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The Atkins Diet. What does that word mean to you? For me, it means ‘success’, since I credit Atkins to helping me lose 40 pounds {this was a year and a half after my first daughter was born}. Yet if you think I ate only bacon, cheese and eggs – you are totally wrong. Atkins has evolved a lot since it first gained public attention for being a ‘fad diet’ over 10 years ago.

Atkins has proven to be a sustainable and realistic lifestyle change that comes when you choose a variety of smart foods. When I was successful on Atkins years ago my diet comprised mainly of lean proteins, vegetables as well as milks and fruits which have a low glycemic index {whole grains are incorporated as you progress in the program, after induction}.

I was able to eat foods which were packed with the most nutritional value, which allowed me to feel full longer – and provided me with tons of energy to also do daily aerobic activity. The key for me was staying away from simple sugars and quickly digested carbs. I am living proof that it worked, and the weight I lost did not return…well, that is until I got PG with Twins. But, that’s only a given {I craved Corn Pops like you would not believe}.

atkins,Atkins Nutritionals has many products that can assist you in your journey to lose or maintain weight. Offering satisfying, nutritional and convenient products – Atkins knows that sometimes we tend to reach for the unhealthy snacks due to time and lifestyle pressures. So, when it comes to reaching for a calorie and empty carb filled snack, Atkins has some better choices for you! When it comes to shakes, I much prefer the taste of the Atkins Advantage Shakes. They do really taste very good {I have had some terrible diet shakes, let me tell you!}. They come in 6 flavors and only have a few net carbs. When it comes to watching your sugar intake and the net carbs contained, you just can’t beat Atkins Advantage Shakes {some other have so much sugar in them, I’ve seen upwards of 20 net carbs so read those labels!}. These shake also have protein, vitamins, and minerals.

atkins,The Advantage Bars are great for that mid-morning or afternoon snack and for those times when you are really craving something sweet – go for the Atkins Endulge Bars. Who doesn’t find it hard to grab some chocolate or two when at grocery tills? Maybe it’s the stress of shopping with 3 kids, but I am always tempted to pick up something to have when the kids go to bed. I have gotten myself into the habit of buying a single Advantage Bar or Endulge Bar instead. They do taste great, are lower in net carbs and are a little easier on that guilt later.

I thought I knew all about the Atkins Nutritionals products, that was until I got a taste of the Atkins Day Break Bars for the first time. These have even lower net carbs than the Advantage Bars and resemble cereal bars that some rely on as they much on their way to work. For the low calories, low carb and sugar amounts and being bigger in side than most of the other bars – this one may replace your usual cereal bar! My favorite is the Peanut Butter Fudge Crisp Bar!

If you would like further information on the Atkins diet {maybe you need to read up on what ‘good carbs’ are}, please check out for more details. There you will find recipes, product information, detailed information on the Atkins diet program and a great community of support as well. I have used this site numerous times over the years!




  1. The Caramel Nut Chew bars looked good. I should try them! I should really try this program. I lost a lot of weight while on maternity leave with my 2nd child, but gained alot since going back to work 2 years ago. I really want to shed these pounds now, for good!

  2. I would love to try the S’MORES BAR. What’s better than that combination. I have lost 31 pounds in 8 months but only 5 pounds in the last 2. I think this would really revamp my weigh loss efforts

  3. I have did this diet before and lost 40lbs. I really like the menu plans and love the shakes for a snack!

  4. The chocolate coconut bars look sooo good!! karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  5. I learned that it all started in 1963, when Dr. Robert C. Atkins began to formalize the controlled carbohydrate approach after studying articles published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

  6. I was amazed at the variety of foods you can eat – even in the induction stage!

  7. Hi! Dh and myself has just started a diet. He has sworn by the atkins diet. I checked out the recipes they have on the website you told us to check out and they look great. Will be passing this on to hubby. Thanks!

  8. I’d like to try the chocolate peanut butter bars

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  9. I have been eating low carb for about 6 wks, I didn’t know about the Day Break bars, I haven’t seen them in my grocery store, will definitely be looking for them next time I am shopping

  10. I am currently following the Atkins diet but I did not know that they had ATKINS ADVANTAGE DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND COCONUT CRUNCH BAR. OMG these sound so good and I still crave chocolate so these would be fantastic for me!

    imin2fun81 at mail dot com

  11. I didn’t know that Atkins sold products, I thought they only had a book. The endulge bars they have look declious, I’d love to try the Caramel Nut Chew & Chocolate Coconut Bar & Chocolate Peanut Butter – pretty much everything!

  12. I learned that the program is flexible – Atkins teaches you to eat the right foods to keep your body burning fat, no matter how busy you are.

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  14. I learned that Eating foods low in sugar will provide a steady energy level throughout the day and will help you avoid extreme swings in blood-sugar and insulin levels.

  15. The Atkins Cuisine All Purpose Baking Mix is a product of theirs that really sounds like it would be wonderful to have and to use.
    Alicia Webster

  16. i learned that the program is flexible, that atkins teaches to eat the right foods to keep your body burning fat, no matter how busy you are

  17. I think the Atkins Advantage Dark Chocolate Royale Shake sounds good.

  18. I subscribed to your feed via mail (same as in my profile / this post)

  19. I didn’t know about the Atkins Advantage Shakes; I would like to try the strawberry!

  20. I’d like to try the Atkins Ready-To-Drink Dark Choc. Royale Shake. There are so many products to choose from now.

  21. The Atkins Advantage Chocolate Bars Sound delicious. I would love to try the Caramel Fudge Brownie Bar or any of the others.


  23. I learned that there are 2 types of bars – Advantage and Endulge (I never knew that before!)

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  25. I learned there is a Atkins Community where you can get support, set goals, track your weight, and succeed.

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