Audible Brings Storytime to Canadians

Back to school conversations between friends included the obvious comparisons such as summer memories and going back to the regular grind of packing lunches and activities. Yet there was a point in our visits when everyone in discussion how many books they read over the summer, and sharing recommendations on the latest good reads. Unlike the other conversations we had to which I had my plenty to say, this is the point where I fell silent.

Hi I’m Tammi and I read zero books over the summer break.

None, nada.

Hey, I started the summer months with good intentions of sitting on my deck lounger with a cup of coffee in one hand and a book in the other. I had looked forward to soaking in the sun and the written word. Yet it was the general chaos of life that disrupted those plans, like life always seems to have a knack of doing. I honestly can’t find a solid excuse other than there was always something else catching my attention more. I always cringe to use ‘busy’ as an excuse, but it’s simply a fact so I must.

As I had mentioned regarding this talk between friends, there were recommendations shared on what everyone would dive into next. I listened with interest, and the noticed the intent remerge. Yet I’m honest and especially with myself – would I really?

I’ve thought about this topic a lot since then, knowing it’s something I’d like to change – but as with anything, trying to find balance to do it all. When is the bulk of my ‘free time’? How can I catch up in a way that fits my life? Then it hit me – audio!

Audiobooks aren’t something I tried in the past, mainly because I love holding that book of papers in my hand. Yet, when that isn’t working {as it obviously isn’t}, it’s fantastic that there’s a solution. In fact, I think it fits well with anyone who’s days seem to be filled to overflowing, since it’s basically multitasking at its finest.

I drive a ton, whether to school, activities, shopping and errands. I listen to music all the time, so why not audiobooks? I can listen while cooking, cleaning … and even working from home. Perfect!

For those that also think that this is the way to go, I have wonderful news to share with you – has launched for Canadians! {an Amazon company} now has a unique and dedicated digital storefront for Canadian consumers offering the best spoken word content from Canada and around the world.

To use, simply download the app for iOS or Android and you’ll have countless audiobooks at your fingertips and within a cloud. So you can listen right on the very device which you most likely use most and have on you at all times – whether that be your smartphone, tablet or computer. I find it very handy that allows you to bookmark where you left off, and pick up where you left off, even if you switch listening devices.

Best of all, is a membership, so the $14.95 CAD per month price includes one credit per month, good for any audiobook. From there, members benefit from an additional 30% off every audiobook purchased à la carte.

I’ve already downloaded so much from and have listened quite a bit on the Audible app, and it fits so well with my lifestyle. There’s so many genres of titles, I’ve got plenty of selections that I can’t wait to finish. I even have one to help me learn Spanish, something I’ve always wanted to do.

Using the Audible app is simple and I really like it’s features – you can browse selections in a variety of ways from search to categories, make wishlists, and have your own profile to keep track of listening time. There’s even fun badges to collect along the way as rewards.

If you’ve used the US-based Audible before, your titles from the U.S. store will transfer to your new Library on

Check out and as a celebration of the launch, head on over right now and get your free The Handmaid’s Tale: Special Edition download.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.


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  1. Do I understand this right? You pay a membership fee, plus you have to pay for books on top of that?

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