New Deck Reveal!


Guess where I’m sitting this very minute?

It’s been a long 3 weeks since deck demolition and the start of our backyard renovation. Actually, it’s been almost torturous thanks to contractor ‘issues’. I found it tough to have 3 kids, and no backyard to play in when they are entirely used to spending so much time out there.

We’ve had to get creative each day: lemonade stands out front, bike riding and playing in the front driveway, and long walks with park visits in the neighbourhood.

I try and make the most of each Summer, and that means enjoying the outdoors as often as possible. With no back yard for a good portion of the month of July, we’ve had to get out and take in local activities on a daily basis. Which is a great thing since we’ve had so much fun. Yet, I just wanted my own outdoor space already!

Well, the day is finally here! I’m thrilled to be posting this new deck reveal!

A generous 10 concrete piles underneath for support, this deck will last lifetimes. Rainbow washed rocks underneath for a nice finish and also provides storage in the Winter.

deck renovation myorganizedchaos

Before, our deck was old and way too small for our family of 5. Not to mention the stairs were too steep and the two pilings weren’t the best choice for stability.

A patio set on a deck

Now, it’s bigger, more functional and provides space for us to enjoy yet also gives us more room when entertaining. We chose Trex materials for the decking and railing, for durability and low-maintenance. Not a frugal decision in materials, yet a smart investment since we’ll never have to upkeep or maintain.

backyard renovation new deck alberta

The color of the decking compliments the house and rock rock while the railing is a great match for the flagstone slabs at the base of the stairs. From house to yard, it all flows in materials and color.

Take another look at our before photos and the after – see how the color jumps out at you? I didn’t realize how drab and boring our deck was before. Now, all the colors mesh and compliment, right now to the greens found on the deck and in the yard. Astounding!

new deck reveal myorganizedchaos

I was giddy beyond words to finally set out our new furnishings, thanks to The Home Depot.

As I mentioned in my ‘Before’ post, the HAMPTON BAY Westbury 4-Person Adjustable Conversation Set is so versatile. You can use this one set to make 4 chairs, 2 loveseats or a ‘U’ pattern like we did with ours. I love that we can configure this set differently down the road, with no need for a whole new patio set. 

For those needing a new conversation set themselves, take note: this one is currently $300 off at The Home Depot! Plus, the additional chairs are on sale too, it’s a great deal, Canadians!

HAMPTON BAY Westbury 4-Person Adjustable Conversation Set home depot review

HAMPTON BAY Westbury 2-Pack Adjustable Conversation Chairs are sold separately from the 4-piece set, which we configured to make a love-seat in addition to our sectional couch.

I set this all up myself in record time. It’s so easy to put together, no matter which configuration you choose. The frame is a strong a durable iron, able to withstand the elements and much use.

HAMPTON BAY Westbury 4-Person Adjustable Conversation Set review

The color of the cushions is a red-orange, so plush and soft. The entire look is maximizes our space, yet provides a chic and attractive space just for us. I’m not sure which made me smile more, when our contractor said ‘we’re finished’ or the first time I sat down and melted into the cushions.

Backyard Bliss!

Next year I’ll get flowers to coordinate the cushion color, yet the greenery and beauty of petals really make a nice touch to the space. The little geranium that my daughter picked out, which rests on the iron coffee table to the Westbury set, makes the color pop and adds warmth to the sturdy table. Can I just say yet again how eye-catching this space as compared to Before?!

Our new extra-large deck box will be used for cushion storage yet will provides additional casual seating if need be. I also have new little stackable plastic tables to use with the love-seat when the need arises. So, it’s functional for just us, but with a few moves it can be used for a larger gathering.

A backyard deck

Our deck is also home to a Broil Mate 5-Burner Natural Gas Barbecue, purchased for a steal at The Home Depot last fall. It’s been the best BBQ we’ve ever owned, massive and fierce when it comes to grilling.

deck renovation rebuild alberta blogger

When not in use, the black BBQ cover matches the entire look.

backyard renovation new deck alberta home depot

Our finished deck is also a celebration in finally being able to BBQ again. Oh how I’ve missed a grilled meal, the scents of neighbours BBQing these past few weeks almost killed me!

The first full day of completion, I sat back on my new conversation set with a Sangria in hand. I could not stop staring at my little backyard oasis. Kids playing happily in the background, I was able to mute them out and just soak in the Summer sun and find my zen. Later, friends came over for a BBQ, the best celebration of Summer.

patio renovation home depot myorganizedchaos blogger

If you need us, we’ll be here in the outdoor space we all love so much. Spending time with family and cherishing another sunny season with the kids. 

home depot conversation set review myorganizedchaos

Bring it on Summer, from relaxing to entertaining, this space is more perfect than I imagined. It’s our perfect backyard oasis!



Disclosure: Home Depot Canada provided the conversation set for review.
Opinions are 100% our own, as always.



  1. Okay…three weeks was beyond ridiculous and I am so sorry your Summer had a later start, but oh my goodness Tammi…..that is deck the whole FAMILY can be PROUD of!!!!! Awesome….just draw-dropping awesome! And the furniture/BBQ…wow….what a treat….Enjoy it Tammi….you and the girls deserve it…oh..I guess Trevor too…heheheh…..*smile

    1. Thank you Kristen! It was a rough few weeks, and while I regret the contractors we hired, timewise, they really did a great job. So I cannot complain too much. Now, we enjoy it as much as we can! Done and done!!

