Back to School Shopping with Staples Canada


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Yeah, sing that loud and proud, parents. It’s a commercial that marks the beginning of the school year, with much enthusiasm. I hope you are smiling your way through back to school shopping! Yet, if that shopping isn’t done right, you might not be. 

My tips for Back to School shopping success:

  • Shop ASAP – shopping on the day before school and you’ll join a pack of crazed and frustrated parents trying to make their way through cramped aisles. You don’t want to be in that crowd!
  • Time of Day – shop in the early morning if you can. This makes it more relaxing and ensures there’ll be stock available. Tacking that list too late in the game when everyone else is and you might run into stock issues, ‘What do you MEAN you’re out of large sticks of glue?!?”
  • Shop at Staples – Everything you need, all in one place. One stop and done. Who wants to store hop to cross those items off the list? Wasting time, patience and gas? Not this gal!

staples canada back to school

Armed with a gift card thanks to Staples Canada, my oldest daughter and I went back to school shopping just after the store opened at 8am. Let me take you on our shopping trip!

The Staples store at this time was empty with the exception of one or two casual shoppers. The stock and aisles were mine! Equipped with the kindergarten and Grade 4 school must-have lists, I was able to shop in peace. There were no crowds, no rush.

back to school shopping with staples canada

Right when I walked in the door, I spotted all the the essentials. Crayons and glue – they were the first to go into the cart. Actually, the packages of wax and pencils crayons were an incredible price, so I tossed a couple extra of both into the cart, to replenish the stock at home. Did you know that right now is also the best time to equip your home office and craft supplies? Take advantage of the great pricing!

pens pencils staples canada back to school

Next we had to get black and blue pens, and I loved all the options at Staples. Sure you could go with the standard, as kids most likely need. Yet, if you want quality, beautiful pens for your office – this is the place to get them. I enjoyed browsing at the entire selection, in awe of the choices available.

highlighters back to school staples canada

And onto highlighters, another ‘wow’ moment. Such a wide selection of colors and sizes! The school list we got is very specific in what the kids need, yet for some reason it just said ‘highlighters’ for this one.

Baffled by the sudden vagueness, I guessed that they meant yellow and standard. Yet, my daughter begged for the pack of mixed colors, which was tossed into the cart. Life is too short to not have fun highlighting words on paper, right?

kids scissors back to school staples canada

All 3 kids had scissors on their lists, so we took a peek at the selection of scissors. By chance or maybe someone at Staples is a Mom of girls – the pretty pink pair was on sale {ok, the blue and purple were as well}. Score for my pink-loving princesses! 3 of these went into the cart. 

pencil boxes back to school staples canada

Part of the excitement over back to school for kids is the new pencil box. I recall it myself, the decision over the perfect pencil box that matches your personality {maybe more than the need}.

My daughter immediately ran for the actual box-like styles, again on sale! Staples had a great selection of prints, so she took her time deciding on just the right one. 

back to school shopping staples canada

Backpacks, Hilroy duotangs and binders, erasers, pencils, sharpeners … pretty soon we had everything crossed off all 3 lists. Right down to the boxes of tissues listed as must-haves. Staples, you really did think of everything!

The staff were very helpful when I asked for some help finding that very specific brand/size/type/color item that was on the list. The entire shopping trip took about 35 minutes, yet with no stress. My daughter and I left Staples with absolutely everything the kids needed.

staples canada back to school shopping

Thing is, I took my time with this trip. I was able to browse items, compare lists and prices. This Mom no longer has supplies shopping to do and was able to easily get everything needed, all at one store. It has to be said – that was easy!

Indeed – It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Staples Gift Card to facilitate this post, opinions are my own



  1. I have one to shop for this year and I normally start early and check to see if there’s any sales and buy them when they are on sale

  2. shopping for one this year and snagged the folders at 10 cents a piece. I LOVE staples 🙂

  3. I love Staples! I have 2 kids and we are pretty much finished. Just need a few things. It is my BTS shopping for a new planner, labels, pens and some fancier items for my business!

