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Last week I came across one of my old binders from junior high. It was teal in colour, though you wouldn’t know it with all the doodles and writing gracing the cover. Time rewound as I traced the markings with my fingers and then flipped through the lined pages of handwritten notes and studies within. In my hands was knowledge and much hard work. Also … did I ever have great penmanship! What the heck happened since then?

Ahh right – the digital age.

It’s a fact that penmanship is in great peril. As the world becomes more and more digital, the importance of handwriting, especially for school-aged children, is a hot topic of discussion. Despite the allure of electronics, experts agree that handwriting is critical to a child’s education and development, and plays a vital role in helping children build confidence, creativity, critical thinking and fine-motor skills.

Fight For Your Write!

BIC the handwritten supplies leader is rallying Canadians to take the Fight For Your Write Pledge to help save hand writing!

bic fight for your write

BIC has partnered with Breakfast Club of Canada to help ensure children go to school hungry for knowledge, not hungry for food. To help make writing fun and keep kids engaged, BIC is offering the chance to win a BIC stationery prize pack valued at $200 {see below}! Visit to sign the pledge and join the fight to save hand writing!

BIC Fight For Your Write

It’s been estimated that 60% of the learning in school happens before lunch. This makes breakfast food, brain food. This is why BIC Fight For Your Write is donating $10,000 directly to Breakfast Club of Canada, and giving an additional $10,000 {retail value} of stationery supplies to Canadian schools in need through the organization.

I pleased to have also partnered with BIC, to help the highly important Fight For Your Write initiative, and also assist in donating $500 worth of BIC stationary supplies to a school in my own city. Thanks to BIC and their generous donation, I’m taking these supplies to Aspen Heights School here in Red Deer, Alberta.

bic products

While I would have loved to help all the schools in my city, I chose this particular school from teacher suggestions on which needed the supplies most. I know that arming them with the best in writing instruments will help make this year a success. Popular choices for the upcoming school year include: BIC Atlantis Original Ball Pen, BIC Extra- FunTM Pencil, BIC 4-ColorTM Ball Pen, BIC Extra-CrazeTM Mechanical Pencil, BIC Velocity Gel Pen, BIC Briteliner Highlighters and BIC KidsTM Mechanical Pencil.


How You Can Help Too!

First of all, head on over to and sign the pledge to join the fight to save hand writing.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 10.30.13 AM

Then, start with your own kids. Here are five ways to get kids writing more often:

  1. Set aside specific times during the week for writing stories, songs or even jokes. Let your kids use their imaginations.
  2. Have an assortment of colourful pens and pencils on hand that will make kids want to spend more time writing.
  3. Make writing special for kids with their own personal table, desk, or designated area. Get them excited about their own writing space!
  4. Give kids a fun assignment that requires them to write. Make a birthday wish list or write a letter to someone famous.
  5. Make up games around writing. Practice signing their autograph to give to mom or dad.

5 ways to get kids writing more often

The BIC Fight For Your Write movement will help build a positive foundation for the future, one with written word! Make sure to follow BIC on Facebook to learn more and follow the #BICFFYW hashtag.



Disclosure: I was compensated for this post and program, all opinions are my own.




  1. Miss R writes or rather prints something everyday as do I because we both have journals.

  2. every day! i write things down for work, as well as many lists – my daughter writes for school, homework

  3. in the summer, we make my 12yo son write in a journal. during the school year, he has plenty of homework that involves plenty of writing. my 5yo daughter loves to trace letters and write her name, spell different words, etc.

  4. My teens write all their assignments by hand rather than handing in printed pc copies of their work. I write all my notes and documentaion as well.

  5. Everyday i am writing something , or my Grandson is marking 🙂 thanks for the chance 🙂

  6. I am always writing or doodling on something,,my son only writes when he absolutely has to for school.

  7. We write daily! Kids are always scribbling something and I love to write my recipes, shopping list, do sudoku, word search

  8. Even though I do a lot on the computer, I do write everyday. I still make lists, write notes to my hubby, send cards etc.

  9. We write with our kids onece each weekend just to focus and work on spelling, writing and stuff we need 🙂

  10. I write to my grandma every month and the kids draw a picture since they are too young to write yet

  11. We all write pretty much daily! My three kids are all in university and they are always stealing my pens from my desk. I use my pens constantly, I always am writing things down! Note to self: buy more pens!

  12. My kids and I write something every day. My oldest is trying to learn cursive, even though it’s not taught in school anymore.

