Beaches Turks and Caicos – Italian Village Family Suites

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Right on beautiful Grace Bay in Providenciales is Beaches Turks and Caicos, a 614-room resort separated into 4 different villages: the Caribbean, French, Key West and the Italian Village. Each one is designed to reflect the style of its regions.

During our stay at Beaches Turks and Caicos earlier this month, we stayed in the beautiful 6 star Italian Village. It has 162 family suites separated into many categories depending on location, size and amenities {butler, concierge etc}.

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Our penthouse family suite in the Pompeii building offered much in the way of panoramic views, including the breathtaking ocean and it’s 50 shades of blue!

Here is our video review of the Beaches Turks and Caicos Italian Village Suites:

Our room was ideal for our family of 5, thanks mostly to the separate kids room that had bunks and a trundle, allowing each of my 3 kids to have their own sleeping space.

A bedroom with a bed and wooden furniture

Having the bunks with trundle allowed them to have space to relax and play during the day {without stepping all over everything and each other}. Plus, they had their own drawers, sink area {at a kid-friendly height} and closet! Indeed it’s a wonderful design that maximizes the room space. 

A flat screen tv sitting on top of a wooden floor, at beaches turks and caicos

The bathroom area is so spacious, with the massive double sink vanity and separate toilet and shower areas. The two person jet tub is nice for adults to unwind or even to bathe the kids that don’t yet shower. I also have to give a lot of love to the shelving behind the door. not only does it store extra towels, but they are so handy for sunscreens, lotions and medications – all up high and out of kids reach and view. 

A double sink and large mirror, at beaches turks and caicos

The penthouse family suite had a king bed, large cabinets to house the TV, drawers for clothes and then another for the minibar, coffee maker, tea kettle and microwave. Everything you need, but out of the way to not look cluttered. 

A bedroom with a bed and a window, at beaches turks and caicos


A room filled with furniture and a flat screen tv, at beaches turks and caicos

My family of 5 enjoyed our stay in the family suites at Beaches Turks and Caicos Italian Village Suites, and for very specific reasons which you might not think of, until you experienced it. 

  • The main room and the kids room each have their own air conditioners! I loved this for obvious reasons of differing preferences
  • Doorbells on the rooms, so you don’t hear knocking all the time from every room in the vicinity. We heard very little from the hall or the pool which is literally right outside our balcony. 
  • Sliding door to section off the kids room – cause we all need some privacy!
  • Same with the separate toilet area and shower within the bathroom area. Even with 5 people staying in the suite, I actually got some privacy!

In the Italian Village Family Suites there was enough space for all and with the smart design, everything had a place to go. Luggage in the closets, clothes away in the drawers, toiletries on shelves {and not all over every inch of the bathroom counter so that when you wash your hands a dozen bottles go flying. Gee, can you tell I traveled much?! heh}

As well, with each child having their own bed, everyone slept better. Everyone! There wasn’t fighting over covers or space on the bed, it was peaceful nights followed by beautiful days spent rested.

When you are traveling as a family and staying this long, things like this matter – a lot! Kudos to the Beaches Turks and Caicos Italian Village Family Suites, we had a great experience and wouldn’t hesitate to stay again! 

the room view, at beaches turks and caicos





    1. It’s a beautiful resort and the rooms are just one aspect – can’t wait to share more about Beaches Turks and Caicos!

  1. Wow, what a great vacation. We are a family of five too, and it can be hard to find a place that is really set up for 5, and the trundle bed under the bunk looks like a great way to handle this.

    1. Amen Anne, great use of space and accommodation. Too often hotels and resorts are made for a family of 4. Families don’t come in a standard size!

    2. We are a family of five as well, but my step-son is 17 and doesn’t want to be seen with us LOL, so he rarely travels with us anymore. Finding places that accommodate families of five isn’t always easy.

  2. Beaches is a l all inclusive luxury vacation paradise….it’s a perfect place for families and the suite was gorgeous…however, you might mention that this particular suite is in the range of about $12,000 + dollars. They do have less expensive room options but speaking from my own experience, the cost for my family of 3 in a lesser room still came in at about $7,000, add in airfare and you’re looking at $10K for a week’s vacation.

    Best, Lisa

    1. Very true Lisa, thanks for bringing this up. Important to mention is that I’ve looked into 5 star resorts {even in Mexico} and the cost is 10K with flights for the 5 of us. When you factor in location, amenities and activities …. families do have to weigh many things for their vacation, including cost.

