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No matter which resort or destination you go, one of the first questions that people ask is, “How’s the food?”. The dining available at any resort is key, am I right? It’s one of the constants that people looks for when booking their vacation. 

When my daughter and I returned from Beaches Negril, I spent a lot of time talking ‘food’ with family and friends, and discussing in emails and messages from readers. It’s about time I dished {pun intended}. 

You have so many choices when it comes to restaurants and places to stop and grab a bite at Beaches Negril. Yet, the top thing you need to know is that I experienced no crowds, no rush to get food before it runs low and no packed tiny area with a suffocating mix of smells that some buffets provide. 

In no particular order, here are the delightful options for Beaches Negril dining:


The Mill


This ‘main’ large restaurant at Beaches Negril is buffet-style and is located by the main pool, and close to the lobby. You’ll find The Mill open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the dress is resort casual.

pool of water at Beaches Negril

This restaurant is open-air with beautiful relaxing views. Being central to the resort, it’s a go-to no matter where you are. The choices for food are so diverse, with nightly themes as well.

For breakfast you can get the usual fruits, cereals, eggs and meats and an omelet bar. Dinner is always different, yet my favourite was seafood night.

A table topped with plates of food, at Beaches Negril

 Each dish they served was very good and fresh. The choices are great at The Mill and I believe anyone, with any taste, would find something they love here. 

A person cooking food in a kitchen, with Buffet, at Beaches Negril

There’s plenty of seating and … {drumroll} … is complete with little picnic tables for the kids. A special place, if they wish to dine here, complete with colouring books and activities. 

A dining room table, at Beaches Negril

There is a separate kids buffet at The Mill, always always checked out both and usually picked a little from each. The kids buffet during the evening is usually pizza, chicken fingers, pasta and the likes. 

A counter topped with lots of food on a table, with Beaches Negril

I seen many adults eyeing the kids buffet with consideration, yet seemingly unsure whether they could sample. Go ahead, the pizza is for the kids AND the kids at heart!


For Tex Mex cuisine, look to Arizona’s, located right next to the Pirates Water Park area in The Piazza area of the resort. This is a sit down restaurant, yet resort casual. So, if you want a break from the sun and the kids need some time to unwind, this is the place to go.

 a store, at Beaches Negril

While they focus on nachos, quesadillas and Tex Mex cuisine, they also have the usual jerk chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers as well. Usually open for just lunch and dinner, Arizona’s is one place where you’ll find the Sesame Street Character Breakfast. Sometimes you can grab a quick breakfast at Arizona’s, yet check the daily schedule to make sure before you go. 


Sweeties Ice Cream Counter

Located in The Piazza and beside Arizona’s {closer to the Pirates Water Park area} is Sweeties Ice Cream Counter. This is the place where my daughter, and many other children, gravitated often.

A kitchen, at Beaches Negril

 This self serve snack bar is open from 10am-5pm daily and has the best soft serve as well as fresh baked cookies and cupcakes. 


BBQ Park

BBQ Park is a walk-up dining option is so perfect for lazy days at the pool.

brick building, with Beaches Negril

You don’t need to change clothing, just order your food and take it to go {to your room} or have a seat at the tables outside.

Beaches Negril menu

The BBQ Park is also conveniently located by the Pirates Water Park area and very close to the beach.

A plate of food sitting on top of a wooden table, at Beaches Negril

Open daily until 3am, this is the place to get that mouth-watering jerk chicken that I love so much. My daughter was partial to their chicken fingers and fries. Yet, they also have wraps, burgers and more. 


4 important words guys: pizza on the beach!

Beach and Negril

At Dinos you can sit and eat there or take out. Dinos is open from 12-6pm, so if you think you want a late pizza dinner in the room or with friends, make sure to order before it closes. Many people did this and utilized their fridge and microwave in-room. As well, there’s nothing like cold pizza, right?

Beach and Review, at Beaches Negril

Does that sound like too much work on vacation? Trust me, it’s worth it! When at Beaches Negril, you just have to try Dinos pizza, it’s delicious!! These handtossed pizzas made in a woodstone oven are up there among the best pizza I’ve ever had. 

A menu, at Beaches Negril

Fresh with each order, Dinos has quite the extensive pizza list, 14 signature and 3 dessert pizzas! The fresh toppings and crust are amazing! 

Restaurant, at Beaches Negril

The Venetian

My daughter and I didn’t have a chance to eat at The Venetian, featuring Italian food. I did talk to some people that went and loved every bit of their meal as well as the ambiance. 

A dining table in a restaurant, at Beaches Negril

Located upstairs between The Mill and the entertainment area, reservations are required for this restaurant and dress is resort evening attire.


Reservations are required for Kimonos, but it’s one dining experience that you won’t want to miss.

A close up of an umbrella on a table, at Beaches Negril

Seated at authentic Teppanyaki tables under the canopy of bamboo, it’s a little piece of Asia right in the Caribbean. 

menu, at Beaches Negril

Our private chef at Kimonos was as friendly as he was entertaining, even complete with song. Adults and kids alike will be all smiles and you’ll leave satisfied from the theatrics and the delicious stir fry food served.

A little girl sitting at a table, at Beaches Negril


Stewfish is another gem that is located right on the beach! Open for most dinners, they serve authentic Caribbean cuisine with a high focus on Seafood. 

