were flying with broke our stroller during our last vacation. We are in need of a stroller that we can fly with.

  102. love the fact it has a cr seat attachment. it looks so cool and slick, all the babies will want one πŸ˜€

  103. You will be able to use it for quite some time since it goes from birth to 65Ibs. Thats a very nice feature.

  104. I’d love to win one as a gift to my friend who is having a baby soon. She would love the undercarriage storage and the look of the stroller.

  105. I’d love to win because we are expecting our first and need a great stroller!!

  106. My husband and I are trying for our first child, this would be a great prize to win!

  107. I would like to win because our stroller is used from Kijiji. This looks so sturdy and I would really like one that seat recline positions which this has.

  108. This stroller would help me go on more walks with my son since my current stroller can’t stand up to rugged terrain.

  109. I would love to win this because I have a six month old and it is almost spring! We could go everywhere with this practical and stylish stroller!

  110. My original jogger stroll from baby trend didn’t have a swivelling front wheel and that made turning while running quite annoying. So needless to say, I LOVE the frong swivel wheel! the adjustable suspension unit sounds pretty nice too!

  111. I love that the max weight limit is higher than the other everyday stroller we had considered. I also like that the stroller itself is lighter than our other Bob stroller.

  112. I like that it has a large Low Boy cargo basket which provides plenty of space for undercarriage storage and that it is lightweight and compact. This would be perfect for my newborn nephew especially in this weather.

  113. I love that’s its lightweight but also very sturdy. My daughter just turned one and I would love to win πŸ™‚

  114. I’d like to win because my sister in law is expecting their first and I’m giving her a B-Safe! This stroller would be PERFECT to go with it!

  115. Love this! My 2 year old would LOVE a comfy, stylish, and very smooth ride! πŸ˜‰ I LOVE the foot rest on this stroller. Thanks for posting! I’m brand new and love your blog!

  116. I love this stroller!
    The great canopy, and the nice 65 lb weight limit are great features, as well as the suspension!!
    We have twins on the way in July, and winning a stroller would be a great windfall in the acquisition of the mountain of baby gear we have to buy!!!
    Yikes- and Hooray!!!!

  117. I need a stroller that folds up easily and is more user feiendly than our current old hand me down one that barely fits in the trunk when we go places.

  118. BOB strollers are so easy to push and maneuverer! My friend has one and she can easily go over any terrain – sand, snow, ice, gravel, you name it, she can go! I’m always jealous of that! Plus it has air-filled tires! Not the cheap plastic ones that don’t last long, crack and certainly do not go over difficult terrain that easily.

  119. Love the one-hand, quick-fold feature! This stroller looks like it would fit the needs of our active family. I like that I could use it with my toddler or baby. Having options make life easier πŸ™‚

  120. With a toddler and another one on the way, I need something that is compact and can carry the weight of a toddler for a few more years

  121. This is such a nice stroller. I like the comfort features on it and the area under to keep baby gear in when you are out. I would love to win this to take my newest granddaughter for a walk when she visits. Strollers have come a long way in features and comfort since the umbrella ones I had for my children.

  122. It’s perfect for country walks, and shopping. No need to buy two strollers for my little guy. Plus, I love he can use it up tp 65 pounds.

  123. I would love to win one for my sister in law she is pregnant in her 3rd baby so a new stroller would be the perfect gift to give her

  124. I love that the tires are air filled and i would love to win this stroller for my niece.

  125. I wouldlove this for a couple of my friends who are having babies or to save for myself! LOVE!!!

  126. I like this stroller because of the high weight capacity, large seat and canopy, and that I can use it for all the kids

  127. I would LOVE to have this stroller. I have the BOB revolution but it it too big for air travel. This one fits the requirements for air travel perfectly!!

  128. “One hand, quick fold” makes this stroller so much more desirable than any I’ve used! It would be great for my grandchildren!

