B nature

What happens when a bunch of women get together with a shared desire to produce safe, healthy and comfortable clothing for children? In this case, a company called B nature was created. Working under fair trade conditions, their line of organic clothes for little ones span from newborn and depending on the style, to 24 months.

I was sent the B nature’s Organic Crossover top in Ivory. This top goes beyond the usual as it has a folded over design (with snaps) and delicate embroidery along each seam. This punch of color makes it bold, fun and unlike any other top I’ve came across. Being made of 100% organic means that it is super-soft when compared to synthetic cotton, and ideal for babies with sensitive skin. It has long sleeves, and is packed with an extraordinary cuff. The cuff features a folded pocket, and can be folded over to act like little mitts. This would make it perfect for newborns who are scratching their faces and won’t keep separate mitts on.

This top only comes in a size newborn – 3 months and 3 – 6 months. I was disappointed to receive the 3-6 months, knowing that it would be too small for my girls (they are wearing almost 12 month sized clothes). But, when I took the top out of the cute box, I was surprised that it didn’t look too tiny after all. I decided to try it on Katie, fingers crossed, that it would fit. And it did! In fact, she’ll most likely be able to wear this top for another couple of months. The fit is remarkable, and I love the wrapped style and the embroidery – it really makes this top quite chic.B nature literally wraps children in mother nature, comfort and style.

**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 


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