Anne Geddes Baby Bunny Jacket

The signs of Spring are all around us, and I could not be more thrilled. It’ll be really nice to stow away the bulky Winter jackets and start with fresh and much lighter attire {myself and kids included}. Anne Geddes Baby has a complete collection of animal-themed jackets for children, some of which I have reviewed in the past on My Organized Chaos. This time, my girls got to review the Baby Bunny Jacket from Anne Geddes, which is perfect for Spring in more ways than one.

For instance, it’s made of a warm velour, cotton and poly blend – which is still warm for those cool days and evenings {without all that bulk}.
The Baby Bunny Jacket we received is in the color yellow, which also has a white polka dot lining. The 2 snaps for closure are unique to only Anne Geddes products. I find the sizing at Anne Geddes is true to fit, the 18-24 month size of this jacket is perfect for the twins at 20 months {with a little room to grow or to add a sweater underneath}. Anne Geddes jackets come in smaller sizes as well, for those with younger children
The Baby Bunny Jacket is trimmed with fine satin piping, for a lovely contrasting touch. And, to complete this animated look are 2 bunny ears on top of the hood, along with the Anne Geddes signature patch. When wearing the hood, the ears do flop into the eyes when bending over – yet the girls think this is just hilarious, and soon learned how to flop them right back. The unique and adorable style, cozy fabric and lively color of this Bunny Jacket makes for a festive coat, that just screams ‘Welcome Spring!’
{is it here yet?}

Anne Geddes Baby has more items in their Bunny collection, than just this jacket. If you have a wee baby, you’ll want to take a look at the Baby Bunny Suit, Hat & Booties Set, available in sizes 0-12 months. This cute trio is one of those outfits that you’ll want to store away as keepsakes, for sure! If you have an older child and would love to have an Anne Geddes jacket for him or her, take note that larger sizes come in the Bear Jackets. If you need a refresher, read my
review on the Anne Geddes Bear Jacket in a size 5.

If you’re in the Anaheim, California area, make it a point to stop by the Anne Geddes shop in downtown Disney and have a look at all the items available. And of course, shopping can conveniently done from home as well, at


Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own. 


  1. I just love the Fairy Dress Set! Fabulous for spring photos of a new babe!

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  3. The Fairy Dress Set is my choice! It will be nice for a little girl to dress that up with a daisy in her little hand to welcome the Spring!

  4. I think the "BABY BUNNY PLUSH TOY -PINK" is perfect for welcoming the spring. (and would be great for the easter basket!)

  5. I love the My Dream Gift Set't it adorable?

  6. I absolutely adore the fairy dress set and the baby bear set… reminds me of spring fairies and a grumpy little bear waking up from hibernation!Annaperfectbluemoon@gmail[dot]com

  7. I love the Cotton Lawn gown & Petticoat Set!carrie.seibert(at)

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  14. I love the My Wish Giftset. It is a perfect gift for Easter!

  15. I think the butterfly blush toy is perfect for spring as they always make me think about the caterpillar they were before, just like the winter into spring!

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  26. When I was pregnant you have no idea how badly I wanted this! I also like the Fairy Dress Set

  27. The white polka dot lining is interesting. Wow. Thank you for this very nice review.

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  32. FAIRY DRESS SET-having a toddler this would come in handy for the spring and lighten up the heavy princess costumes ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. The fairy dress set looks beautiful and would be great for welcoming spring.

  34. I think the Tigger Hooded Dress would be great for spring!

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  38. I like everything, but it would sure be nice if there was MORE for BOYS.

  39. I love the Bunny jackets, Bear Jackets, and the cute little Tiger suits! It's all sooo cute!!!

  40. who could ever resist the fairy dress set?!!! how perfect for spring!gvenny at hotmail dot com

  41. I love the bright spring colour of the Tiger Hooded dress, and the leggings are so cute too!

  42. My granddaughter would love Fairy Dress Set…Take care,Donna from Maryland

  43. I love this one its so cute and it come sin a brown for boy Tiger Suit, Hat & Booties Set

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  45. Hi! I found via another blog. I am the mother of a 14.5 year old daughter and 7 year old b/g twins. I feel your pain…LOVED your header (where did you get it?)! It used to be me!There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I have three blogs, and two are right up your alley.My dinner one (thanks for following!) and my KISS-Keep It Simple Sister. Best of luck and if you ever need any advice from a veteran mom of twins, I'd be happy to help!

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  49. There are so many nice things on her web site. I have been buying her stuff for years and I’ll never grow tired of it. I would like to get My Baby Dream gift set for my niece who is pregnant with twins.

  50. The pure merino cardigan is absolutely fantastic too – looks marvelously lightweight and would be perfect for cool spring evenings.

  51. I think the butterfly plush toy would be perfect for spring as they come out in spring having transformed from the caterpillar!

  52. The Fairy Dress – a sure sign of Spring….

    Take care,

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  54. The Tiger suit, hat and booties would be cute for spring for a boy (not the pink one!). I feel like a lot of the items in her shop are geared towards little girls and I have boys.

  55. I think that the my dream gift set would be a great gift for welcoming the spring

  56. The Tiger Hooded Dress would be a cute thing to wear to welcome Spring

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  58. I really like the Tiger Double-Layered one-piece. Of course I really like anything that has ears on the hood so anything on the site works for me. :^)

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  63. The little brown pair of Tiger Cotton Drill pants is just too too adorable. I can so see my great-grandson wearing them! ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. The Fairy Dress Set would be perfect for my friends new and 1st baby girl this Spring.

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  67. I would love to gift the caramel Baby Bear Suit, Hat & booties set.

  68. BABY BUNNY PLUSH TOY in YELLOW is perfect for welcoming the spring

  69. I love the Tiger Plush Toy – Limited Edition Candy Pink, thanks!

  70. The pure Cotton Lawn Gown & Petticoat Set would be great for spring.

  71. The Tiger Footless Leggings and the Tiger Hooded Dress would be nice

  72. One other item from the Anne Geddes website that I think is perfect for welcoming the Spring season is: BABY BUNNY HEIRLOOM CROCKERY SET.

  73. I love the TIGER DOUBLE-LAYERED ONE-PIECE in candy pink is perfect for spring.
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