  4. I’m shopping for 2 high schoolers and a grade 6’s. My hardest to find item is oil pastels.

  5. I have to get everything, notepads, erasers, pencils, markers ect. I have 3 kids to shcp for.

  6. I shop for 2 kids and there are these binders that we only find at Staples that one son loves. Also mechanical pencils and scientific calculators on on the list

  7. I have two children to shop for this year. We have all the usual things on our list but probably don’t need pencils and scizzors since we have so many from the last few years!

  8. I don’t have any to shop for back to school items for (this year….next year will bring the whole new ballgame), however, love stocking up the kiddies craft corner from Staples

  9. Would love to win! My oldest starts school this year would love to take him on a “first school shopping spree”

  10. We don’t have any kids but I always put together a little back to school package for my niece and nephew with some fun items. On my list would be metallic colored pencils and some fun markers.

  11. I’ll be shopping for 2. Backpacks, binders, paper and pens are definitely on the list

  12. Pens! Both my boys are in the laptop program, so the one thing they never have enough of is pens.

  13. Back pack lunch pail, crayons and shoes are on my list

    I’m shopping for one this year but next year it will be two

  14. I have a fairly extensive list this year and shopping for 2. Nothing expensive mainly pens, pencils, paper, crayons, pencil crayons, notebooks.

  15. shopping for 3 grandkids this year and I know one of them would love the G-1 Sac – Ketto Collection Ladybug Lunch Bag, Insulated

  16. I don’t yet have kids to shop for, but I am entering my third year of grad school and have plenty of supplies to buy myself! On my list this year:
    – Sharpies! I always need them!
    – BIC® Round Stic Ballpoint Pens, 0.7mm, Blue, 12/Pack – these are my fave pens!
    – Papermate® Accent Intro Pen-Style Highlighters, Assorted, 6/Pack – for highlighting those millions of journal articles!
    – Post-it® Durable Index Tabs, Pink Green & Orange, 66/Pack – for flagging important info in textbooks!

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  17. We have 3 kids of our own and helping my Sister out with her daughter, so lots of Zipper binders, pens, pencils, notebooks. This year we have to buy our son a Scientific Calculator and that can be pricey.

  18. A ipad is on the top of the list, next is a printer I am shopping for 2 kids and 1 adult going back again lol

  19. I have one teen son! I have to get binders,,folders,pencils,scissors,,and exercise books,which I am having a hard time finding actually!

  20. No back to school shopping in my household but a laptop would be great. Our computer is old and slow!

  21. I am shopping for 1 kid – he starts grade 1 – so we need a backpack, lunch bag and pencils. he wants it all even a protractor which I am trying to tell him is not required for grade 1.

  22. tons of stuff on my list this. I have 3 going to school next month, kindergarten, grade one and grade 10 so we need everything from crayons to binders to markers to graph paper lol

  23. I have 2 in high school now and one just starting college so he still needs help with supplies too lol so 3 for me I need binders and calculators and paper and pens and folders and backpacks too

  24. I just have one child to shop for. He’ll need paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, and markers.

  25. I don’t have anyone in school right now, but I’d pick up some ink for my printer!

  26. I only have one to shop for but I have to admit I usually start early and then regret it because things go on sale. My son is going into grade 5 so he was excited to discover he could use a calculator this year 🙂

  27. I have two girls to shop for. It seems like everything is on the list! Pretty much the basics as well a a scientific calculator and graphing paper.

  28. I have one to shop for this year and i went to staples as there were items on my list that only staples carried like 20 triangle shaped pencils!

  29. I have two to shop for this year but their schools provide a lot of the supplies. I mostly need backpacks, lunchbags and clothes.

  30. A backpack, pens, pencils and binders are on my list so far. I won’t find some things out until school starts. I have one child to shop for.

