BIC Fight For Your Write Creativity Party

We most certainly live in a digital world, evidenced by the tech that surrounds us … and that most preschool kids can use tablets and phones perhaps better than the adults. My kids were zooming on devices at an age that shocked me; I still recall my oldest sitting down at a laptop for the first time and using a mouse with ease, no instruction required. 

Hey! You’re even reading this on my blog, and not flipping through pages of a book. 

It’s been a proven fact that penmanship is in great peril. As the world becomes more and more digital, the importance of handwriting, especially for school-aged children, is a hot topic of discussion. While have access to and a great need for electronics, we cannot let handwriting go to the wayside. It’s very much critical to a child’s education and development, and plays a vital role in helping children build confidence, creativity, critical thinking and fine-motor skills.

Before I discussed a great initiative by BIC, and in  case you need a refresher; they are rallying Canadians to take the Fight For Your Write Pledge to help save hand writing! It goal is to educate everyone about the importance of writing by hand; and provide parents and educators with information and activities that encourage and inspire writing.

There are many ways to encourage handwriting for our young generation, and one way to to make handwriting as fun as can be. What’s more fun than a party?!

Recently we hosted a BIC Fight For Your Write Creativity Party for some friends and their children.

BIC Creativity Party Fight For Your Write

Armed with plenty of great BIC writing supplies, the goal was to turn focus from digital devices – to pen and paper.

BIC handwriting supplies canada

Goal met!

Instead of telling our guests what to write using BIC products, I instead let them choose since creativity is best harnessed without limits. It didn’t take any thinking at all before the mechanical pencils and assortment of ink products were busy moving along the pages. 

BIC writing supplies fight for your write

One made up a story, another a song. One listed all the things she’s thankful for, still on the mind after a heartwarming Thankgiving. Another jotted down a recipe for another, after having just had a discussion on an amazing pie that was served last weekend. Another wrote a journal of her day. 

BIC pledge to saving handwriting

Each pad of paper held thought, emotion and creativity – the good old fashioned way. 

Creativity Party BIC Fight for Your Write

I do believe having the provided tools were a huge part of the fun that day, everyone was studying packages and commenting on how great they were. Adults admired the Stylus + Pen and all the options in ink pens. Kids went crazy over the coloured HB pencils and fancy look of the mechanical pencils.

BIC writing supplies

The 4 Colour pens brought on ‘when I was a kid’ stories from adults to kids, which only enticed everyone to write more. 

BIC 4 Colour pens

Each guest left with bellies full, hands and minds exercised, smiles aplenty and treat bag in hand. I picked up some monogrammed journals and coil notebooks for everyone that came – along with so much BIC products – to keep the creativity flowing even after the party ended. 

BIC Fight For your write creativity party canada

Thanks to BIC, a school in our city of my choosing was given a huge donation of writing supplies – after hosting our creativity party and seeing the how into the products my guests were, I know that the kids at this school will be just as inspired to write. 

Since our BIC Fight For Your Write Creativity Party my own kids have been filling their notebooks daily, I’m happy to see them writing so often. 

BIC Fight for Your Write Creativity Party

To encourage writing for yourself, just get creative! Get a few new BIC writing products, make it fun, and just write whatever comes to mind! The brand has writing instruments for all ages, even ones to help the youngest of writers to learn.

As well, don’t forget to head on over to and sign the pledge to join the fight to save hand writing.

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Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and program, all opinions are my own.




  1. I had to fill out a form recently and my hand was super cramped by the end….I never write anymore.

  2. these are some great party ideas! I will have to use them for my next get together with the family.

  3. One thing we have always done is sent out handwritten Christmas cards! It’s a great way to get kids writing.

  4. I think that writing is very important to learn! My son’s school still teaches cursive an I love that. I make his practice handwriting at home too.

  5. I love BIC products. This is a great cause and a great idea. You rocked this for sure!!

  6. I am already getting ready to organize for 2016, and I am stocking up on plenty of BIC products. It’s always nice to be inspired by a fresh canvas and sharp tools!

  7. That was a great party, it’s true though not enough kids write anymore, it’s all about the tablets now, but when you write something it’s more personal!

  8. My oldest is learning to write and those fun colored pencils look awesome!! Have to get some!

  9. Oh what fun y’all had… I love using colors to get creative. My Little Miss loves carrying around a notebook to right notes when things come to mind.

  10. Fun. My kids love writing, thank you notes and just notes in general. I think it’s so important to keep them writing! Too much technology anymore.

  11. I never thought about penmanship lacking these days with all the technology we have around us. I guess it really makes sense though considering we’re always on our phones, tablets, or computers, and we don’t really write notes/letters anymore.

  12. A party is such a great idea. I find that kids don’t do enough handwriting. I love BIC and their important message.

  13. What a fun idea to have a party! I just love writing, especially when I get to use fun colors and pens!

  14. I was just talking to my husband about letter writing and pen palsbeing a lost art. A Bic Party is a great way to reintroduce that into kids lives!

  15. I love to write as much as i can. It is fun to do hand writing. I love my Bic pens. The ink always flows nicely.

  16. Wrtiting is so imporant! I love that Bic has started “Fight for your write”! That party looks great!

  17. Wonderful idea! I think we all rely on email, text, etc way too much and have lost the art of a personal handwritten note or card!

  18. I think the art of writing is important, not everything is about an impersonal keyboard, if I get a personal invite by computer and not a written one I decline.

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