  129. My stroller is 5 years old, and I am in dire need of a new one! Have always admired the Bob Strollers!

  130. The easy fold, air filled tires and shocks, and easy click adapter with a B-Safe infant car seat are the top features that sold me on this stroller. Would love to win it, thanks!

  131. I love the fact that it has such a high weight limit, I will be able to literally use it for years with my son!

  132. i would love to win this for my sister, the rugged suspension system would be great for walks

  133. I would like to win one because BOB is the best out there and for all of the following feautres:

    One-Hand, Quick-Fold

    Lightweight & compact aluminum frame

    Four pneumatic tires mounted on high impact polymer composite wheels with tubes provide a smooth, comfortable ride

    With the included CLICK & GO adapters, the Motion instantly becomes a complete travel system with matching BOB B-SAFE Infant Car Seats or any BRITAX Infant Car Seat using CLICK & GO (infant car seats sold separately). Also compatible with other major infant car seat brands when used with BRITAX infant car seat adapter (sold separately).

    Rugged suspension system allows it to handle any terrain

    Padded, adjustable handlebar

    Adjustable 5-point harness

    Large multi-position canopy with ventilation window adjusts for protection against the elements

    Swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability, and can lock forward for added stability on tougher trails

    Infinite seat recline positions

    Automatic frame locks when folded

    Linked parking brake locks both rear wheels

    Large Low Boy cargo basket provides plenty of space for undercarriage storage

  134. I’d love to win because it is light weight and BOB is a brand name that is trusted

  135. I would love to win this for our first child. I really like that it adapts to the very safe Britax car seats! It’s a definite bonus that it’s made for rugged terrain. We’re always on the go… very outdoorsy and enjoy walking trails with our dogs. Has adequate storage and not to mention the color is great πŸ™‚

  136. The suspension and the compactness and weight limit on this puppy make me want to win this REALLY bad!!

  137. I love the I love the weight limit and the suspension. We are a large family and this would be perfect for us since we love being on the go!

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    1. I would love to win this for my daughter who has her hands full with a 3 and 2 yr old

  139. I like that it’s Lightweight and that it works with any britax car seat. The reason i’d like to win this is to use it as a baby shower gift.

  140. I have my grandchildren with me all the time and one always wants to be carried. Grandma’s back is giving out and I would love to have a stroller to push them in rather than carry them. I love that this stroller goes on all terrain – I sure need that.

  141. Well, today my son turns 20, my daughter is 16 and 2 hours ago I found out I was expecting…I have nothing left from my previous pregnancies. I like this stroller because it can be used from birth to 65lbs

  142. i would love to win one because i dont have a stroller for my girls and this one would be great!!!

  143. I love this stroller because of the companys great reputation and the high weight limit.

  144. My daughter-in-law is pregnant with their third child and our third grandchild. Having a new stroller would be awesome, especially one that is one-hand folding. The more kids you have the less hands you seem to have to do everything.

  145. my daughter has a 16 month old son and still does not have a stroller. He was born at only 29 weeks and under 2 lbs, so was unable to go out in public the first year because of low immunity. Now he is cleared and winter is almost over here. So this would be so nice for her to take him to the park, walks in their community, shopping and also help her get in shape after adding stress weight during the pregnancy and after. And be ready for her sister’s wedding next spring! Thank you for hosting this….looks like an AMAZING piece of baby gear!

  146. To me the most important thing is that this stroller is “One-Hand, Quick-Fold”. It has to be easy to get in and out of the car quickly. The car set attachment is handy as well.
    I’d like to win this stroller because I don’t currently have one yet! Thanks for the chance to win.

  147. I love that it goes up to 65 lbs! My son is less than 25 lbs and my niece is still under 65lb at 10 years old! I could use it for a long time πŸ™‚

  148. I’d like to win this because its an awesome stroller. I love how easy it is to open and close, and that it has high weight limit.

  149. I like the “Swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability, and can lock forward for added stability on tougher trails” feature.

