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I first became a B. Toys customer when my first daughter was very young. She got the drum and the piano, which, Back then, her B. Toys were made under the Parents’ brand {ahh, now they look and sound familiar, don’t they?}. B. Toys are now their own and the colors have changed somewhat – but it’s still the same quality toy. My daughter played he B. Toy music for years, then they were officially passed down to the Twins. So, 6 years of play and these toys didn’t lose appeal or quality – I’d say that is pretty remarkable. Yet, I wasn’t aware of all the other modern B. Toys available, until I had a look through the website – there really is a ton!

Ages 6 Months-3 Years:

B. Toys has the One Two Squeeze blocks. This set includes hand-sculpted pictures of animals and numbers {1-10} on squeezable and colorful blocks. Since they are BPA-Free, babies will certainly love chewing on and examining these blocks. My twins stack these blocks and also point out the colors, numbers and animals. Plus, these blocks float – so they can make good tub toys as well. Though the girls are just at the tail-end of the age range for the One Two Squeeze blocks, they still do play with them. And, when babies and younger kids visit our house, this is one set that everyone can play with.

Ages 2-6 Years:
Bristle Block Spinaroos are bristle blocks – so they can be connected to one another, to make any shape imaginable. Some of them have twisty bases so that they can turn in a circle too. Now, pair this creativity with the fact that some have a distinct shape or face – and you can make some pretty imaginative objects and people! I can understand the huge age range of this toy since the twins and my oldest all like to play with Spinaroos {in fact, I loved bristle blocks myself, as a kid}. The Twins especially like that they can easily connect them together, they are so proud of themselves when they do! This is the first set that they prefer doing by themselves, preferring their own creations rather than letting Mom help out. Bristle Block Spinaroos comes with 75 pieces and a reusable bin for easy and convenient storage. They are much different than the ones I grew up with, since B-Toys are BPA, phthalate and lead free. Again, there are safe for chewing on as well {which is not a bad idea since the teeth on these would massage the gums well}. Plus, they are so very colorful and vibrant – just one marvelous set!
Ages 4-10:

My daughter just loves the Pop-Arty – which are beads, to make jewelry. They come in a durable Bucket {which is great to add since you won’t be scrambling to find someplace to store them after opening}. My daughter must play with these beads at least once per day. I like that they are big in size, so that when one is dropped – you can easily find it. Yet, the attach together so well that is won’t come apart without being pulled. Pop-Arty is kept in my oldest daughters’ room, since they are smaller parts and I don’t want the Twins to get ahold of them. Yet, when supervised – the Twins also love playing with these beads. At 2.5, they can pop together the beads and create a necklace too. Pop-Arty comes in fun colors and different shapes of beads. The set also comes with bracelets and rings, to which beads can be popped into, to make different jewelry. With over 500 pieces in the Pop-Arty set, it’s great for a single child or a few – and there’s no fighting over pieces! So, this is a great toy to bring out when my daughter has a friend or two over. It’s cute to see a few girls make jewelry for each other and then put on a fashion show! intended for ages 4-10 years, Pop-Arty will be used for a long time!

B. Toys package their products in environmentally-friendly material. Some of their toys come with packaging that reverses, and becomes wrapping paper or a gift box! How’s that for Brilliant recycling! Actually, B. Toys have one of the most inspirational and uplifting mission I have seen in a long time. Please have a look at the B. Story, it’s amazing! And, for more B. Awesomeness – check out the B. Quotes – adorable things that kids have said. In fact, the site – much like the products – will put a smile on your face, so check it out. B. End

To locate B. Toys in your area, use their retailer locator. Fellow B. Canadians {hey, I’m on a roll now} you can purchase your B. Toys in our Zellers stores. Providing fun, creative and educational toys for all ages – B. Toys also does a fantastic job sending out positive messages to kids and for the earth.

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


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  2. My grandson would love the Holiday Wheeee-ls! He loves the Cars movie and these cars look a bit like them.

  3. My daughter would like the pop-arty and my sons would like the wheee- remote control.

  4. I think my son would like a “Wheeee-mote Control”

    alsatia23 at hotmail dot com

  5. The Weemote control car looks so cute.. my boys would love that!

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  7. My daughter would love the Meowsic keyboard.

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  11. My younger kids would love the Holiday Hellophone since they love to play with my phone.

  12. Whacky Ball this looks like fun for me lol ok i would share with the kids i look after

  13. Follow My Chaos {with Google Friend Connect} i really have no idea what that is all about

  14. My daughter played with these Bristle Block Spinaroos for the first time a few weeks ago at a church nursery. She loved them.

  15. The funkeys Would be Great for my Great Nephew

  16. I have seen the pop artry in a store and I thought it would be a really cool gift idea for my daughter she loves to make beads & such so something that can be reused over and over again is GREAT!!!!

    I also really like the colors of all their items they are different from every other toy out there

  17. According to my 3 year old sitting beside me, I can win her the toulouse lap-trac. She wants to “try a real one!” What neat toys 🙂 I really like the popy art, too!

  18. My three year old loves playing with bristle blocks! I’d love to get him more to add to his small collection.

  19. My little brother would love Take it Easel! Also, I’m following on Twitter, tweeted about the giveaway, subscribe via email, and I’m a fan on Facebook!

  20. i think the Holiday Wheeee-ls would make a great gift

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  25. The Critter Clinic and the Wacky Ball would be great for my kids.They have some really fun looking toys at B Toys:)

  26. Hello, the piano would be great for my 16 month old son. He loves music, and he plays his leapfrog drum, and likes to go to grandmas house to play on her grand piano. Grandma doesn’t like her piano being touched, so he would really like one of his own little keyboard pianos:)

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  32. My kids have a few b. toys items and we love them. I think they would really enjoy the Jungle Jam toy but I haven’t seen it in any of my local stores. I might have to look online for it.

  33. My son would love the whacky ball toy.


  34. I think the Jungle Jams is a really cute toy!
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  38. The Hugs 🙂 Links would be great too for my daughter. How colorful!

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