For the first time ever, I walked into the twins bedroom to find this …

A person

They used to share a crib when they were first born, yet since have always slept in their own beds {there’s two in the room that they share}.

So, this event truly warmed my heart. This is love, true sisterly love. I will cherish this photo always.

…. but

That very same night the twins asked to have separate baths. Again, another first for them since they have bathed together since we said bye to the infant bathtub seat. 


From close in the morning to separation in the evening. I’m pretty sure this sweet morning moment was the universe saying “here’s a present since you’ll have a sad moment later“. 

My heart.





  1. Love the picture of them sleeping together. It is too bad they grow up so quick 🙁

  2. That first photo is really dark and hard to see. It looks like your girls are growing up quickly! Have a terrific day.

  3. I just love the photos,they cam warm you heart.Twins have a very special bond,i am married to a twin and even after 55 years they aere so close

  4. There is something extraordinary about twins. I have twin boys. There is a bond there that is hard to explain to those who don’t see it daily. Your pictures of you girls are very touching.

  5. how sweet. My twin sister and I shared a bed for a long time, I can well remember snuggling up to her to keep warm in winter 🙂

  6. This picture just made me smile! That is the cutest picture I’ve seen all week.

  7. I love both pictures…this will be a keeper for when they are older. How loving they are to one another.

  8. i have twin nephews and they are about 3.5 years old. they are just so adorable together and I love when they have little twin moments like this! too sweet.

  9. Love these pics Tammi as they will be reminders of these special moments for a lifetime!

  10. The bedtime snuggle photo is the cutest! My little one said to me the other day……”Mama, remember when you used to call me Pooky?” Sometimes we forget the sweet tender moments and need to be reminded every now and then!

    Thanks for sharing yours.

  11. First – I love the shot of the feet on the edge of the bath. Great composition!

    But they do grow up too quickly, don’t they? What did they say after their separate baths? Maybe they just needed to get it out of their system to try it out 🙂

  12. Those pictures are so cute. I never had a sister I could get that close to, I only had a brother. It is really nice to see your girls being so close like that. Wonderful!

  13. So sweet! My girls are at the same age and I have to say I cherish moments like these as they seem to be fewer and farther between as my girls get older…

  14. I am a twin mom plus one also (although my plus one is my niece who i have adopted)! I love catching my boys in a late night cuddle. They grow up way too fast, thanks for sharing your sweet pics <3

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