Attainable Health-Related Goals for 2017

The start of a new year brings up much talk about ‘resolutions’, a time when we pledge to ourselves changes we’d like to see for the upcoming year. Of course one of the most common resolutions made are health-related lifestyle changes. While 73% of Canadians wish they were healthier, half of Canadians find it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

You see, I have a bit of an issue with new years resolutions, simply because of the pressure associated with them. Comparable to starting a healthy habit on a ‘Monday’ or promising oneself to get back on track after an upcoming event, the anxious build-up of that countdown until the designated time and day oftentimes sets one up for failure and a ton of self-guilt. Making changes for the better comes from an internal vow and self-love, and not the calendar!

I recently decided to open up and start talking about the healthy life changes I have been making for the last year. While it was a big undertaking for me, as a whole it may seem as though I did the impossible {if someone told me years ago I’d lose almost 75 pounds, I’d say ‘impossible’}; truly my journey was simply a series of small steps for the better. I always cringed hearing the phrase ‘if I can do it, so can you‘, but honestly it applies so well.

The lifestyle changes I made and still consciously adapt to {and the weight I lost thus far}, didn’t come from a huge gym commitment nor a strict change in eating. Instead it was the commitment to making attainable health-related goals. Simply put, I knew exactly each step I needed to take, and not simply a broad goal of ‘being healthy’ or ‘eating better’.

So when it comes to this time of year and the resolutions that are being made, the majority of the country {86%} agree they never stick to their New Year’s resolutions. This could be partly due to the many broad goals set, which aren’t specific and attainable.

For myself, balance and being specific was my key to success. For instance, I had goals to drink specific amounts of water per day, since I realized that some days I went without drinking any at all. I also decided I needed to take a brisk walk for at least x amount of minutes, and for a certain number of days per week at minimum {and if I did more, fantastic!}. I wrote down the best food choices, and also the ones to avoid, and made the goal to not eat out more than once a week {and when I did, knew which options were the better choices}.

To set yourself up for success, make a plan, know where to start {and not just when}, and be specific when setting goals!

Another goal I made last year and stuck to, is taking a daily multivitamin. It was one of the specific goals to put good things into my body, so I could be at my best. Which is why I’m excited to partner with Jamieson for the launch of Jamieson Essentials™, a line of Multivitamin, Omega-3, Probiotics and Vitamin D. I’m taking a 21 day journey incorporating Jamieson Essentials into my life and adding in new simple healthy life choices such as my specific goal of giving finally giving yoga a try.

Attainable Health-Related Goals for 2017 with Jamieson Essentials

Jamieson knows that we need a helping hand when it comes to keeping our vows for a healthier life, and specificity is required. For anyone who has stood in the vitamin and minerals aisle looking at the vast array of choices, and wondering which is good start – this essentials line is that start to attainable goals in health!

I’ll be discussing more about why these products are essentials very soon, along with more details on my own journey toward a better me {because it’s ongoing of course}. In the meantime, pick up Jamieson EssentialsMultivitamin, Omega-3, Probiotics and Vitamin D – and join me in taking that step.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, yet as always all opinions are my own.


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  1. I have goals in mind health wise too. My allergies and asthma have gone out of control. I’ve been drinking healthy mixture of things that help with inflammation and lots of water. Vitamins are great to take too!

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