Garage Makeover, Are You In Need of One?

Rubbermaid and ToolGarage Makeover – The garage may be known as the ‘Dad’s Domain’ but that doesn’t mean us women don’t utilize the space just as much! Whether you are the full fledged handy-woman or just someone who needs to use the hammer once in a while – the garage is used by members of the whole family. Not only does the garage store vehicles, tools and what-nots, it can also be home to kids’ toys, seasonal belongings and more.

The garage is an extension of the home, and just like any other room in the house, it needs some TLC too. To keep your garage functional, meaning that you can easily find things and it doesn’t look like it’s been hit by a tornado – it may need a makeover. Spring and Summer season for us is always garage-clean-up time, the warmer weather is a great time to grab a beverage, let in some sunshine and get to work.

I like our garage to be an organized oasis, just like every other extension of the home, yet it can still be a wicked workshop that any man will approve. Rubbermaid makes some great garage items that will keep everything stored, organized, in its place and allows it to be easily found when you need it.

But first, your garage may need some prep-work to get it ready for that makeover overhaul. Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Make it a family project! Maybe one person in your household uses the garage most of the time, yet it usually stores something from everyone. So, let everyone have a say in the process. You’ll also appreciate the extra sets of hands too.
  • Purge! De-cluttering the garage is an important first step. You need to know what’s essential and what is just piled up for no reason and can be donated, sold or thrown away. Decide which items you use most and the least. You’ll be amazed at how many broken Christmas lights are in there and how many items are just tossed in a corner and forgotten.
  • Everything in it’s place! Group items by usage, season or who it belongs to. Decide on storage and location, always keeping in mind how often these items are used. Everyday tools and spare parts should be kept within arms reach, while seasonal items can be stored higher up, leaving the prime real estate locations for items used most often. Remember, the sky is the limit, so make use of all wall space and use shelving and hooks to make the most of all available space.
  • Organize! Once you have your groupings and decided what is to be stored where, you can look for products to help store those items. Keep in mind that there are many bins, shelves, hooks and cabinets made for garage storage.

Sometimes it helps to see what others have done for inspiration. And, browsing through a list of available products to help organize the garage may spark some ideas on how you can make your garage something people take a double glace at when driving by!



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  2. We are DEFINITELY in need of a great deal of garage love-Seriously, It’s so bad that if you unleashed someone in there, you’d have to give them a helmet and tie a rope around their waist for fear of getting lost >.<

    These are some great tips that I'm sure would help tremendously when we finally decide to tackle that mess! Lol

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