  150. I wish I had one of these when my daughter was little – I would love to win this for my friend. Bobs are the best and they last forever.

  151. I like the air filled tires and its weight capacity. This would be perfect when I babysit my nephew since I dont have a stroller

  152. I would love to win thiis stroller ! I will have my second child soon! Appropriate for children from birth up to 65 pounds.

  153. I’d like to win one to take to Disney with us this Spring. Looks like it would be perfect!!

  154. I love how easy the stroller is to fold! Also the car seat attachment will come in very handy!

  155. I’d love to win this BOB stroller because I just had my second daughter 2 weeks ago and the stroller I was keeping (Graco) from my now 6 year old is falling apart! I’ve heard GREAT things about the BOB strollers and I’d love to have one for myself!

  156. I would love to own a BOB Motion. WE go off roading at the park near us everyday when it is warm enough to get out of the house. Our Graco travel system just is not an well handled stroller for off roading.

  157. After watching a friend’s son for a day and wheeling him around in one of the BOB strollers, I know I wouldn’t want any other type of stroller for my little one! What a sweet and smooth ride! Would LOVE to win this! =)

  158. I loe the weight capacity of this stroller. I want to get one stroller for my son and not have to change it as he grows.

  159. Would like to win one because of the easy fold & weight capacity – would grow with any size child πŸ™‚

  160. Would love to have this for a new addition to the family. Fabulous style and great quality.

  161. I love BOB strollers! This would be a great stroller for my newborn (3 months) and would fit in the trunk of our Jetta perfectly!

  162. I personally would love one because it looks awesome. I borrowed a friends BOB jogging stroller and LOVED it, so if it is anything like that, I can only imagine who sweet this ride is!

  163. The infinite recline and one hand fold sound fabulous. Going to expand our family in August, and we gave away all our baby gear after #2! DOH!

  164. I would love it for my on the go stroller and not have to use my sports ultilty one when I’m running errands..

  165. I like that it’s for an infant and up to 65 pounds. So much easier dealing with one stroller!

  166. I love that they now have a compact stroller making it easier to be on the go with BOB! What a great give away!

  167. I am due with our first child in July and would love this stroller not only as a stroller but as a great way to help me get back into shape (ie jogging with baby!).

  168. Would love a BOB as a companion to my Bumbleride Indie Twin! I have 3 stroller-sized kids!

  169. I just saw the video and love how easy it is to fold with one hand. Also, like that it has aluminum frames, makes it light-weight.

  170. I would love to win this stroller as we are expecting and cannot afford a stroller with my husband out of work on disability. Thanks for the chance!!

  171. I love that it holds up to 65lbs! My 5 year old can still sit in this stroller (and not reach the weight limit) for those times we are out and she gets tired. This would be perfect for when we go the amusement parks or to D.C.

  172. I would love to win this for my little guy as he is starting to outgrow his current stroller

  173. I’d love to win one because its litght weight, and compact. Not to mention its a bob!!

  174. I would love this stroller b/c it will be great for all the walks we do and the canopy can protect them from the sun, unlike a lot of other strollers. And I could use the stroller for a long time b/c of the weight requirements.

  175. This stroller would be great for our upcoming baby… help us keep up with his older siblings over all terrain and still fit in the minivan!! Yay!

  176. Would love to win this stroller. Bob is an awesome brand and I love that this has a high weight limit but is light.

  177. I love the fact that it goes up to 65lbs. It would be a great stroller companion to my BOB Revolution….a little more compact for mall strolling and traveling!

  178. I LOVE bob strollers and would love to own one but it is not in our budget right now! They are so durable and easy to use.

  179. I love that it is lightweight and also that it is adjustable for different heights since what works for me when pushing the stroller doesn’t work for my husband.