  31. Not shopping for anyone this year! At the moment the thing I’d like most from staples is a multi-function printer.

  32. I have 2 to shop for this year… binders/backpacks/1 lunch kit/scientific calculator for the teen.. crayons/washable markers for the 2nd graders….. locker locks/mirror/supplies/white out/paper/pencil cases/dividers/index cards/calendars/datebooks…… no end

  33. It never ends my boys are in University and I’m still shopping for their back to school items, lol.

  34. Shopping for a laptop or tablet for my niece and nephew, I don’t have my own kids to shop for so I help my sister buy for hers, they are like my own

  35. I love Staples. 🙂 I only had my daughter to shop for this year. We needed duotangs, crayons, pencil crayons, red marking pencils, Hilroy notebooks and a few other things. Thanks for the opportunity to win a Staples gift card!

  36. I have 2 kids, but we only need to shop for 1 this year. We need a backpack, crayons and some notebooks. Nothing too serious right now.

  37. We have 2 kids to shop for and we could use these Staples® Better Binders, 2″ for our oldest son

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  38. I don’t really have any kids to shop for this year. I’ll pick up some really good bargains for my son, but he pretty well buys his own school supplies now. I already got him some spiral notebooks at a GREAT price at Staples. I do need some pens though, so I may pick up a 12/pack of BIC® Round Stic Ballpoint Pens.

  39. A lot of stationary are still good. Just some note book, calculator needed. Shop for only 1.

  40. Only 1 to shop for and in Grade 1 not much is required. I will be heading to Staples to pick up Crayola Markers and supplies for home!

  41. I have to shop for three kids and it’s lots of notebooks, binders, pencil cases, calculators and one needs a new backpack and Staples is our first stop place to go.

  42. Shopping for 1 – list for staples has crayons, coloured pencils, regular pencils, glue sticks, a new lunch bag, the hilroy exercise books, and the fiskars scissors.

  43. We’re homeschooling a Grade 2’er and Kindergartener this year – and I NEED WASHABLE dry erase markers from Staples! 🙂

  44. mostly just paper, crayons, babe not in school but office/ craft supplies cheap so thats what im after,,

  45. I have two school-age children now… (sometimes I can’t figure our how they got so old!) And around here, up until fourth grade, you send money with your kids and the school covers the needed supplies outside of inside shoes and a backpack. That being said, I am a freak for office supplies myself. Coloured paper clips? Coloured highlighters? Notebooks? Yes please. I use these things at work for a punch of colour and fun, because hey, who really likes coming to the bank? You need to do something different (and different matches my personality!)

  46. Will be shopping for all the basics (pens, pencils, etc) and a back pack. This store is a one-stop shop. Love it!

  47. I have to shop for one and have a knapsack, crayons, pencils, coloured paper and a lunch kit on my list.

  48. My son who is going to College. He needs everything. I love the note books and the coloured pens. Those will be handy.

  49. I would like the Global® Carbon High Back Synchro Tilter Chair. Just one in school right now.

  50. Our lists are way too long for each child to type them all out 😉 I have 2 kids to buy for and I think this year I am going to have to see if our city has a program because I am recently jobless so I am not really looking forward to the next few weeks.

  51. I shop for my daughter and need all the essentials plus a new fun school and lunch bag!

  52. Have my two boys to shop for this year. On my list so far is crayons, pencils, coloured pencils, exercise books, binders, duotangs, paper, highlighters, rulers, erasers, glue…I’m sure there will be much more since I am still waiting on my older son’s school to provide a list. Ugh!

  53. I have 3 nieces and nephews to shop for. I want to get them cute stuff so that they are excited about back to school! Maybe notebooks, binders and pencils.

  54. I shop for my son and his list is long this year. At staples I will be picking up his zippered binder, paper, calculator, usb stick and I am sure many more items

  55. I just have to shop for one child this year he’s going to Kindergarden , I have to mostly just get crayons,scissors, pencil case and some baby wipes,hand sanitizer stuff like that!

  56. Backpacks, markers, pencil crayons, duotangs, glue sticks, binders and pens are on the list for my two – one going into grade 5 and the other starting highschool!

  57. For sure scientific calculators are best priced and best selection at Staples. I only have one son to buy for and it would be easier to list what’s not on the list! Staples is very handy and our store also has the school supply lists for local schools posted. I hope to get him a really good agenda..he needs it to keep organized!