      Unfortunately when you are traveling with 5 and not the ‘standard’ 2 or 4 {as many have for their room occupancy}, the cost of just that one extra small child does make a significant difference.

      You could snag a last minute cheap vacation for much less and book double rooms bringing down that cost by maybe 4k, yet that is a gamble some aren’t willing to take especially if they don’t travel that often and want a sure thing { }

      The price of Beaches is what it is, yet so many visit yearly. You can find deals if you hunt them down, In any case, my job as a travel writer is to tell my readers what you get when you stay and answer questions about travel.

      In the end, it’s all a choice of course and anyone taking their vacation will weigh their needs and wants accordingly.

  3. Looks like an amazing room and an amazing resort. May have to put it on my list of places to visit!

    1. The bunks are a great idea, they were a major part in us enjoying the pools and beach during the day. No kids feet in my eyes at night! lol

  4. It’s like a slice of paradise! The bedroom is beautiful – I love the gorgeous windows leading out the balcony and letting all that light in. Dreamy!

    1. They would be, my kids feel in love with those bunks, it’s the first thing they seen and what they love most about the room after staying

  5. Following you on every social media site, I’ve seen all your posts about Beaches Turks and Caicos. This place is on my must visit list. Absolutely beautiful!

    1. Ahhh, and thank you for that Tasha! 😉
      It really is one remarkable resort – more to come, I held back on some pretty incredible shares!

  6. This is definitely on my bucket list, I always have a suit case packed for my husband and I so we can dash off for a last minute vacation

  7. I don’t even know what to say, each part of what you showed is amazing. Looking forward to your other posts, I really want to go here!

  8. Another great travel review for me to lust after, I love reading your reviews on vacations. I learn so much and it makes me want to pack my bags!

  9. This entire post and video made me smile, your family must have had a great time. This is the next place I want to visit, you just convinced me!

    1. Oh yes, a full cleaning in the am and then turn down at dinnertime, in which they’ll clean up again if there’s towels laying around etc. So nice since we did make a bit of a mess a few times when getting ready for dinner.

  10. I had no idea that Beaches had family suites. I’d always thought it was a couples-only resort. My kids would LOVE the bunk beds, too!!

  11. The resort is stunning!! My entire family would love it. I especially loved the detail in the bunk and trundle. So exquisite.

  12. My brother and his soon to be wife are looking at a destination wedding, would you suggest Beaches Turks? Did you see many there?

    1. oh my gosh, sometimes 4 a day! I seen many beautiful weddings and you have many choices too – beach, gazebos, gardens – very beautiful!

  13. Wow, that is so breathtaking! I love how nice and fancy the rooms are too! You guys must have had such an amazing time! Love the color of the ocean too!

    1. It deserves that spot Josie, now work on getting it off there with a visit yourself! You simply must, you won’t regret it! 😉

    1. Thanks Sandra, it’s nice to have space even though you aren’t in the room a whole lot. When you are, you need to be comfortable!

  14. Oh my word, that suite is “sweet”! Love the kids’ beds and the beautiful view!

  15. You did such a beautiful job taking us through the suite! You were very detailed with everything and you definitely made me want to pack up for a vacation right now 🙂

  16. This place is amazing! I LOVE the detailed bunk beds and room..I want one in my home for my kids! I would love to stay at this suite!

  17. Okay, I want to go NOW… it is so hard to find a family-friendly place to stay for a family of 5… most hotels we have found want to separate us into two separate rooms. I love this suite and will keep this as must-go place. Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. This looks great! We have stayed at Sandals (their Adults Only properties) and really enjoyed it. Thanks for the review, looks like a great time!

  19. What a great family resort + room. I love the doorbell! Why can’t other resorts get on that?! =)

  20. I give beaches resort the lowest rating possible ! The food is awful … It’s a ton of buffet with food sitting out and the fresh cooked is awful. Our bed is so hard you can’t hardly sleep on it. It took almost 30 minutes just to check in and our room wasn’t ready and they left our bags outside for anyone to take! I would not recommend this resort. The general manager Lucky has no customer service skills and any of the managers Mr Williams and they just make excuses! I would never ever stay there ! We left right away to a real 5 star resort and they say their policy is they will not give you a refund if you leave!! Never stay here !!

  21. Tammy,

    Have you been lately? Can you give me any tips on how I can get a good price on this family suite??? It is looking like 15k before flights!!!!! Yikes!

    Thanks, Amelia – could you please private message me?!?

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