Balls! {Toddler Language}


One of the drawbacks for living in Western Canada, is that fresh fruit and veggies is a seasonal treat. Most of the year, certain foods aren’t readily available to us. Yet, this time of year, when they are – I go nuts with buying fresh fruit and vegetables. One of my favorite is fresh garden peas, I hit the market every week to get my peas. This is the first year that my Twins got to try fresh peas in the pod, before now their peas have come frozen or canned {Eww}. So, it was new to them…,My Twins looked at the pea pod in amazement, ‘what is this?’ I opened it up, teaching them how to take out the peas and eat them. Katie, one of my Twins looks at the pea inside in wonder, “Balls!” she yells. Ha – ok, I guess they are. “Eat the balls” I say. Bad Mistake.

Now, whenever she sees peas, she yells “Balls!” at the top of her lungs. It’s actually quite funny to hear. Yet, I’m thinking I’d better teach her the word peas, or we’ll be in a restaurant and she’ll look at the man with the peas at the next table,
point and yell “Balls!”.

Hey, it’s the life of a Mom, little funnies that make up my day.



  1. I love when kids say funny things like this! I have a hard time correcting them! I think if you were to correct her by telling her they are peas, so may then call them “Pea Balls.” I think that might be worse then, “Balls.” LOL

    My four year old asked my two year old, “Isaak can you hand me Scooby?” Scooby-doo that is. Isaak said, “Booby?!?” I just started cracking up. They both looks up at me and said, “What’s so funny mommy?”

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