  180. I would like to win one for my nephew! What great attachements they have, and it looks so comfy. πŸ™‚

  181. I Love toved all the qualities of the BOB motion stroller. I hope to win it =)

  182. I would love to win this because it is big enough to fit my very tall 2 year old and because an airline just broke my stroller πŸ™

  183. I have the jogging stroller, but it’s a bit big for everyday. Love how it seems to absorb every bump in the road!

  184. I would love to have this stroller for my son that will be here in July! It looks so easy to fold/unfold. I am so glad bob came out with a stroller that isnt a jogger!

  185. my daughter is expecting second child soon. will have two children under 2 years old. she could really use this stoller as it is easy to open

  186. The suspension is what makes this most appealing. You get the awesome Rev push but in a more compact, small fold stroller

  187. I love that its a BOB stroller with smaller wheels. You get a great BOB stroller but is a littler smaller for an everyday stroller

  188. Baby grew out of the snap-and-go and looking for a less bulky alternative to a travel system.

  189. I would love to win the BOB Motion stroller because I have a 3 yr. and 17 month old, I love that it holds up to 65lbs. so it would hold either one. I love the easy fold, and automatic frame lock! I also love the CLICK & GO adapter for a carseat, would love that when we decide to have another little one! This stroller looks amazing!

  190. My kiddo is now 8 months old and still rides around in his carseat and frame stroller. I haven’t yet gotten a real stroller because I’ve been waiting for the perfect one. Lightweight, great fold, air-filled tires…this stroller is too good to be true. If love one!

  191. I love this stroller! I had wanted the jogger but I went into REI and saw this and love it. Orange – favorite color – perfect. Plus, I know I sound like an infomercial, but until you try the fold-away system you won’t believe how easy it is! That is what has me sold on it anyway!. A great looking stroller.

  192. I’ve been researching strollers forever and BOB always comes out on top and having driven a friends I know its a winner, now I just need to get one! Expecting in September and this would be great! Thanks for your article πŸ™‚

  193. I love my BOB Revolution, but would love a lighter-weight version for toting baby around. I also love the easy car seat adapter – my Revolution is older and has the car seat adapter that you have to take on & off and isn’t easy to use. The suspension is great on BOBs and I would love that maneuverability in a smaller version.

  194. The BOB Motion is awesome. Very maneuverable, small, yet sturdy. My wife and I both wont one (She always keeps the stroller in her Jeep and I’m left carrying Emma around when I take her places in my truck).

  195. I would love to win one bc im a single mom of soon to be 4 boys & i could really use a new stroller! πŸ™‚
    Thank you!

  196. I love the adjustable handlebar, 5 point harness, and that it will hold a child up to 65 lbs. πŸ™‚

  197. Perfect for our baby #2! I like that it can fit a infant carrier and be used up til 65 lbs – the only stroller a baby will need!

  198. I like that you can adjust the recline multiple ways and I love that the weight limit is so high — you could use this stroller for years. I’d love to win this for my 3 month old son.

  199. Please Enter Me In Your Bob Motion Stroller Giveaway.
    In Response To Your Requirement To Visit the BOB Gear website and all the features of this stroller.
    And Tell you why i would like to win one!
    I Would Like To Win This For My Niece Who Just Had A Baby.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  200. I would love to win this for my cousin. She is due in August, runs a farm in Detroit City. She needs durability and function to be able to garden with her newborn by her side. With the ability for the car seat attachment and the recline abilities. THis would see her through many sessions.

  201. I’d love to win because we are having another child and don’t ahve a second stroller! That aside, BOB is a fantastic brand that people simply rave about!

  202. I would like to win this stroller because it looks durable, and sounds perfect for a mom on the go…definitely have some outings planned for this spring and summer and it would come in handy πŸ™‚

  203. I like that it is made for multiple terrains. We need a new stroller so this would be perfect!

  204. I like that it has “Four pneumatic tires mounted on high impact polymer composite wheels with tubes provide a smooth, comfortable ride.”

