Baby Einstein

My oldest daughter absolutely loved her Baby Einstein toys and books when she was a baby. And, those beloved toys were passed down to the Twins when they were born as well. Yet, it wasn’t until I had the Twins did we give the Baby Einstein DVD’s a try. I wasn’t expecting them to give me a couple geniuses on my hands – though I can say with certainty that the DVD’s kept their attention and made them very happy. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment has just released six new Baby Einstein Discovery Kits. Each kit comes with a DVD, a music CD and a picture book or Discovery Cards and a parents’ guide.

The Discovery Kits were created to grow with babies, right into toddler-hood, and include 3 levels:

  1. Experience {Baby Beethoven & Baby Mozart Discovery Kits}
  2. Explore {Wild Animal Safari & Animals Around me Discovery Kit}
  3. Expression {World of Color & the World of Words Discovery Kit}

We received the Baby Mozart Discovery Kit. I like this kit for providing some soothing music, which is an especially nice break from the loud and boisterous toys and programs my girls adore. They really took to this music, and actually calmly sat and watched. Instead of shouting and dancing to the TV like they usually do, this is a great DVD use for quiet time and for those times when you want them to relax and settle.

I find this a great relaxer for them at their 2.5 age, since they don’t yet sit and quietly look at books yet. Did I mention they are very active? Though this set might be a little young for them, they did enjoy watching it as it was something new and engaging.

As a parent, I also like that Baby Einstein uses measurable examples that can be applied to childrens’ lives. The twins recognize the colors, animals and shapes – and we practice saying what we see. This gives parents good ideas for learning even when Baby Einstein isn’t present – the conversation about things around them. For instance, instead of saying, “look at the puppy, girls”, I try to use more descriptive words like, “Look at the brown Dog”, “That dog is wet from the rain!”. This encourages interactive learning, and genius or not – it certainly cannot hinder learning in any way.

The little board book, being compact and sturdy is perfect for small hands and for taking on the go. It contains photos of toy animals and real animals, for recognition. The CD is the same soothing music from the DVD, and I have been playing this at bedtime, and trying to wean out the sound machine. So far, it’s working like a charm! I’m very intrigued about the other 2 levels of kits, I think they would really enjoy the Wild Animal Safari and the World of Color. I think for their own attention and interest, these would be a better investment, especially for the toddler ages.

To Purchase: These Discovery Kits are now available in stores, with 3 additional Discovery Kits being released in early 2011. The Baby Einstein Discovery Kits have a  suggested retail price of $19.99 USD  and $24.99 CAD. Amazon has the Baby Einstein: World of Colors Discovery Kit for a great price of only $12.99



Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.

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