There is one product that I go crazy over (besides shoes), it’s capes for babies! A trendy and logical accessory that looks super-cute on kids. I do find it so odd that I have never seen them sold in stores in my area, so it’s a good thing there’s the Internet! And I have an amazing one for you!!!

Babycapes is the treasured online store, created by two West Virginia moms–Elizabeth Hostler and Suzi Crowder. (Mompreneurs and friends!) Their designs were born out of the frustrating daily struggle of trying to get their active babies into their car seats (with bulky winter coats on). Custom made in the U.S.A, Babycapes stand out from the rest because of Suzi and Elizabeth’s choice in decadent fabrics that are available for the capes. These ladies chose Marshmallow Minky, Minky Sherpa Suede and Minky Cuddle. (And you know my passion for Minky!)

I was sent two capes, a pink sherpa suede cape and a mint green sherpa suede cape. HOW CUTE ARE THESE!! Seriously, I am ridiculously giddy over these. (And so is everyone else who sees them) All cuteness aside, a product has to meet other standards for me truly love them. I value the look as well as the feel and design of a product (especially when it has to be against babies’ skin), and these are so silky soft! If a product is machine-washable and dryer compatible (like these capes) and so luxurious, I am all over it!

The patent pending design that Babycapes chose is fantastic!
They are made to fit newborn to preschooler and as you can see, my 4 year old looks fantastic in this too.
I never thought I could have a clothing item that could be used for all 3! WOW!
Think of how much use you could get out of one Babycape, literally years!

The cape is super easy to put on and features an open back (with buttons) that allows easy access to fasten kids into car seats. (And into strollers and front carriers as well). So many times I have come home, and the girls are snoozing in their car seats. I always debate leaving them just like that, but they would sweat all bundled up like that. So, I choose to take off their coats and it always wakes them up. This cape is ideal for those times when you want to take off a layer without disturbing them. Also perfect for keeping them cozy while you warm the car. Babycapes saves so much time by not having to undo and redo their belts, to take off layers. Plus, you will enjoy the front foot pocket, to tuck in baby tootsies.

Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in children. All of us know the proper way to install a seat and buckle them in. But did you know that winter coats and bulky fabrics are a huge hazard as well? They provide too much cushioning between the safety belts and their bodies, so if in an accident – there is that much empty space, putting them at risk. It is highly recommended that any thickness more than a simple sweater should not be used. But, certainly in my climate, there is no way anyone can go outside without protection from the elements. Babycapes is the ideal solution to keep them warm and snug AND safe.
Here is a wonderful Babycapes video on the function, effectiveness and safety of the capes.


*Now, there is something very important that I must tell you. While the two capes I was sent look the same, Babycapes insists there is a difference. The mint one is called a ‘factory second’. That is, if a cape comes from production to these ladies and it’s not perfect in each and every way, it is sold at a sale price! They specifically say that, “Factory Seconds have minor imperfections (such as an arm hole being slightly off or skewed hem or skipped stitches) that we are offering at deep discounts (wholesale pricing). While the functionality of these garments is the same, we can’t, in good faith, sell them at full retail price. For a complete listing of styles and colors (along with flaw disclosure), email These capes are in stock and ready to ship to you!”
I searched through my factory second for nearly half an hour and found nothing that deemed it less than perfect to me! Then, I noticed one missed stitch…that’s it??! I called over a friend and she inspected the cape just the same as me, and she agreed that it must have been that one missed stitch.
Again, Are you kidding me? I buy items brand new at regular price with a lot more flaws than this one, and retailers see and sell them as perfect. WOW!


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 

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