  58. Your staples is in MUCH better shape than mine this morning! I was there bright and early like you! 🙂

  59. i think we’re okay for this year because only starting Grade 1. Only 1 child going to school. Will still probably buy a pencil case of some sort.

  60. I have to shop for 2 kids…they are very picky about their binders. Must be the zippered kind! argh! then there’s pencils, pens, notebooks, highlighters….it never ends.

  61. Just one but she needs a lot of stuff. Binders, pencils, pens, erasers, markers…….the list goes on

  62. I usually do all of my BTS shopping at Staples, one stop/one time shopping. Need everything.

  63. just the one this year, mechanical pencils, lids, white out, highlighters among other items

  64. I have four to shop for but fortunately the two youngest are just for crayons and scissors. The older two need the whole works!

  65. Everything is on the list, pens, binders, high liters, post it notes, rulers and the list goes on I shop for 2

  66. I have myself to shop for this year BUT I need some computer supplies. Love Staples selection!

  67. Grade 12 & 10 this year….. my babies are growing!! Mostly binders, bags & shoes are the main focus of our lists and I do go to Staples! the other big box stores are sooo picked over.
    My youngest goes to Kindergarten next year, so we’ll get to start from the beginning all over again. 🙂

  68. I don’t have any kids going to school. but I could really use some Martha Stewart products!

  69. I shop early, and I also shop in the late Fall when there are big discounts, and put the stuff away for the next year

  70. I have one child to buy for this year. There is a lot of things on her list this year compared to last including clipboard, yoga mat, and cardboard file folder.

  71. I bought coloured pencils, pencils, erasers, paper, pens, glue and backpacks. I shop for my 3 kids.

  72. I am shopping for my son and for myself.
    he wants a cool binder, possibly the Five Star® 2″ Multi-Access File™ Zippered Binder

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  74. I have 2 kids at school this year and I need the backpacks, pen, notebooks 🙂

  75. My daughter is too young for school this year, so nothing for her.
    I need to get some things to help organize my desk though, so that’s what I’ll be shopping for.

  76. I find that I try to get in earlier to shop every year, if you leave it too long now all the good stuff is gone. I have one to shop for, my granddaughter and she certainly has her own particular likes and dislikes so the earlier the better. She wants a specific lunch box and knapsack and that’s just the start of it lol. We are on a strict budget so at the end of the day we usually are pretty savvy finding things she likes and if not them something just as good.

  77. Shopping for one….a backpack is on the list this year, along with the basics like pencils and paper

  78. I only have one to shop for this year and now the only thing left to get is a lunch box!

  79. I have one kid to shop for; my oldest starts kindergarten. We need glue sticks, crayons and paper

  80. 5 different colours of duotangs, markers, pencils, glue sticks, pencil crayons, erasers, scissors, a pencil case and a pencil sharpener. All this times 2. My children are ages 6 and 8.

  81. I love back to school shopping! Staples is my favorite, they have everything. I have an obsession with pens, and they have every kind imaginable in every color. I’m basically like a kid in a candy store when I go to Staples for back to school supplies. It’s always a good feeling to start fresh with a bunch of new stuff!

  82. Binders, memory cards, dividers, folders, highlighters & pens! Just 1 to shop for.

  83. New notebooks and pens are on my list this year. I love buying them at Staples because their store brand pens work really well and don’t cost as much as some of the other brands!

  84. I need, binders, geometry set, calculator and more I need locker accessories and a few personal items.

  85. The kiddo grew up and moved… so I dont have to shop for school anymore unless the kiddo plans to return to college or take another course? However the kid is still constantly in need of cool techie supplies and gadgets too and Staples has a great selection! We bought digi camera recently!

  86. I’m shopping for 2 and I’m done my school supply shopping, the back to school clothes on the other hand is a different story.

  87. I am lucky because my children have finished school. I plan on taking some course work in the new year. I love Staples MS line and I shop there on a regular basis.

  88. I only have to shop for one and I’m looking for coloured pencils and regular ones as well.

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