Backyard Renovation: Deck is Demolished!


Months ago we started the process of a backyard renovation in the form of a new deck, a long overdue task which we had discussed for years. 

First we had to decide exactly what we wanted, interview contractors, choose the one to do it, and then wait for mother nature to agree with us. That last part was the worst of all, as luck would have it, rain came down for weeks {I’m sure you’ve heard all about the flooding in Alberta!}. 

The weather set our contractor back, which resulted in us waiting as well. Each morning we’d wake and immediately check the weather forecast. It seemed like a constant letdown to see the storms coming each and every day. A job we had expected to be completed weeks ago, has now just been started.

We are {finally} getting a beautiful new outdoor space! Here’s our deck, as it stood before all the chaos hit our backyard.

A patio set on a deck

** don’t let pretty flowers sway you, they hide the flaws 

A wooden deck

This need for a deck demolition is due to it not being built correctly to begin with, screws were starting to back out, it wobbled as there wasn’t enough cement joists. The genius that built it also didn’t design the stairs to code, they are way too steep {with too narrow of boards} and we needed something more functional and safe. 

A deck


old deck myorganizedchaos

Plus, the underside of the deck had a roof allowing for a covered storage space underneath. It was really starting to stink under there, it was gross. So, for many reasons as you can see, this baby had to come down.

old deck demo

Sorry deck, you’re going down and being replaced with a bigger and better one, obviously. We tend to have that ‘go big or go home’ mentality, as seen in my recent awesome office reno

We are a family of 5 and as you can see, this deck only held our {aged} 4 seater patio set, leaving little room for us let alone guests when entertaining. So, we did need a bigger space.

Yet the trick was to not go ‘too big’since we also love and need our backyard green space as well. I enjoy gardening and my kids play in the grass daily, so our plan was to find the nice blend of a size we wanted/needed while making sure it didn’t take up too much of our outdoor space.

Yesterday the demolition began, it was fun to watch out the window. It seemed to come down so effortless. I have to admit I felt a wave of panic with the excitement, all that waiting and it was in pieces in minutes.

deck demolish

So, here is what stands {or lack thereof} right now. Out with the old in with the new! The cement piles have been drying and the framing is starting tomorrow, on Canada Day morning. 

A house with trees in the background

Speaking of new, I am also excited to open and set up a little huge something that has taken up the majority of our space in the garage for months. How can you have a new deck without something fabulous and comfortable that our family of 5 can relax on?

Thanks to Home Depot Canada, our new deck will also be home to this HAMPTON BAY Westbury 4-Person Adjustable Conversation Set.

HAMPTON BAY  Westbury 4-Person Adjustable Conversation Set

I love this set for the color, yet also for the variety of ways to set this set up. Look at the different configurations! Love seats, chairs, a couch – I am in love! You may notice that there’s actually seating for 4 in the above picture. Don’t worry, additional chairs to this set are sold separately, so we’ll have lots of seating room with some to spare. 

 So, while I sit here and gaze upon the abyss that’s in our yard, I’m also dreaming of the final look and how much it’ll make our Summer 2013, spectacular! I’ll try not to give too much away on Facebook and Twitter until it’s completed, watch for the big reveal to come soon!

** p.s. It’s Canada Day long weekend and I can’t BBQ or sip drinks on the patio, even a run-down one. Ugh, this photo below makes me pouty. Yet, doing all that soon on a beautiful deck will make up for it.

Good thing Summer has just begun!

A large lawn in front of a house



Disclosure: Home depot Canada provided the patio set for review.
Opinions stated are always our own, this is no different.



    1. We did that a few years ago, start with the easier, right? It hard to even picture what it’ll look like then all done, but I’m sure I’ll be grinning from ear to ear!

  1. We’re in the midst of a deck rebuild, too – coming along nicely, but at times during demo it looked like a bomb had gone off. Yikes!

    1. Oh, I know the look! I can’t complain too bad because the contractors are very clean and tidy, each night they clean up the area etc. YET, I’m afraid of what all this work is going to our lawn. Hopefully it’s not too wrecked after this is all said and done!

  2. Ooooh! I am very excited to see the after photos! Great choice on the patio furniture – very comfy looking set!

  3. Congrats on the soon to be GREAT deck!! I love your choice of furniture and can’t wait until you unveil the photos of the completed work of art!! Happy Canada Day!!

  4. Can’t wait to see the new deck i am sure it will be awesome especially will the new furniture!

  5. I was totally swayed by the flowers, I thought the original was nice, lol! I really can’t wait to see what the new deck looks like though! I love seeing the results of home improvement projects.

    1. I did my best to pretty it up, but functional-wise, it just didn’t work. Progress is being made, hopefully soon I’ll be able to post the final reveal!

  6. I can’t wait to see the final project! Because I really loved your deck before. Of Course that could be because I don’t have a deck and really really really want one! lol.

  7. your old deck and back yard looks just like ours. We hope to knock our deck down and redo it next year. I look forward to hearing more about this!

    1. Oh, you can relate then! Looking ward to the final look, it’s hard to picture when there’s nothing there right now!

  8. I was just about to buy that patio set last week! It was on Manager Special from regular $699 to $299. I sat there for a long time going back and forth.

    Good luck on your deck renovation. My husband built me a giant one last year, I miss it! The one we have now isn’t bad, but it’s a little smaller.

    1. Oh … speaking pf, my husband was pushing for one. Yet, just something else for me to clean! lol

  9. What a fabulous project and hurrah for it happening at the beginning of summer!! This is something we’d like to do in the back of our house too.

    The furniture is purdy. 🙂

  10. I cant wait to see what it looks like when your done… BTW do you wanna come here and make my backyard look nice??

  11. Ha!….We are building a deck this summer as well and we have also picked that patio set to put on it. We just fell in love with is. Can’t wait to see the new deck!

  12. I cannot wait to see your new deck! That patio set looks great, can’t wait to see how it works out for you on your new deck, hoping to choose a set for my deck someday….if I can ever decide what I want…..

    1. The colors of the set will match the deck very well, can’t wait to see it all come together!

  13. did you find all the little things that fell through the cracks over the years?

    1. I was straining to see out the window when they were doing this part. I saw pencils, hair ties etc – but didn’t see how much food was there … that would have been gross – bye bye deck!

  14. Love the new deck. Such a great way to bring the family together for shared time. Love the pics of the red furnature too! Like an outdoor livingroom.

    1. It’s nice! And I hear it’s going on sale already around the country, watch your stores!

  15. I’m glad the new stairs will be built to code and won’t be as steep. Stairs like that just seem to invite the eventual fall or injury.

    1. I know! It’s always bothered me and I’ve wondered why they passed the home inspection so many years ago. I always cringed when the kids went up and down before.

  16. Thanks Gary, I think the set will be perfect, it’ll be nice to go from a patio set to a conversation set, more relaxing!

  17. Yeah, what’s with stair builders? Ours are totally too steep also! Can’t wait to see the Hampton Bay set on your new deck!

    1. Saving space? saving lumber? I have no idea, but they were dangerous! Happy to be getting new ones!
      Progress is bring made, reveal soon to come! Squee!

  18. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Love that seating arrangement – I would love to have that!

  19. That’s really exciting! I can’t wait to hear an update, and see that beautiful furniture set in its glory!

  20. we need a deck too. hopefully next year we will start construction on that. the house we just bought didnt have the deck built. at least no tear down or clean up.

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