  13. She likes writing little notes, and actually practices with her weekly school homework

  14. I do write daily but not very much. Now that I have arthrosis and arthritis my writing, not good at the best of times (in school they stopped me from writing with loops on letters and it’s been bad ever since), is now awful. I do think it’s very important that children learn to write and use cursive script too.

  15. Every single day, it’s important to learn how to write and to draw and doodle, it also helps with eye and hand coordination, I think there is way to much being done on tablets and computers

  16. My daugher is learning to spell so shes writing everyday. Myself maybe every second day.

  17. Sophie writes small words, letters, and numbers everyday. I write absolutely everything down so that I don’t forget anything. Recently I have been writing back and forth with my grandfathers cousin to find out how my grandparents met and to do a family tree.

  18. I really write very little as I make my lists on my iPhone. I can not remember the last time I ever wrote a letter. My granddaughter loves to write and make cards for everyone.

  19. To be honest, I barely write since almost everything is done electronically. The schools here don’t teach cursive anymore, so my youngest hasn’t learned handwriting. He wants to though and practices it a bit.

  20. We made our daughter have reading and writing time all summer, everyday. Writing stories by hand. Although these days it seems you need to write less because of computers/ iPads etc.

  21. We write daily, daughter’s homework has to be done by pen and I just love writing on paper..I like making list then crossing things off as it’s done..not sure why but just how I do things

  22. We write every day, my kids are usually making books and stories and I am always making lists.

  23. I write a couple times a day. My daughter writes a lot, she rewrites all her notes at night, it helps her study.

  24. My son uses pen and paper for many of his assignments. I write notes and lists daily and still send cards, including a note, by mail.

  25. I write daily. I make written to do lists for family and myself. I write my thoughts in my journal and with a home business I do a fair bit of writing there too. I also write my grocery list and shopping lists.

  26. I write something everyday be it at work or when I’m drawing, making lists or notes to someone. I love writing 🙂

  27. I write a lot – I still love making lists and writing my husband little notes. I always have a notebook around to jot stuff down

  28. all the time, from shopping lists, to greeting card, and my daughter always love to write the families name down on paper and draw stick ppl

  29. We write every day. We like to make lists, doodle, and write stories in our house.

  30. I like to write everyday and encourage my children and grandchildren to do so.I love writing notes,poetry and I also love doodling and drawing for fun.It’s relaxing and enjoyable for me.

  31. We write everyday. My kids practice their letters daily and I still use a notebook for meetings.

  32. I write in a journal almost daily but my kids don’t write often. Even at school, they do most of theor work on laptops now.

  33. my 8 year old loves to write notes and lists, and I am old school and still write lists and use a notebook, all with pen and paper nothing digital.

  34. Most of my workday and also my daughter’s entails using a keyboard and therefore not writing. Neither of us keeps a journal so writing is becoming a lost art to us.

  35. I write everyday. I encourage the kids in my family to write as well, so important to keep writing.

  36. I write in a journal every day and I am trying to teach my son cursive so he writes at least a little every day.

  37. Well my son is only 3 and a half so he’s just starting to learn how to write his name. We do like to scribble.

  38. We write everyday. I especially love writing letters and cards to friends and family

  39. I write every day since I need to take down notes and instructions. My kids write every day as they have spelling exercise and language school homework to do

  40. I write something everyday. Not a book or anything like that but mostly notes to remind myself to do something.

  41. I make my kids do all their homework by hand so they write a lot. I write all the time with my work.

  42. I like to write in my daily journal, to keep track of my exercises and to make lists. Both my son’s jobs entail manual bookkeeping.

  43. Several times each week. We make it part of our evening homework ritual. My 14 year old loves writing and is working on a novel while my 10 year old son is more of a challenge so it is usually just a couple sentences or a paragraph answering a question we ask him.

  44. I write everyday – usually lists and notes to my family. My son takes notes at school by hand rather than on a computer.

  45. I used to write absolutely everything, but not so much now. These BIC supplies could inspire me for sure!

  46. I continually write making notes for myself and lists of what to do or to buy
    and when I send out cards.

  47. My husband and I were just talking about this! He writes all the time in his notebook, but I rarely do. I need to change that!

  48. I enjoy writing! I am constantly doing paperwork and writing out reminders and to-do lists and grocery lists. I am very picky too when it comes to my pens. I love a medium tip and blue ink.

