Twin Copy Paste Shirts

How I love those Twin Copy Paste Shirts! But, there’s more to love from this shop, read on!

The Twins are now at an age where they will ‘talk’ to each other all day, it’s baby’s language {times two!}. To us, it is “Ahhh’s” and “Ohhh’s”, but seeing them two do this back and forth – there just has to be some meaning behind it. I find it more than fascinating, and I hope I’ll always remember the way they interacted -before they could speak words.

Baby’s Language was created by a Mom named Lisa, who once studied the “goo-goo’s” and “ga-ga’s” her daughter once made. The result was a line of products that convey the language of babies, in specific terms that they would use. Lisa knew that by understanding the babble, it would allow her to communicate and bond with her child. And with Baby’s Language, she is teaching the parents of the world how to do the same.

The humorous items offered at Baby’s Language made me think twice about some things that my own daughters say (I admit, I never really listened before). For instance, Lisa’s take on the baby’s language for being tired, “nubnubnub”. I thought about this for a while, thinking I had never heard this sound before. Then, the very next day, this exact ‘phrase’ came out of Katelyn just before nap time. EXACT! I was utterly shocked! Lisa truly did study the language of babies closely before she designed her products. She really hit the mark, when it comes to the ‘ordinary’ garble that comes from a baby.

Baby’s Language has a separate section of their site for multiples, which I just loved. (So often they are left out, and there are so many cute possibilities with Twins!) From her Twin Sets collection, I chose the Copy & Paste Tee’s because they are just so cute. Plus, in this Internet-age, they are really funny as well. I decided on the long sleeve because even with spring and summer coming quickly, there will still be chilly days when a long sleeve is needed. The Tee’s came in a clear box tied with a bow, which is perfect for gift-giving. Hey, even if it’s for yourself (Umm…I mean, the kids), seeing the nice touch of a wrapped package makes ordering online even more thrilling. How often do you buy a shirt in a store and they gift wrap it for you??!

The Tees Lisa chose for her design are of high quality. They have been washed often and worn often; and still look the same as the day they arrived. (But since they are white, I do use a stain guard if I see a spill, before I wash). There is one quality of the digital design that Lisa uses that I am most impressed with. It is that the image isn’t one big design. Each letter is on it’s own, which makes the Tee comfortable, less bulky and keeps it looking great (Have you ever noticed that shirts with one big design on it kind of pucker around the image over time?) Plus, the bottom left hem of the Tee features a woven ‘BL’ label. It’s these little touches like these that impress me, it shows that attention and care has been taken in the designs.

 **Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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