A group of people sitting at a picnic table

This is the place where you can get your Jerk Chicken fix and gaze upon the beautiful sights of 7 Mile Beach. 

 Cafe de Paris

What a piece of heaven this place is, I praise Beaches Negril for this new addition to their resort! Cafe de Paris is a Parisian style patisserie that is open daily from 6:30am – 10:30 pm and is located by the main pool. 

A person standing in front of a store

Some of my favourites times and memories was enjoying a cappuccino while taking in the Caribbean morning, a piece of quiet paradise to start my day. Then, once the sun set and the end of the day drew near, I’d get a latte and head outside and again let the soothing evening take hold. Heaven!

A glass display case with many different types of food, at Beaches Negril

Cafe de Paris serves pastries, crepes, coffees and dessert delights – all whipped up by the resident pastry chef at Beaches Negril. One step in the door and you really feel like you are in Paris, the rich scents of pastries and coffees are exhilarating!  


Special Events


In addition, there’s other special events at Beaches Negril to grab incredible food and snack. We attended a chocolate buffet after sundown, which consisted of tables full of chocolate treats that were like little masterpieces.

A dessert on a plate, with Chocolate, at Beaches Negril

Also not to be missed is a beach party with food, live music and more. We also can’t forget the Character Breakfasts, your chance to dine and visit with all your favourite Sesame Street friends at Beaches Negril. 

A group of people on a playground


sesame street breakfast, at Beaches Negril


sesame street breakfast, at Beaches Negril


Writing this post very much makes me miss Beaches Negril, for all they they offer to visiting guests. Your wish is truly their command, which includes the food and dining options available.

For more information on Beaches Resorts, visit their website!

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  1. Ok this is a GREAT outline of the food options. Honestly we all ask that question and you’ve done a fab job showing me all of the options, thanks!

    1. Thanks Julie, and it’s true – for many people food and dining is the deciding factor when staying at resorts.

  2. Your post is making me hungry! I really want the breakfast and the generously topped pizza. Of course, the desserts look totally amazing too.

    1. The pizza cannot be missed … desserts either. ok, so it’s a good thing most people spend at least a week there, I suggest trying it all! 😉

  3. Wow I would love to be at a Beaches Resort right now. I love how family-friendly the dining options are. My kids would be all about the Kids Buffet.

  4. There are a lot of great options for food, but I would have been at Kimonos and Cafe De Paris dessert the whole time! I have never been to a Beaches resort, nut this looks amazing!

    1. I’m drooling just thinking about it. I’d trade my morning coffee for one from cafe de paris and those beautiful views in an instant!!

  5. I have never seen so many food options ever! I am a food lover so it would be fun to have all those choices. Looks like a great place to go on vacation!

  6. Love all your posts on this resort, my husband and son are now planning our Beaches trip!

    1. Same here, and I don’t usually go back to the same place twice – I would to Beaches Negril! No hesitation!

  7. oh gosh if that doesn’t look like the perfect place to visit with the family! we did an all inclusive for our honeymoon and loved it. I would LOVE to bring my kiddos to Negril and explore Beaches!

    1. Exactly! Options are a good things though. Plus, do you see how nice and clean and unpacked everywhere is? Love that!

  8. I have never been to Negril or a beaches resort. Looks fantastic. I really would love to go with my hubby and kiddos! This makes me want to plan a trip there!

  9. OMG.. I’m sooo ready to check in..this looks AMAZING, super fun and sooo cool. I will have to check it out and plan a trip with my family… I’m in love.. what a great post and loved your pictures

  10. I cant decide which one I like best! Im hungry just looking at the pictures! Thank you for reviewing so many options. I want to book my ticket now!

  11. I love eating right on the waterfront! That makes it just the perfect meal and the food looks delicious! and then the ice cream shoppe for dessert sounds perfect.

  12. Oooo, I pretty much love every one of these options. I’d have to hit them one at a time and make sure I tried them all before I left!

  13. I always want to know if the beds are comfortable. But food is definitely up there on my questions! Lots of great options!

  14. Seriously – who knew there were soooo many choices of places to eat at Beaches Negril? I would have thought it was more like a cruise – plenty of choices, but limited choices.

  15. I had no idea there were so many restaurant choices at Beaches. Wow, I always figured they had a buffet and a sit down restaurant and that was it. So cool to learn about.

    1. The choices are incredible as is the taste of the food, kudos to the Beaches Negril chefs!

  16. We were thinking of a trip there this Christmas, happy to see so many choices offered. Kids and adults happy – check!

    1. So true, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about the resort or Jamaica!

  17. PLEASE TAKE ME THERE!! seriously so done with this snow and would love a getaway! it looks beautiful !

  18. Thanks for the awesome review Tammi. After enjoying Sandals Negril’s hospitality for our daughter’s wedding, we know how fabulously Sandals treats their guests! After this post I’ve realized where we are going to book our next family vacation! Beaches Negril! 😀

  19. Love it! My kids have been bugging me to take them on a vacation, and this would be perfect!

  20. This is a very complete overview of the dining places at Beaches Negril. Just reading about it made my mouth water. Thank you for such an inclusive post.

  21. This resort sounds amazing, we did a day trip to Negril when we stayed at St Kitts and the island looked wonderful and I would love to go back and explore it some more!

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