Baby it’s Hot Outside!

Holy hannah – it’s been hot here in Central Alberta! Take note: I’m soooo not complaining though. The kids and I have been found mostly outdoors, in very close proximity to a water source.

Summer fun! Ahhhh, feels great!

A young girl jumping in the air

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    1. at time, unbearable – yes!
      But compared to our Winters here? We’d better soak it in while it lasts! lol

    1. Now if only I could sleep in a pool, soo hot in here even at night. Hard to sleep when you’re sweating through the bed! lol

      1. We have AC in our bedroom, and since it was 90 degrees (our main thermostat is in american and I don’t know how to change it) in our house we had Carter sleep with us. We woke up at 4 and noticed the AC quit and it was incredibly hot. So whatever, I went and changed him and noticed it was so much cooler in his room so I put him in his crib, check his thermometer and it was 30 C! Pretty sad when 30 is “much cooler”.

  1. Fun times! It was hot here last week, but it’s been cooler today. High of 80 degrees and when we woke up – it was only 56 degrees! I had to put on a sweatshirt. But that’s NH weather – it goes up and down so much. lol.
    Thanks for the linky!

    1. I need a new one, I think. That small plastic thing barely hold ones of them, let alone 3.
      Should have done that at the end-of-season sales last fall – doh!!

  2. So cute kids! Gorgeous photography and texture!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

      1. No thank you. all our grass is dead. We haven’t had rain in weeks. We have a 30% chance of having a rain shower this sunday and that is all we got in our forecast. As is it is supposed to be in the 30’s all week until end of the week-end. Hoping the humidity at least stays away. I don’t want to see my hydro bill.

    1. Amen!! It’s always so short-lived, enjoy it while you can.
      Cheers with a nice cold bevvie!

  3. Toronto is SO hot!!! We were in Muskoka last week and my two kiddies broke out in heat rashes! I’m not complaining though, it sure beats the brutal, numbing cold in the dead of winter! 🙂

    1. ha!! I’m hiding in the cool house this morning. Waiting for it to become an oven. But, for now it’s cool – ahhhh!

  4. Summer was MUCH too long in coming to Vancouver! So glad it is here (just in time for 4yo’s b-day party on Saturday :))

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