  2. It loos so tranquil yet energizing, you really knocked it out of the park with this reveal. Showing my husband this set tomorrow, what a great price.

    1. You are too kind Jennifer, thank you! My neighbors read my before post, and purchased the same set. So, I got to relax on theirs before ours, hahaha! It’s a wonderful set at an incredible price, you can’t go wrong!

  3.! That is just beautiful! I love everything about it. I can relate to not having a back yard. All my kids have ever known is a tiny apartment with an even tinier patio. Dreaming of the day when we have a house and a yard!

    1. I think once you have one, it’s very hard to be without. My kids need to space to run and play, especially in the Summer. We are cooped up too much in the Winter to not take full advantage of the Summer months!

  4. I’ve been waiting for this reveal ever since reading your before post, my jaw just dropped. Astounding, I can’t stop looking at your photos, I need your yard!

  5. My eyes popped out looking at these photos, OMG, incredible!
    I don’t know what is more impressive, the size and look of the new deck or the wicked furnature from Home Depot. You could not have done a better job, considering taking up home decorating in your ‘spare time’?

    1. Thanks Hailey. Indeed, I myself don’t even know which is more impressive. And, you are so kind, I wish I had time to perfect my decorating. Which space shall I tackle next? 🙂

  6. I haven’t seen such a marvellous transformation in a long time, this looks fantastic. Enjoy your new space Tammi and family!

  7. We went through a similar process last summer, I feel your pain. How many times did you look out the window and do nothing but pout? I bet you are ear to ear in smiles now, fantastic looking patio!

  8. What a transformation! You did a fabulous job! Love the colour of the furniture – just pops!

  9. Your deck looks absolutely fantastic! We’ve been waiting to re-landscape our backyard area but still haven’t gotten around to it. I’m definitely bookmarking this furniture for when we’re ready.

    1. Awesome Danielle, I had this picture in my mind yet seeing it finished just blows me away. I do think I’ll change out the outdoor light though, off to The Home Depot to look at options!

    1. Well, the grass needs some TLC, the contractors did a little number on parts of it. Plus, we took out our firepit so we’ll need a bit of sod. Yet, with some sun, rain and grass seed, it’ll come back in no time. Gives me an excuse to sit out here more!

  10. Looks so amazing! What a difference! I love the conversation set you picked. The look is very modern and classy. Love it!

    1. Thanks Stacie, It is the perfect set for our space! Enjoying it right now actually!

  11. Awesome transformation!!! I’m sure you will be spending a lot of time outside. Love the furniture set you choose too, so versatile. And I love the pop of colour with the contrasting trim. Very nice 🙂

  12. GORGEOUS! You are so lucky! I have an apartment, so no deck, no yard. Your’s is SO nice!!!! *wildly applauding at the reveal*

  13. Looks great 🙂 I’ve been looking into similar decking and it is expensive… but the thought of no maintenance ever is so sweet.

  14. looks great – lots of space and beautiful, functional decor. really nice job! envy….. 🙂

  15. AMAZING! I am in LOVE with the furniture you picked – it is so perfect for a large family like yours and to entertain..

    Great work! 😀 Enjoy!

  16. Looks absolutely amazing. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and many more to come, on this beautiful deck!

  17. This looks amazing and the railing really pops! I hope you and your family have a great time enjoying your deck!!!

  18. The furniture and deck look great. With having kids you might end up using under the deck as storage for outdoor toys. If you ever end up doing that you could put a wooden trellis around it with a gate opening. 🙂
    It seems like a great place to go and relax.


    1. I do have some large Rubbermaid bins for the toys underneath, to keep it all nice and organized.

  19. This looks great. I’m sure you and your family will never want to leave it. Love the colours. Is it okay to say that I am very jealous right now! 😉

  20. WOW!! Love it! The colour theme is just perfect. One of the best decks I’ve ever seen. I’m very impressed!

  21. I totally understand you on not having a backyard. Our current rental does not come with its own fenced yard, it is just one big communal area. So my daugther who is 4.5 has never been out to just play without us having to go with her. The good news is we just bought our first house, in another couple weeks we get to move in!! I can’t wait for the fenced yard to turn the kids loose in!!

  22. Wow, What a wonderful deck, congratulations. I’m sure this will be a favorite place for all. Enjoy 🙂

  23. Wow! A ton of room now! Looks good, and I had my eye on the patio furniture you have, love the red. Enjoy your yard.

  24. What a great place to be able to spend the rest of the summer (which is going by way too quickly!)!! Sooo loving the furniture and the ‘pop’ of color!

    1. and now I definitely want Summer to slow down, i need more time to enjoy this space before Winter!!

  25. That looks amazing! And I really like the bold red color you chose. I would probably be too timid to go with such a great color. And your deck looks incredible. So much space and perfect for outside entertaining.

  26. GORGEOUS! I’m jealous 😛 LOL Your girls are beautiful as well. They look happy with the new deck! Congrats 🙂

    1. LISA!! Thank you darling! Now if only you lived closer to come and have a cocktail with me!

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