  205. Love the fact this stroller is for kids up to 65 pounds. I am in need of a new stroller since my jogging strollers front wheel shakes uncontrollably and the company only had a 6 month warranty and I’ve had it for 10 months, go figure πŸ™

  206. I would love to win one because it is a good size for us and BOB has a very good reputation of being built to last.

  207. I love that this folds up easily with one hand — We take the bus every now and then and it is very difficult to lug a stroller aboard, especially one that refuses to fold!

  208. Because the weight limit, I know I can tote even a tired toddler around with ease.

  209. Features that are paramount are comfort/safety/durability and resistance – the Bob Motion Stroller exhibits just that. Honestly, my son is 9 years old, Evan and he is our only child. I would like to win this for our friend Kim who has a young autistic boy named Sage. We are all in this together – help each other when we can. If fortunate enough to win this I would give it to them personally.

    eva mitton

  210. We’re hoping to grow out family even bigger, this would definitely come in handy!

  211. My cousin is expecting a baby this summer and this would make a excellent shower gift.

  212. one hand quick fold is perfect since i already have my hands full with two other littles and one due in a few weeks

  213. I like the padded, supportive seat with an adjustable head-pad. comfort is always important. I would love to win this for my son. he would love a comfy stroller

  214. First off – you do not look old enough to be out of high school, never mind be a mom of three!
    Second.. what a fantastic prize! Although I’ve looked (and looked, and drooled and looked some more) this sort of stroller is a wee bit out of my budget (with FIVE kids .. we count our.. nickels? now that the penny is obsolete…). It would be a WONDERFUL way to help me and my brood get around, now that I again need a single stroller as my four year old walks and the 2 year old prefers to dart around…

  215. Id love to win this since were pregnant for the first time and are preparing for the baby!

  216. The weight limit is pretty high, love that I can use this for a while.

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  217. This is such a awesome stroller. Wish they came out with this before I bought my other bob. Wouldn’t hurt to have two bobs πŸ™‚ this would be perfect for around the town.

  218. I would love this stroller because it is easy to use and lightweight. Love that it has a one hand quick fold feature. πŸ™‚

  219. Hellooooo! What child caregiver wouldn’t need this beauty! “One-Hand, Quick Fold”- perfect while I’m trying to wrangle my children, purse, and shopping bags in the parking lot! “Large-Low Boy cargo basket”- shopping made easier, take the stroller and child in the grocery store for a quick trip and skip the dirty, cold germ-ridden shopping cart. Also sounds great for yard-salling and street shopping. No more bags hanging off of my sore shoulders! I neeeeed this!

  220. I love that there are two large storage areas on the stroller – space is key when trying to tote around a preschooler and almost toddler! πŸ™‚

  221. I live in a very rainy part of Canada so I love the giant canopy. I need a new stroller because my dog chewed my old one. I also love that this stroller is good up to 65 lbs! I think it is great that this stroller has suspension and good clearance. A good trail stroller would be a great fit for my family.

  222. I lke the canopy feature, but mostly the rugged way it is manufactured is the highlight for me… I have all boys.

  223. I’d like to win this because we go to the zoo and park a lot – like every week. Having a quick and easy folding stroller meant for parents on the go would be great!

  224. I’d like to win so I can donate this great prize to the Red Door Shelter, doing great work in my area assisting families, refugees and women fleeing violence

  225. Would LOVE to win the BOB Motion Stroller for my new little girl due in September!

  226. Awesome stroller and generous giveaway! If I win, I would give away my current stroller. Generosity is contagious πŸ™‚

  227. We would love to win this stroller for our son. I love the high weight limit, the large canopy, the infinite recline, the harness design, just everything, pretty much!

  228. I would love to win this because it is made for bigger babies. We are unable to use the stroller we have right now because he is uncomfortable in it. He is almost 2, and I still can’t really just let him walk so this would be wonderful to win!

  229. That it is easy to fold and can handle higher weights makes it great for the grandkids
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  230. I just had a baby 2 months ago, and would love this stroller to jog with and get back to my pre-preg weight!

