Beat the Hairstyle Blahs with Goody Simple Style Kits

This time of year it’s easy to fall into a boring hairstyle routine, for yourself or your children. We’re months into the school year and into the deep of winter. Combine that with the just passed holiday season – and we have a breeding ground for complete laziness. Much like making the same meals over and over, rotating the same few hairstyles is a rut that we’ve all been in.

The trick to pulling yourself out of that mundane cycle is to equip yourself with effective effortless tools to change up the routine, while not being so time consuming and difficult that you resort to the comforts of the usual again.

Goody Simple Styles is a line of products that produce different and noticeable hairstyles, using smart innovative hair helpers. With Goody Simple Styles changing your hair has never been easier!

I received some of the Goody Simple Styles products, and have been happily beating the hairstyle blahs on my daughters, who had been donning the classic ponytail most days, for far too long.

The Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll Kit was a simple way that I could put my daughters super long hair into a beautiful updo, which was great for school but also for special events and parties. I love the double headband look and the ability to easily roll her long tresses and tuck them into the attached elastics. This is one simple hairstyle that she’s been requesting many times since.

Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll Kit

To freshen and liven up the classic pony, is the Goody Simple Styles Bubble Pony Kit – a fun twist on the usual. This hairstyle using the ribbon elastics provided in this kit could not be more easy, hair done in a matter of minutes!

Goody Simple Styles Bubble Pony Kit

The Goody Simple Styles Mini Spin Pin uses curly pins which work to hold hair in place. The do the work of 20 bobby pins in fact! This saves time of course, and is a multitasking way to complete any look in a fraction of the time and product. The Mini Spin Pins can be used to make buns, half-ups and more!

Goody Simple Styles Mini Spin Pin

Check out the complete Goody Simple Styles lineup for more easy ways to beat those hairstyle blahs with little effort.

For any and all occasions to everyday use, these hair essentials are a must-have to beat the mundane when it comes to doing hair.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Goody, all opinions are my own.





  1. I really love the look the Goody Simple Styles Gibson Roll Kit gave your daughter! Very cool!

  2. These hair styles are so cute and your daughters hair is really pretty in all of them.

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