Better Food Lovers Holiday Cookie Exchange


Recently myself and my fellow Better Food Lovers bloggers participated in a cookie exchange. It was the first time I had done an exchange, what a great was to start the holidays!

So, the kids and browsed the cookie recipes found on website and decided that we would bake Classic Cookie Dough cookies. Using simple ingredients we had dough in no time. Keep in mind that if you are one to sneak a taste of batter, this ones for you! Ummm, not that I tried or anything…

The girls helped cut the cookies into holiday-themed shapes and when done baking, we all had a hand in decorating. I wanted to do a few different colors of icing, and I think the girls loved this part best. Mixing food coloring into icing – it was like a kitchen science experiment of learning which colors when mixed made others.

Packed up in a tin with a seasonal greeting card, we then mailed the package to our exchange partner, Kathryn.

Then, the really fun part came when the cookies arrived from Kathryn and her kids. Eating!! She used the same recipe I did, but made thumbprint cookies with 3 different kinds of topping! Chocolate, candy cane and sprinkle, my girls were in heaven when they opened that container!

It was really fun making, sending and then receiving cookies as part of an exchange. Goes to show that one recipe can produce such a variety of cookies, just add your own personal touch!

Have a wonderful Christmas Kathryn, thank you!! Nom, nom, Nom.




    1. That’s what I call not using a cookie cutter but making a ball and pushing it down flatter with your thumbs!

  1. Love those cookies! They look wonderful! Baking is my thing at Christmas time, so this sounds right up my alley!

  2. Cookie exchange sounds like a great idea and the one’s that you and your daughter’s baked and decorated look awesome!

  3. Doing an exchange of any sort is a great tradition. When I was a child we did the same each year with my grandfather who lived in the ‘old country’ (no homemade cookies though) and it was just as much fun deciding what to put in as it was opening the box we received.

  4. Your little taste tester doesn’t look too upset with having to help out. 🙂

    Glad you had a cookie exchange, those are fun!

  5. I’ve never participated in a cookie exchange. What a great idea, especially this time of year.

  6. That sounds like a great idea. I love baking and to see other kinds of goodies other people made is just a lot of fun!

  7. I love cookies and Christmas! Awesome to exchange to try different cookies!

    Nice page update! 🙂

  8. I love cookie exchanges. It is getting harder to find friends who want to participate. Everyone seems too busy. Part of the fun of cookie exchanges to hunting for cool tins to put the cookies in. I look through thrift stores and find the neatest tins. 🙂

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