  231. I need a new stroller for my daughter and would love the Bob Motion. I like that it has swiveling front wheels!

  232. I have already posted. I am reposting. If I win this, I would give away my current stroller.

  233. I love that the handle adjusts my wife is short and I am taller so it will really come in handy.

  234. I am trying to start a family, and part of that includes a healthier style and starting to run … This would be wonderful motivation πŸ™‚ Thanks!!

  235. would love to give one to my new grandaughter, born March 4, hopefully she will be home by her original birthdate May 7 πŸ™‚

  236. It would be nice to have a quality stroller, not just a cheapo $20 umbrella stroller. The air filled tires, the full coverage canopy, the generous storage basket underneath…just so many features I’m exicted about! With 2 babies under 2 something like this would really come in handy.

  237. This is an amazing giveaway! It would definitely be a great system for all those walks I plan on taking with my little one!

  238. for when my nephew comes to town to visit my brother won’t have to bring his stroller on the airplane, we can use THISONE !

  239. I am expecting my first in June and would love a versatile stroller like this. Something I could use for years to come. πŸ™‚

  240. love BOB and what’s better than a 4 wheel stroller to their line-up! Would love to win this for my son!

  241. Appropriate for children from birth up to 65 pounds… with a toddler and a new baby on the way, it will be very convenient for our family

  242. Love the car seat attachment and weight limit, would love to surprise my sister with this!

    1. I would like a new strolled because mine is so old! Lol actually i’ve only had it for 3.5 years, but it feels old to me πŸ™‚

  243. i love that it goes up to 65 lbs. Just because they’re bigger and walking doesn’t mean they have the stamina for bigger outings!

  244. β€’ Swiveling front wheels allow for superior maneuverability, and can lock forward for added stability on tougher trails

  245. I absolutely love the suspension of this stroller! The one we have is horrible and ive wanted one of these so badly

  246. I would love to win one because I am fortunate enough to see my little granddaughter every day and I like to take her to all kinds of places!

  247. I would love to win this stroller!! It would definitely be used between our 19 mth old and our newborn twins!!!

  248. Love that it’s quick and easy to fold! Would like to win this for my friend who is expecting πŸ™‚

  249. I love the lightweight feature and the fun orange color!
    I’ve heard fantastic reviews about this stroller.

    1. And I would love to win this because a friend of mine is pregnant. This would be such a great shower gift!!

  250. I love the car seat attactment and this I am trying to win for my daughter who is expecting her first baby.

  251. I would love to win this stroller. I don’t know much about the features of strollers, but my daughter could use one from my grandson who is 5 months old.

  252. I’d love to win this for my little niece who is expecting her first child and could really use this. Hannah this is for you

  253. I like that it’s aluminum and has suspension. Seems very well built and worth the price tag.

  254. Love that it holds up to 65 lbs- great for when they are a bit older and not needing a stroller all of the time, but handy when you go on longer outings.

  255. I like the high-end weight limit, and I’d like to win so I have a stroller here for the new grandbaby that is on her way. πŸ™‚

  256. I love the weight limit. I would love to win this because I am in desperate need of another stroller. This one is beautiful. I have a 20 month old, 9 month and another due at the end of May so another stroller is exactly what we need. Thanks so much for the chance

  257. This would be great for all the walking we do in the summer time.. it would be a nice smooth ride for my little lady πŸ™‚

  258. Infinite seat recline positions is why I want one, strollers never seem to recline far enough!

  259. I love that it is so well made and it would be a great surprise present for my daughter who is expecting!!!

  260. I love that it fits children up to 65 pounds! Gives me plenty of time to use it since my heaviest is currently at 37.

  261. I would love to win this as it seems like a great outdoor stroller! Being an active family, a good stroller would be great for the new one to join us in all if our excursions! πŸ™‚

  262. Love that is is compact and still has all the features that you would need. Easy to put in the car and get on the road.

  263. I can’t get over the size of the sunshade! We have yet to own a stroller that had a sunshade that actually did something, this one looks like it might…

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