Better Education for Life {NIVEA & Plan Canada Partnership‏}

As you send your kids off to a new year of school, do you by chance stop and think about the kids who can’t get an education?

I’m all for supporting those less fortunate and whom are in need. After all, I sent a second lunch to school for an entire year just so that a girl who never had a lunch, could get much-needed nourishment. #TrueStory

So when I get word of a generous partnership from a brand, to help those that truly need it most, I’m thrilled. Read on to hear about one such endeavor, one that I’m all too happy to share with you. Also learn how you too can help…

The Facts: Senegal, in West Africa, is a place where 49% are under the age of 18 but many of them are not in school. According to UNICEF, 3 out of 5 Children in Senegal do not receive an education as they don’t have access to that education and chances are, their parents didn’t either. Don’t you think that that’s 3 children, too many?

NIVEA & has partnered with Plan Canada to help improve children’s education in Senegal. Why?

“NIVEA is excited to partner with Plan Canada on a local level to support the Senegal project,” says Carole Rissmann, Marketing Director of Beiersdorf Canada for Beiersdorf Canada. “Care’ is the very essence of what NIVEA as an organization stands for. We believe that every child should have access to quality education and this is a rudimentary yet powerful way to build a brighter future for children. Your purchase of NIVEA product in Canada will help give so many access to better education.”

As the world’s number one skincare brand, NIVEA believes that every child deserves the best care, including access to education. Their goal with the Senegal Project is to build schools, provide better opportunities for education and teach essential skills. NIVEA Canada and Plan Canada are working together to help break the cycle of poverty, it’s time for education to be a right and not a privilege based on where you were born in this world.

“Every child deserves access to a quality education and in countries like Senegal, where so many children and their families live in poverty, an education is the only way for them to claim a brighter future and realize their full potential,” says Rosemary McCarney, President and CEO for Plan Canada. “Our partnership with NIVEA means we’ll be able to build more schools, provide more qualified teachers and materials, and create lasting change in children’s lives.”

Their goal is to impact the lives of 25,000 children, youth, women and men. Within five years these citizens will receive skills, economic resources and quality education to support and enable greater household economic security in the three poorest regions of the country.

Change has already begun:

To support the Senegalese project, NIVEA Canada is donating $25,000 to Plan Canada. Their donation will be matched by an institutional donor three-to-one (up to $100,000). The Senegal project is just one example of how NIVEA is supporting Plan internationally. Globally, NIVEA is committed to developing a truly sustainable partnership with Plan, contributing € 1.75 million in funding to the organization worldwide over a three year period.

How can YOU help NIVEA & Plan Canada improve children’s access to education?

Visit UrbanMoms to learn more about the ways NIVEA is helping Plan Canada to improve access to education in Senegal and to enter the NIVEA back-to-school contest for chance to win a gift from NIVEA Canada including NIVEA products and a donation to Plan Canada in their or their child’s name.

You can help NIVEA Canada & Plan Canada support children in Senegal with access to education by donating, or by telling your friends. Visit NIVEA’s Facebook page {}, click on the ‘NIVEA & Plan Canada’ tab and click Donate to contribute directly or click Share to help spread the word. The more people that know about the program, the more they can help!


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