Bib Drying Rack, Mom of Multiples Approved


If I have learned one valuable lesson since I started blogging, it’s that some of the best products are invented by Mom’s who know what Mom’s need {or likewise with Dad’s}. Case and point – The Bib Drying Rack, one of those,ducts that I stop and think, ‘Wow, why didn’t I think of that?’. You see, reviewing the Bib Drying Rack solved one of the many frustrations I’ve had since becoming a Mom – bibs all over the kitchen counters.

If you have a baby or toddler and are nodding your head – stop and think of what it’s like having Twins. Yep, that means that at any given time of day, there are bibs drying all over my kitchen. Just think, 2 bibs at every meal, sometimes more for snack – that can be up to 8-10 bibs a day.

Why so many? Well, if you don’t have multiples – please keep in mind that bibs tossed in the laundry wet and soiled will mold, causing mold to spread to the rest of the laundry. And, bibs laid on the counter to dry, take forever {not to mention you have to turn them to dry the other side}. And this explains why there was always so many bibs laying around my kitchen. Up until,cently, the plethora of bibs everywhere was one of my husband’s ultimate pet peeves.

It caused major frustration in this house, as he hated them so much, he would just pile them or just toss them in the laundry before they were dry. And, of course, I would get angry because of the mold…*sigh*. That was one of the peeves when it came to parenting, yet I say ‘was‘ thanks Mommy Genius for sending me The Bib Drying Rack {and to my cherished blog reader who sent me an email telling me about this genius product}!

Invented by Annie, a SAHM of 2 {her 3rd is on it’s way!}, The Bib Drying Rack is made of a rust-resistant chrome finish, and also made in the USA. You can either order the rack alone, or in a gift set. For review, my Bib Drying Rack came with two Bumkins Superbibs.

Now, this alone pleased me to bits, since Bumkins Superbibs has become my favorite bib {generous size; dries faster than others; stain resistant; crumb catcher; PVC, BPA, Phthalate, vinyl and lead free; and great designs..I could go on and on! Oh wait, I did – see my Bumkins Superbibs review.}.

When I took my Bib Drying Rack out of it’s box, I was thrilled since it was wrapped beautifully, complete with gift tag {think gift-giving!!}. The rack alone is a marvel, well designed and very trendy looking when placed on the counter. The wonderful shape and finish could compliment any kitchen, I am sure.

Bumkins Superbibs are perfect with this rack, since you can hang the bib by the crumb-catcher to dry. And, you can also hang facecloths to dry on there too!,As a Mom who loves organization and having a clean space, I cannot tell you how much I like having a bib-less counter top. Now, the two bibs are hung after every meal neatly – and guess what? The bibs and facecloths are DRY before the next meal! This may seam like a simple invention, yet it’s one that makes a big impact on daily life. On cleanliness. On organization and aesthetics. On the sanity!

I honestly recommend The Bib Drying Rack for anyone that is having a baby, or for anyone who loathes that their counter top is being overrun with bibs and facecloths. It makes the ideal gift for the new Mom, especially the new Mom of multiples!

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.



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  2. I’d get the baby girl set… this product is great- I had bibs drying on the banana holder the other day. :p

  3. I would choose the gender neutral set since we don’t know yet whether my niece is having a girl or a boy!
    Thanks…what a smart idea!
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  6. Would love a baby boy set! Like you on FB and like Mommy Genius on FB too!

  7. i would get the girl set if i won

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  10. What an amazing idea! Gotta love those practical mamas!
    Maybe one day, I’ll create the next post-it note… okay, I’ll stop dreaming now ;D

  11. I’d love the baby boy gift set. This is a great idea and I think I could use it for more things once I’m (finally) all done with bibs. 🙂

  12. I would love the baby girl set w/the washclothes…
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  13. Our DIL would love to have the Bumkins® Certified Organic Cotton Washcloth Bouquet

  14. I would get the baby girl set- this would also be great for drying those produce bags or other reuseable plastic bags.

  15. I would pick the Girl set. I love the bibs and the drying rack looks nice on the counter. I just hang mine from the knobs on the cabinets, but if I didn’t have knobs I don’t know what I would do. lol

  16. I would have to go with the Gender Neutral Set. One of my close friends will have a baby shower in Nov…we do not know what she is having.

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  17. I’m going to be a first-time grandmother – I’d choose the Baby Boy Set.

  18. id pick the Gender Neutral Set

    * Chrome Bib Drying Rack
    * Two unisex Superbibs®

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