Behind the Scenes ~ Fisher-Price Play Ambassador Photo Shoot


Where it all began.

To launch the #FisherPriceMoms Ambassadorship, my 3 daughters and I flew to Toronto in March 2011 for a very special photo shoot.

I definitely had a great time and do smile seeing my girls and I in promotional ads, and even my daughters still talk about that event to this day. My twins were only 2 when we flew across Canada for the shoot, yet I’m shocked that they still recall this experience down to the very last detail. Now, when the Fisher-Price Commercial comes on TV {with the touching ‘you are exactly one of a kind‘}, my twin girls scream with joy, “WE WERE THERE!!”.

Us Fisher-Price Play Ambassadors are now in our second year in the program, yet I still look back on the photo shoot as the beginning, the event that started this adventure.

Yet, there is a extra special memory which I haven’t shared as yet. THE video.

During the photo shoot a videographer captured every candid moment, and our group got to see this video for the first time last October during a meeting. This video makes my eyes water every.single.time. It’s so touching to see us Moms with our children, surrounded by all the joy that is Fisher-Price.

Have a look Behind the Scenes of the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador Photo Shoot:

The beginning of the ‘Fisher-Price Play Ambassador’; joining a team of Mom’s who are passionate about Fisher-Price products and eager to learn more about the brand which includes the history all the way to future news.


Disclosure: I’m part of the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador Program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation
with being a #FisherPriceMoms. The opinions on this blog are my own.




      1. Tammi….time will go so quickly. Mine are now 16 and almost 15 and it feels like time is slipping away from me and they will be off to post-secondary education before I know it. Enjoy all your time with your cutie patooties!


  1. What an absolutely adorable video!

    It’s amazing to see people working together like this-I just watched another video all about bloggers thanking PR and it just warms my heart and puts a great big ol’ smile on my face 🙂

  2. I have been a Fisher Price fan since forever and thank you for sharing the video, it was nice to smile today..I needed one! Your girls are lovely.

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