Benefits of the New Dyson Cinetic Cyclone Technology

dyson cinetic

Last month I introduced the new Dyson Cinetic™ DC78 vacuum, on the day it was released. This model is the first Dyson vacuum to use Dyson Cinetic™ cyclone technology, all previous models use Cyclone Technology.

Dyson and Vacuum

In that post {really, backstep and read and watch my Dyson DC78 video if you aren’t familiar, since it’s pretty cool}, I told you all about the remarkable science behind this technology, and why it’s a total game changer for the Dyson line of vacuums. 

dyson cinetic

 To consumers, this new technology means that the filters on the Dyson Cinetic™ DC78 vacuum never have to be washed or replaced. Ever.


Benefits of Dyson Cinetic™ cyclone technology


No Maintenance – When you get your Dyson Cinetic™ DC78 vacuum, assembly is simple and takes little time. I actually go through the entire Dyson Cinetic™ DC78 assembly in my video.Once put together, it’s good to go. And go. And go. From that moment on, there’s no maintenance required at all, except to dump the canister bin when needed, with it’s simple one-handed release button. 

Saves Time – We all lead full and busy lives and doing one less mundane task is most welcome, am I right? Not having to clean or replace filters every 3 months is one way to give you more time in your day. It’s the little things that count, and not having to regularly schedule this cleaning in my calendar is a nice feeling. 

Convenience – With other Dyson vaccums, you need to clean the filters every 3 months and let them dry for 24 hours. This is 24 hours without the use of your Dyson vacuum … what? I have 3 kids, off-white carpets and the messes of life don’t pause when my vacuum is unavailable to be used. It’s always at these times, when you need it most! So, to use my Dyson Cinetic™ DC78 vacuum anytime I want, with no interruption – is very convenient. It fits with my lifestyle. 

How would the New Dyson Cinetic Cyclone Technology fit into your lifestyle?


Disclosure: I received product and was compensated for this post. Yet as always, all opinions are my own.



  1. Very cool. Dysons are definitely the top of the line for vacuum cleaners. I love that they don’t require maintenance.

  2. Can I just say this is the coolest looking vacuum I’ve ever seen? We have an older Dyson and it has been through heck and back and still runs as well as it did the first day. I love that the filter on this is so quick to clean without the day dry time!

  3. I just watched your video on this! I love my Dyson… but I find myself wanting another!

  4. I couldn’t live 24 hours without a vacuum! My kids and cats make to much mess. Looks like I need a Dyson!

  5. I have wanted a dyson for years! And I absolutely love the new cinetic cyclone technology! And new no maintenance is brilliant! I want this vacuum!!

  6. Wow, this looks like an awesome vacuum. We have a Dyson Animal and could not live without it. Our first one was stolen years ago and out of all the things stolen from our storage unit that it the only thing that REALLY made me cry… ha

  7. Wow that looks great. I need a new vacuum because just bit the dust. ANd not in a good way.

  8. I’ve always wanted a Dyson, but I’ve just never gotten one. Everyone says they’re the best.

  9. I’ve always wanted a Dyson. Maybe some day when I learn to stop spending on my kids (all fun extras, not needs) and save up for something for myself!

  10. My floors are all wood but I would love a great vacuum like this to help me catch all the cat hair etc that is constantly floating around! Sounds like a really good investment.

  11. I have always wanted a Dyson but unfortunately it is way out of my price range, but if I ever win the lotto……lol.

  12. I have had my Dyson for over six years and not one problem ! still works like new !

  13. We love our Dyson! I’ve actually been thinking about adding a second one to the fleet… might just have to look into this new one!

  14. I’ve not experienced using this brand but have heard from others how awesome they truly are. I enjoyed your review and got a lot of information from it when it is time to choose a new vacuum

  15. Because I keep hearing nothing but positive (seriously! feedback is always positive) feedback about Dyson, I may break down and buy myself one for Christmas. We go through a vacuum a year, I need something more dependable that that…I want a vacuum that will work, and last.

  16. Wonderful review and video! What’s not to love about a Dyson! They’re obviously ahead of the times with their awesome technology! My current poor excuse for a vacuum still uses bags GROSS! I’d be happy with a Dyson where I only had to clean the filter but now a NEW one where you don’t even have to do that…. AMAZING!

  17. I would love a Dyson because they get the job done and are compact, no maintenance and save you time. I like it all.

  18. I love the Dyson brand with a dog and two cats it has been the best tool I own to manage hair issues. Genius move to make this maintenance free – Love it and would be wonderful to have this new improved and bigger model to tackle housework.

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