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Sometimes you turn to fast food, I get it. There are days when the schedule or just the ultimate craving calls for a stop and a quick meal. Again, I totally get that, been there many times.

At the same time, we try to make the best choices we can, and find that balance between fast food and better food. Right?

After all, we all know the speculations regarding the ingredients at fast food restaurants. It’s a dark cloud that hovers over the entire industry, at all times. These are things that all customers have pondered about for years.

According to survey*, almost three-quarters (73%) of Canadians prefer to consume beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids. A full 75% of Canadians prefer to consume chicken raised without the use of antibiotics. 

Well, here’s some factual news that I think we’ve all been waiting for. Keep this in mind, for the next time you’re making a decision on where to stop.

A&W is now the very first quick service restaurant in North America to serve chicken raised without the use of antibiotics and fed only a vegetarian diet with no animal by-products. In fact, this news is just released today, October 20th, 2014. 

A&W has sourced simple, great-tasting ingredients, farmed with care. They’re proud to have high standards when it comes to food – a difference guests can taste in everything they serve. 


At A&W, we take food seriously and we’re proud to set high standards when it comes to ingredients,” says Susan Senecal, Ingredients Champion. “We began our ingredients guarantee in September 2013 with the very well received introduction of beef raised without the use of hormones or steroids. We’re proud to be introducing chicken raised without the use of antibiotics.” 

A&W is the first and only fast food restaurant to give Canadians what they really want. 

This survey confirms everything our guests have already told us,” says Senecal. “Canadians are asking for these types of ingredients and A&W is delivering.”

First came the change in quality of A&W beef and eggs, and now the game-changing news on A&W chicken. These three North American firsts are now available in all 819 A&W restaurants across Canada, which means that A&W guests can confidently enjoy their A&W meal without that hovering cloud.

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner – customers can feel confident in the full menu served at A&W. While I can’t resist my all-time favourite of a Teen Burger, my oldest always opts for a chicken burger, most likely the chubby chicken burger but sometimes the BLT Chubby Chicken Burger. The twins? Well, they {like most young kids} go straight for the chicken strips. 

I like knowing that my kids {or anyone in my family, myself included} is consuming chicken raised without the use of antibiotics. Quite honestly, I can’t say the same for a lot of places, whether it’s any restaurant to chicken purchased in the grocer. I applaud A&W for listening to Canadians and making this important change!

* Source: In September 2014 Canadian Omnibus conducted an online survey amongst a nationally representative sample of 1504 Canadians.



This is a sponsored post on behalf of A&W, yet as always my opinion are 100% my own.




  1. I never would have expected A&W to be the chain to do this first! When we eat out I always pick chicken, so this definitely is something that excites me!

  2. This is great news! We don’t have A & W’s by us but I will keep a lookout for one!

  3. That is just awesome. I love that they are taking note and making sure their chicken is the best quality with no added anything 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  4. Good for A&W for leading the charge, let’s hope the other fast food chains follow suit.

  5. I love that they are taking the lead and making sure the food they serve is of a higher and saver standard! I would definitely frequent an establishment with a standard like that.

  6. I’m glad to see a restaurant getting on the healthy meat bandwagon. I love chicken sandwiches. JUST chicken sandwiches. I’m not really interested in an antibiotic sandwich.

  7. Well, it’s about time the fast food industry decided to get on the bandwagon. I’m really glad to see that antibiotic free chicken is making its way into other markets.

  8. Our family has always liked eating at A&W restaurants. I am very happy to hear about the great changes they are making. It certainly helps me make the decision to continue enjoying the great food.

  9. I SO hope more chains start doing this. I’m leery of any chicken that’s not antibiotic free. It’s not good for anybody to begin with, but I’ve heard they’re even worse for people who are prone to UTIs like I am.

  10. I am a very health-conscious individual, so I rarely get fast food. It’s great to know that A & W is now concerned with the quality of their ingredients and uses quality chicken in their recipes.

  11. I am glad that A and W is making these changes. Anything that makes for less processing of our food is awesome.

  12. That is so awesome! Too bad there isn’t an A&W near us. Hopefully other fast food restaurants will soon do the same.

  13. What they don’t inform Canadians however is all beef and chickens that go to be butchered have NO hormones or antibiotics in their system. Farmers have to sign a form insuring this or else they will get a huge fine. Regular animals may have been given hormones as calves when they go out to pasture to help develop their frame and give them the chance to eat grass filling themselves out (helping the environment because less grass is needed to graze the same about of calves). Regular hormones also do not impact people or the quality of the meat. There have been significant studies done since they were first introduced many-many years ago. The hens being raised on a vegetarian diet doesn’t mean anything. Animal by-products are not bad for the animals. The feed that contains animal by-products contains egg shells (ground up extremely small into dust like particles) and bone marrow provides the animal with the nutrients it needs in a easy way for their body to absorb instead of adding in nutrients that the animals doesn’t absorb as easy. Hens also eat whole egg shells in their natural environment. If you have ever broken a egg shell in a chicken coop it is a mad dash for the hens to eat the yolk and the shell. It’s a protective measure they have acquired from their ancestors. So please before we go applauding A&W for implementing practices that are already done by Canadian farmers do some research on the food you are eating or talk to a farmer like myself. I know egg-sactly where my food is coming from.

  14. This is great news! This is my hubby’s favorite fast food and soon may be mine too! I love that they are making these changes. Nice to know A&W actually cares. Thanks for sharing.

  15. This is such great news. I have never tried their chicken before but I will have it this week for sure!

  16. that sandwich looks amazing. I would go get one but the closest a &w is 45 mins away.

  17. I have been to A & W lately and I really enjoy their hamburgers. There breakfast sandwiches are good tool

  18. I’ve started making A & W our fast food restaurant to go to, because of their claim of no steroids or hormones.

  19. I have seen their new commercials and I’m interested in trying their new burgers. I like that A&W is making this change.

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