Awesome Paleo Meal Plan

Here’s an Awesome Paleo Meal Plan, making it easy! You can also prep many of these recipes on the weekends + Including the Best Paleo Cookbooks

paleo meal plan

Awesome Paleo Meal Plan


Paleo is taking the world by storm and you might be ready to join in, but are feeling overwhelmed. There’s a lot of information to take in when you start eating Paleo, because it’s based on the science behind how your body works and reacts to certain foods.

This Paleo meal plan is the perfect way to jump headfirst into the Paleo lifestyle and get a taste of some delicious (but healthy) food! The Paleo meal plan is designed to make things easier for you. You can prep many of these recipes on the weekends and use throughout the week or you can cook as you go – whichever is easier for you!
All of the recipes in this Paleo meal plan can be found on the pages linked below!

Following this meal plan is hassle-free and is designed to help you feel healthy and efficient! It may seem like a lot at first glimpse, but you’ll find that less is more in a Paleo lifestyle and eating real, whole foods is simpler than you thought!

Raspberry Acai Smoothie Bowl
Lemon Coconut No Bake Bites
Sweet Potato Toast w/ Egg
Paleo Porridge w/ Caramelized Bananas
Easy Low Carb Granola Bars
Paleo Eggs Benedict
Paleo Banana Bread

Avocado Grapefruit & Coconut Salad
Chorizo Burger w/ Cucumber Slaw
15 Minute Zucchini Beef Skillet
Turkey Broccoli Salad
Thai Shrimp Salad

Roasted Maple Cinnamon Butternut Squash
Slow Cooker Honey Apple Pork Roast
Lemon Pepper Asparagus
Paleo Chicken Bacon Ranch Burgers
Sweet Potato Pineapple Beef Bowls
Paleo Cavewoman Chili
Chipotle Peach Glazed Chicken
Indian Chicken Kebabs
Grilled Flank Steak & Zoodles

Many of these recipes in the Paleo meal plan are from great bloggers around the web {including a few of my own!}, but there are some really great physical Paleo cookbooks too. Using suggestions and adding a few recipes to your repertoire is a great idea!


Best Paleo Cookbooks and Resources

Here are some of the Best Paleo Cookbooks and Resources:

– Practical Paleo covers a ton of really great information about how certain foods can affect certain medical conditions, so if your reasons for trying Paleo are health-related, this is a great read!


– Real Life discusses how to lose weight and gain health, so if weight loss is one of your main goals, this would be a great resource for you!


– Many people think Paleo means expensive grocery bills, but that’s not the case! You can eat healthy on a budget, too! The Frugal Paleo Cookbook book discusses how to do that and offers tons of great, affordable Paleo recipes!


What Paleo recipe are you most looking forward to trying? Let me know in the comments below!




  1. thanks so much for sharing ..i love gettig inspired with new recipes, and we are trying to eat cleaner to this was an awesome read

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