Aravon Shoes; Precise Engineering isn’t just for Cars


We women sometimes spend the entire day on our feet. It is so important to have quality footwear, or else we pay the price. Aravon is a division of New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. Being a Mom is a little like being an athlete, right?

Aravon footwear is designed to tailor both our need for style and comfort. They have a full line intended for work, play and relaxing.

The Stridarc Collection of Aravon footwear features the rocker heel. I was sent the Piper Sandal, a thong style slip on. I got the black pair, but they also come in fun green and bronze colors. I see each color having it’s advantages, choose your own classic or bold look. The heel is 1-1/4″ high, ideal for everyday wear but also presents a dressy look. The leather of the shoe is very comfortable, it doesn’t rub nor pinch any areas of my foot (this would be the soft seam lining in action). What I like best about this shoe is the comfort. While walking, the strategically placed cushioning allows for soft padding. When you opt for cheaper footwear and sandals, then walk a day in Aravon’s shoes – the comparison is tremendous. It’s a great looking shoe that really pampers the foot. And my feet don’t reveal that I spent the entire day shopping (and running after kids) It even has an Ionact antibacterial protection, which helps keep my feet healthy (and smelling fresh).

What I also like about Aravon is the extensive sizing choices.

You are able to get widths from AA, B, D, and EE. Most shoe companies don’t offer such a precise option for widths. Now, I wish I had a size 6 foot. It just seems like the larger the foot, the narrower the selection for shoes. And often, I have to go up a size, just for a more comfortable width. Yet, this often results in the shoe being too big, and not a proper fit. Not with Aravon, everyone can have a nice fitting shoe, from sizes 5-13.

This fine Piper shoe retails for $139.99,
and for comfort, style and durability – it’s definitely worth it.

To see more great styles that Aravon has to offer, and for purchasing information, visit

** Disclosure: Product samples provided for review purposes, all opinions are my own


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