Atterdag Kids

Atterdag Kids is an extensive boutique offering gorgeous designer items. I like the selection of products at this store, because they are ones that not all the kids in my city will have. Stemming from a store in California, its online shop carries much of the same items. So, if you aren’t lucky enough to be in the area, you can still enjoy shopping there. Specializing in items all items for children, Atterdag Kids makes shopping easy when you have such a wide selection of products from clothing to gifts.

I was very attracted to the clothing at Atterdag kids, as they are top-quality items from sought-after designers. I received 2 outfits, which have become my favorites for the girls right now. Both of them, I can honestly say I adore so much it could be love.
Made by Little Bumble, the Bee Loved Tee and Lounge Pants are so soft and very adorable. I like the pink and brown combination of this outfit, with the little Bumble Bee on the tee and on the upper thigh of the pants. It really looks very chic and comfortable. These are the first brown pants I have for the girls, and I like that that I can match it with so many of the clothes they already own. Very versatile pieces.

The Isabella Organic Green Ruffle Pants (designer baby clothes by Baby LuLu) are very unique, with the sweet pink ruffled hem and flowers. What a beautiful spin on pants, really could they be more adorable? I get to pair these pants with the Isabella Organic Sadie Tee, a flowing and flirty cream colored top. It has the same light colored fabric flowers on the neckline, which the pants also feature. Because of the style of the top, I can most likely use it for the girls next year. The pants will be too short, but I think they will make nice Capri’s too! And because they are 100% Organic Cotton, they are very soft and lightweight for the summer months.


**Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, views are my own. 




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