  49. I still love to write. I think my writing is pretty 🙂 So I encourage my children to teach their children to write and that I like to receive written letters 🙂

  50. My oldest is in first grade, so she is doing schoolwork in school or practicing for school at home on the weekend… She writes every day

  51. My son is newly 5 so while he does write almost daily, at this point it’s mostly just his name.

  52. I write every day and my grandchildren have homework every night and have assignments to write.

  53. I send my friends postcards by mail on a weekly basis. Writing is so much more personal and intimate.

  54. We right every day ,daughter writes for school, homework and I love to write letters to friends and family and for daily tasks such as grocery lists or to-do notes

  55. I am always writing things down! I am the type of person that learns by doing and taking notes along the way. I also find that writing something helps me remember it better than typing it out.

  56. I write something almost every day but my daughter less, my son the same. They mostly print.

  57. We write something everyday notes to each other, notes to the teacher, grocery litst.

  58. I consider myself old school, I still write a diary, write everything at work before typing it out. I feel I can think better writing with a pen than using the tablet or computer. I encourage my kids to do the same too 🙂

  59. My daughter writes alot to friends and in her journal. I mostly make lists lol . My son loves to write stories so he is a big writer as well

  60. I think this is awesome to encourage and inspire people to write.I write some notes every day,occasional letters and keep a log book where I write inspirational sayings,things that happened in my life and drawings of characatures! I love to doodle too.

  61. A while ago, I noticed that my handwriting was getting very messy due to lack of use. Since then I try to write each day even if it is just a few lines.

  62. I write daily. While I use my ipad and pc a lot, I find I do my best brainstorming when writing!

  63. I write nearly every day. I keep a few different journals. I try and encourage my kids to write as much as possible. The lack of focus on cursive writing in schools now is very disappointing.

  64. I hardly every write anything, my handwriting has always been atrocious. My daughter is learning to write her name and spelling basic words.

  65. I write every day for work and the kids like to draw and write so we do that as much as possible.

  66. My LO and I doodle everyday but he’s still a little young yet. I love niece and nephew print all of their homework daily. Thank you.

  67. My kids write more often then I do because they are doing homework on a daily basis.

  68. we write daily and have pens available in every room of the house, in my purse & car

  69. I write often, in a journal every day; making lists of various things like :my exercise every day, my Christmas list, list of knitting I have done and giveaways I enter and on what day.
    I like to write letters and notes.
    My girls write too, but probably not as much as I do. I enjoy it so much.

  70. My family just loves the notes I leave them through out the house almost daily, things like “Please wip the seat”

  71. The kids do everyday when doing their homework. For me I would say every couple days.

  72. Rarely for me just the shopping list to be honest and as for my 4 boys not enough for sure this campaign has got me thinking we must not lose the art of writing

  73. My kids and I like to sit down and write our own books together, doing all of the illustrations and writing by hand. It gives them some practice with writing and drawing, and they love to read their books to us later.

  74. We write pretty much every day and go through pens and pencils like crazy in this house. I prefer to hand write things and so do the kids 🙂

  75. I dont write a lot unless filling out forms or writing checks and such. My daughters write a bit but all school assignments are to be written and printed on a computer. Schools don’t encourage writing in any form. Kids don’t write notes at school, they type them. It is terrible that the pen is going to go the way of the dodo bird.

  76. I write often–I journal everyday, and I prefer pen and paper. My kids–not so much. The electronic age!

  77. I keep a journal, I write almost daily. The girls write pretty much daily as well.. my son will avoid it 🙂

  78. Gosh, I used to write all the time – to friends and family in Australia, across Canada etc. But now I just use email or facebook… 🙁 My daughter writes a couple of times a year to her grade one teacher who recently moved to South Africa – she likes to practice her printing (and now she is learning writing too!), as well as her French, since she doesn’t have the chance to write in French as much as English (she writes stories in English all the time at home).

  79. I write most items, I find it easier to remember things if I write them. Its a shame penmanship has gone by the wayside

  80. I’m not writing as often as I would like to. I’ve dug out some un-used journals and am now toting one around with me though, so get some time writing down my thoughts instead of typing them.

  81. My cousin and still write snail mail to each other so at least every few weeks I sit down and regularly write

  82. I’m a bit old school – I still write letters and postcards! Who doesn’t like getting mail?

  83. I make lists every day, and my kids write all the time. They’re still learning to read/write so I encourage it.

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