Attainable Resolutions with Big Results

For many, right now is the time of year when those self-promised resolutions fall to the wayside. It’s not like the entire idea is doomed to fail, we always have the best of intentions! It’s the huge expectations and pressure, they’re not always easy to keep.

This year, change the pattern of failing resolutions but deciding that smaller and more attainable steps are the way to go. By incorporating very small yet realistic changes into our everyday routines, success is more likely to result.

Attainable Resolutions with Big Results


Here are a few easy steps you can take, to deliver big results:

·         Take the stairs: You can take small steps towards a healthier you, literally. Not quite realistic if you work on the 42nd floor, but think escalators at the mall, moving sidewalks at the airport, that errand that’s a two minute drive away…skip all shortcuts and walk! You can also get a pedometer or smartphone fitness app that counts your steps and calories burned so you can measure your results.

·         Take your vitamins: Taking your daily vitamins helps ensure you get the nutrients you need to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. However, men and women have varying nutritional needs so multivitamins such as Vitafusion™ Men’s & Women’s Complete Multivitamins offer a personalized option to help you feel great and support optimal health.

·         Get your giggle on: Laughter really is the best medicine, not to mention it’s both fun and free. Research shows that humour and laughter strengthens your immune system, boosts your energy, diminishes pain and protects you from the damaging effects of stress. 

·         Protect your skin: Use sunscreen with an SPF every day to protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays (UVA & UVB). And yes, even wear it on days when it’s overcast.

·         Drink More Water: One evening earlier last year, I realized that I went a whole day without drinking an ounce of water. In fact, I also thought I hadn’t had any the day before either. This put me on high alert, and made me make some changes instantly. Since then I got into the habit of drinking many litres each day, and reaching for water before any other drink. It’s good for you – so make sure you get enough!

See? These resolutions to a better you are pretty simple, but totally realistic.

What are some of your New Year’s Resolutions?


This is a compensated post yet as always, opinions are my own.




  1. I think that is the key to succeeding – small steps and goals! Otherwise, I know I have failed over shooting and it becomes overwhelming

  2. These are some amazing tips to keep me on track! They are the inspiration that I need to hear right now because I agree with you that it’s so easy to let our goals fall by the wayside.Thank you for posting this. 🙂

  3. We resolved to not eat out in January! We have not followed that completely (a birthday celebration for a friend, and a promotion for me), but other than that we have been spot on with it! I noticed our grocery bill went up, but I feel better without fast food and our meals are healthier! It wasn’t a huge thing, but I’m proud of us so far!

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