Best Campsites in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks that we have in the US. Around every turn is another view that literally takes your breath away.

You can drive the Road to the Sun once it opens in July and see dozens of waterfalls, and then wildflowers bloom throughout the rest of the summer. You can camp in one of the established campsites or grab a pass to do some seriously awesome backpacking throughout the park.

This park has active wildlife including grizzly bears and mountain lions and all precautions must be taken into account with camping in Montana.

A sign on the side of a mountain

Only two campgrounds take reservations, and since camping that has potable water can be limited in Glacier, it is best to make a reservation which you can do six months in advance.

If you didn’t plan ahead they do have a few cancellations that you can slide into. If you would rather have lodging, check out Kalispell, White Fish, and Columbia Falls.

Here are the two Best Campsites in Glacier National Park:


Fish Creek Campground


Fish Creek Campground is one of two campgrounds that takes reservations and is located on the western side of the park. This area tends to see more rainfall than the rest and can see snow in the summer, so come prepared for all weather conditions. This campground sits in the middle of a beautiful forest, next to an alpine meadow with lots of blooming flowers. The backdrop of the Glacier mountains is nothing short of spectacular. Several of the campsites have views of Lake McDonald which is an excellent lake to fish in. The hiking is second to known and many of Glacier’s trails start around Fish Creek Campground.

The campground is large with 178 campsites that are pretty spread apart, which is nice. It fits both RVs and tent campers and has full hookups. Potable water is accessible in the campground, and restrooms running water which is essential after a day of hiking!

St. Mary Campground


St. Mary Campground is the largest campground located on the eastern side of Glacier National Park. It is right next door to the St. Mary’s visitor center, where you can also get a stamp for your National Parks Passport book. The visitor center has interpretive programs, shuttle service, and Red Bus tours that will take you all over the national park in an open-aired bus. One of the great things about where St Mary’s campground is located is that it is right near the entrance to both Going-to-the-Sun Road and Logan Pass.

There is not much shade at this campsite, but there do have a lot of aspen trees that wave in the wind. You can fish at St. Mary Lake but it is too cold to swim in most of the time. The trailheads coming off of this campground are at a high elevation, which means it is easier to hike up to see the breathtaking views.

There are 10 other campgrounds that are on a first come, first serve basis and not on the reservation system. Some have potable water but most do not and are meant for more rustic camping.

Have you ever been to Glacier National Park?




  1. Glacier national park looks amazing! I haven’t been camping in ages – this is really inspiring me to plan a camping trip!

  2. I think i’d opt for Fish Creek myself. I’ve always wanted to go to Glacier National Park!

  3. I think either option sounds fun- depends if you want a real national park wilderness experience or a few amenities from home . i’d probably go for amenities.

  4. Wow how breathtaking.

    I’ve never been anywhere like that but, someday! I would love to have the beautiful camping experience with peaceful scenery like that.

  5. I love camping in national parks. I’ve never been to Glacier NP but I love getting the heads up before we head there!

  6. I have never been to Glacier National park. I have a friend that lives in Montana that told me it is gorgeous there. I have only been to Montana once, it was only for two days and I didn’t leave my friends house except to go to the church as I was there for a Baptism.

  7. Wow that is incredible, you can see how the glaciers carved the valley. I have a love for National Parks so I would love to visit this one!

  8. I’ve never been to Glacier National Park but I would love to visit someday. As my kids get older, I hope they’ll want to go to serene places and not just shopping and amusement parks!

  9. I love to camp! We have been to many State & National Parks. I would love to take off of work for a summer and just travel via State or National Parks

  10. Glacier National Park is my favorite national park to-date. And I’ve been to lots of national parks – Joshua Tree, Death Valley, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Arches, Canyonlands, Badlands, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon, Smoky Mountains, and Mt Rushmore. This park was grand and beautiful and majestic, but yet also accessible. I highly, highly recommend going there if you can.

  11. I’ve never been there, but I’ve been to Waterton Lakes National Park (the Canadian side of the park). I would love to go there one day. Thanks for the tips! 🙂

  12. Stunning. The last time I traveled out that way I noticed RV’s just isolated and taking in the view. I know this experience is on my bucket list.

  13. I’m forwarding your post to Ashley, as she’s talked forever about visiting the mountains up there. Might be a great last kick-off trip between her college graduation and when she starts her new job in the fall!

  14. I have never been to Glacier National Park. It will now be a destination to add to the list. However, I have e feeling it would be hard to stay for just a week. It would be fun to have some quick 1 or 2 night stays along the way and back. A 10-14 day trip would be ideal.

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