Benefits of Whole Grain Whole Wheat

It seems each week new suggestions come out about which foods to eat and which to avoid. At some point most foods have undergone an attack for being ‘bad’. Whether it be by word of mouth, in magazines or online, the message of avoidance in health and nutrition does more to confuse than to educate.

One common food which is often under the spotlight is ‘carbohydrates’, and most hear this word and assume anything bread-like falls under this umbrella. Some jump on the wagon with this, and ward off anything with a carb-count. Fact is, most foods out there have carbohydrates in them, yet the amount greatly varies.

The important take-away is to know which ones are most beneficial. Just like saving money, it’s all about ‘getting the bang for the buck’!

Instead of hearing carbs {or simply: ‘bread’} and running for the hills, instead dive into the details and find out which ones to love. All grains start as whole grains, it’s when those grains are refined, is when they miss many of the nutrients and include only the starchy part.

So it’s really the byproducts of grains and wheat that get the bad rap – so it’s time to get back to basics. After all, there is a significant difference between sweets, sugared drinks and processed/enriched carbs and whole grains, fruits and vegetables. Yes all have carbs, but one set of examples are healthier to have on your plate.

whole grain whole wheat - lifes simple ingredient

Wheat is a versatile food and comes in many different forms. Being an Albertan, I’m literally surrounded by the stuff. In fact, Alberta has 50.3 million acres of productive farm land, and wheat has been fuelling our lives for centuries. It’s been a staple in our diet right from the start, so it’s worth inspecting the root so to speak.

Benefits of Whole Grain Whole Wheat

Not only a versatile staple, this simple ingredient is also cost effective as well. For families, this is an important benefit!

Wheat is a great source of fibre. Yes, it will normalize bowel movements and help overall gut health – but fibre also lowers cholesterol levels, helps to control blood sugar levels and aids in achieving healthy weight. In other words, wheat and grains can help you live longer, lose weight and lower your risk for type 2 diabetes.

It contains a vast lineup of essential vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, iron, thiamin, folate, potassium and Vitamin B6.

They make you feel full which could help with portion control.

alberta wheat lifes simple ingredient

Bottom line, wheat is not a treat. It’s healthy, nutritious, a versatile staple and you should feel good about eating wheat.

I have three girls that love their breads and wheats, so I focus on quality and whole wheat to keep them and their bodies happy. I like to make healthy swaps and substitute refined products with whole grain.

This can be easily done with breads, pasta, flours and rice to name a few. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks – there’s always options for healthy swaps. In fact, I feature whole grains quite a bit here on My Organized Chaos. It’s a staple ingredient in my recipes for: Ham & Cheese Brunch Strata and Pesto Cheese Stuffed Chicken Rolls to name a couple.

Pesto Cheese Stuffed Chicken Rolls recipe

For your journey on loving whole grains and wheat – check out the Life’s Simple Ingredient website from Alberta Wheat. Browse the site and you too will be impressed with it’s food education, nutritional facts, stories and delicious recipes. Wheat is a staple to Albertans and readily available for them to enjoy – so I also love the highlights on local Albertan businesses from bakeries to restaurants.

What are some ways you can start incorporating more whole grains into your daily diet?


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.



  1. I love bread and baking and can easily say that Albertan Wheat makes some of the best bread because of it’s strong gluten content.

  2. Your first paragraph I want to print out and frame. My goodness it gets frustrating these days. Thanks for saying it ok to eat whole grains. Sometimes we just want to hear “it’s ok” haha I will check out the link Life’s Simple Ingredients because I love recipes. Thanks!

  3. whole grains are an essential in our home. From whole grain whole wheat bread to whole grain cereal , it is part of our daily meals !

  4. I love whole wheat bread and I prefer it over other kinds. I find I don’t feel well if I eat white bread and it has to much sugar. I even use whole wheat bread crumbs when I’m cooking.

  5. There is nothing better than fresh bread! All the contradictory information these days on what is healthy and unhealthy in terms of diet can definitely be confusing. With my family, we just try our best to be balanced and have everything in moderation. We always try to choose whole grain options! 🙂

  6. Love bread, especially whole grain ones – a lot. The gluten free craze is a little frightening to me. The number people that are gluten intolerant/ sensitive is actually quite low!

  7. I fully agree whole grains are so important and really essential to our diets. I will admit 🙁 I like white more.

  8. Great post! I switched to all natural whole grain wheat about two years ago and make my own bread at home (in much smaller batches as there are zero preservatives); I also use natural yeasts in making bread (it takes MUCH longer and ), but the product is beautiful. I feel great eating these breads, no side-affects or bloating. I am on a rotation, so I am baking every other day, but its worth the effort.

  9. I love myself some fresh bread. We always go with whole wheat, my girls even prefer it over white. I fully believe that whole grains are essential to our diets.

  10. We’ve made the switch to high fibre bread and buns and wraps, plus whole grain cereals!! 🙂

  11. We are never giving up bread! It’s a staple we love. I’m an Alberta girl who loves her Alberta wheat!

  12. I’ve stopped worrying about what is supposedly “good” or “bad” to eat. It changes so much, it can make you crazy. We just try and eat as healthy as we can here. Sure, we have days where we indulge, but I think finding a healthy balance and not overdoing it is what’s important. Definitely checking out the Life’s Simple Ingredient website for recipe ideas! Preparing meals that taste great and are healthy is my goal.

  13. I recently tried to give up bread. I thought I was eating too much of it, so I figured I’d do what I did with pop, which is cut it out of my diet entirely. My sister also has Celiac Disease, so I thought it might be good to cut gluten out. Instead of feeling better, I started to have really weird digestive issues. So I started eating (and enjoying) bread again, and I feel much better. It’s all about moderation!

  14. My family was reluctant in having whole grain breads, but they realized how yummy they taste. They forgot how good they are for you.

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