Barcelo Los Cabos Palace Deluxe {For Kids? For a Honeymoon?}

As a Mother and the writer of a parenting blog, I couldn’t help but to write a dedicated post on if the Barcelo Los Cabos Palace Deluxe resort is a good place to take the kids … Even if I don’t have the kids with me at the time. I can’t help but to always look at my surroundings and evaluate if it’s a place that I would bring my children.

So, is the Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe a good place to vacation with children?

The Barceló Los Cabos Palace Deluxe resort is actually designed very well, both for those seeking some adult-time and those toting their kids along on a sun-kissed vacation. I will talk specifically about those seeking an adult-only type of vacation, in a bit. But for now – let’s talk about the possibly of children and this resort being a match made. I know, right? Typical Mom, always thinking about those kids first!

Take a look at the map of the resort and you will see the placements I will discuss…


As you can see from the photo above, the Barcy Club and kids water park is on one side of the property. This is the first time I seen a property layout like this with a resort, and I think it’s pretty smart thinking. This way the extra noise and ‘chaos’ that accompanies children, doesn’t affect those wishing a more peaceful {and kid-less} holiday. Yet, it also provides safety and security in that the kids aren’t at to running off when they spot ‘shiny’ things. OK, by that I mean, run to the nearest pool restaurant in search of an ice cream or spotting Mom in the other pool, catching some rays {and enjoying her alone time} etc.

I pictured dropping my own kids off at the club for a couple hours and knowing exactly where they were, and that’s nice reassurance. I have seen other Barcy Clubs right in the middle of all the ‘action’ and it kinda gave that unsettled feeling, kinda like not having a playground zone sign for drivers.

A chair sitting in front of a building

The Barcy Club itself consists of a fun water park with all sorts of colorful water sprays. As I looked around the water park, I definitely seen my own kids laughing as the giant bucket of water poured down over them.

A room with many items on the counter

The Barcy Club{house} is surrounded by sand, a playground and toys. Inside, there is a ton of activities for kids of all ages. Again, typical Mom, I peered inside every room, drawer and toy bucket. There was everything from crafts, dolls, puzzles, books and even video games {even stocked with the tiny toilets and low sinks. Side note – clean, very clean place!}. Besides these general play items, they also have scheduled activities, as seen in the weekly calendar below.


Parents can drop off their kids at the Barcy Club if they are of the ages 4-12, the parents deciding the duration {they are open from 10-4 each day}. Yet, they do have highchairs and items for the younger kids as well, yet the parents would have to stay there with them. Parents with babies or young toddlers, can go there with their kids for quiet or just to play.

The Barceló Los Cabos Palace has many Deluxe Family Rooms to suit those staying with children. These rooms are primarily located in the ‘family building’ {the building on the side located next to the Barcy Club as seen in the map photo above}. Yet, families like fun too, so there are even a couple family swim-up rooms located in the other building on the adjacent side.

Though I’m not for certain about all the buffet restaurants at the Barceló Los Cabos Palace, I did notice a great kid section at the lunch buffet in the main building. This part was a buffet of a lower level so that kids could see the food. Plus, the food was cut smaller and it offered more kid-friendly options. Sure there was the much-loved chicken strips and fries, yet there was also smaller cut vegetables, fruits and fish. If there’s one thing I appreciated when we took our 3 kids to the Barceló Mayan Palace was the Barcy Club Menu! I loved that I didn’t have to go through the monotony of cutting up 3 plates of food and being the last to finally get to eat my meal. It’s the little things, right parents!

As a parent, I would consider taking my kids to the Barceló Los Cabos Palace. They have really paid attention to the fact that kids need to be occupied and happy as much as the parents. One thing that I think might disappoint is that there is no shallow/wading pool for kids, besides the shallow area where the pool chairs are located in the general pools {likewise, there are no water slides}. Yet, I think I would feel better if the kids were swimming with me in the general pool, rather than anyone else. When choosing a resort when taking kids along, you do have to take into account the amenities offered and what your kids would enjoy most.

A pool next to a building

Most resorts {except adults-only resorts} do have everything I mentioned for kids when it comes to kids’ clubs, foods and some sort of play area, but I think the design of the Barceló Los Cabos Palace resort is unique. They took it one step farther to ensure that the entire resort isn’t just one huge playground, with the placement of the buildings.

I met a few couples staying at the resort, whom were on their honeymoon. The Barceló Los Cabos Palace has a decadent 18,000 square foot SPA, adults-only pool, Honeymoon suites, and other special ‘goodies’ for those adults seeing solace. To further the smart design, the adults-only pool isn’t just one big pool, rather the odd shape allows for many private areas married with many loungers and seating to accomodate. Barceló Los Cabos Palace is even the only resort in Los Cabos with swim-up suites. So, yes, I can see the appeal to those that sought a quiet and romantic vacation and ultimately choose this resort. Alas, even if you take your kids with you, you can still get some alone time too at the Barceló Los Cabos Palace with the help of design and the Barcy Club. Truly something for everyone!

A palm tree next to a body of water, los cabos


  1. That last picture is so pretty, so serene. It’s relaxing just to look at it. lol. I need a vacation 🙂

    1. Hi Brandi,
      That did come up actually! See, Los Cabos is so popular these days, for tourists and all the cruise ships now stop there b/c it’s safe.
      They don’t have the problems like the mainland destinations, like Puerto Vallarta because they are on a peninsula – one way in, one way out. So, problems are less likely to happen b/c there’s really no place for criminals to run to get out of there! lol

  2. Love love love this review. The water park looks amazing and I’m certain my youngsters would be entertained! I also really appreciate that you took the time to outline the menu and activities – this review is better than what my travel agent could come up with!

  3. Oh does look like a great place for both those travelling with kids or without! Would probably be a great spot for a destination wedding!

  4. Thank you so much for this post. I just found it because we were thinking about going there with a 2-year old. I wanted this resort because I knew it was good, and Spanish like me, but I wasn’t sure about the kids part. It looks fantastic.

    1. Eva, what they have for the kids, is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Honestly, they do a bang-up job when it comes to entertaining and making sure kid-friendly everything is covered!

  5. Great reviews !!! You did an awesome job. We are looking for an all inclusive place in Cabos for Christmas with a bunch of our relatives. We all have children so it’s nice that they have a place for them and a lot of pools. They can have their vacation and we can have ours too 🙂 A couple of hours at camp so we can catch up with some vitamin D (we live in Seattle) and not worrying about them.
    Thanks again for this great blog 🙂

    1. Hi Sandrine,
      Sorry – I didn’t catch your comment until now.
      What resort did you end up choosing?

  6. The only problem with the separate kids area is that the parents don’t want to be over there so most of the time that area is a ghost town. The parents bring their kids to the main pool and then all the people trying to RELAX get kids splashing, jumping, screaming all around them. Parents need to control their kids when they bring them to a resort where other people have paid a lot of money to relax.

  7. Sounds like the perfect place to vacation with or without kids. The nice thing is that you can take the children and have the option of leaving them at the kid’s section and go enjoy some time at the adult-only pool if you choose to! Great review.

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  12. I have never stayed in this area of Mexico. I have looked at Barcelo properties when I am researching for travel opportunities with my family. I like the layout of the resort as well. It’s important to me that a resort is on the beach, clean, affordable band safe. Then beyond that I want great food, service and lovely clean fun kid’s things to do that are active. My girls are busy girls so they need to move and watersides and things like that are pretty important.

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