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I’m pretty sure no-one needs an introduction to Anne Geddes. She is one of the most respected photographers ever. She is worldly known for her inspirational photographs of small babies, which are cleverly and delicately posed.

As a child, I had looked up to her, having had many prints on my wall {mixed in with a few celebrity heartthrob cutouts from magazines, for good measure} I have always been mystified by each shot, even before I dreamed of having babies of my own. Growing up, I had the calendars, the journals, and the collectible dolls. In my first home, a sunflowers print was in my hall, and the daisy print in the guest room.

Then, flash forward to my oldest daughters’ birth…Anne Geddes’ photography hung on the walls of the nursery. The calm, elegant and pure feel of each photo is breathtaking. And, thanks to her vision and revolutionary eye, many have thus since tried to duplicate her work. I do think infant photography had forever changed, when we all saw the talent in Anne Geddes.

But…did you know that Anne Geddes
also has a fabulous clothing line?

Launched in 2001, the articles for infants and children are all inspired by her own photos – the babies being at one with nature. The Anne Geddes Baby collections are all magnificent and welcome additions to her vast repertoire.
My one question is…why didn’t we know about this sooner?
I mean, long ago I seen her Baby Bears photo, and never realized that the adorable clothing was her own design….

Thanks to Anne Geddes and her fabulous team, I will be doing a series of reviews on a variety of childrens’ attire available at Anne Geddes Baby. I’m sure you will be most pleased and just as impressed as I was when I was first introduced to them.

Without further ado….

The Pure Collection is an entire line which is made from 100% pure & 100% natural fibers {of merino wool, baby muslin and organic cotton}, which are healthy and safe for both babies and our environment. Just released in Sept 2009, anne geddes pure is the type of clothing that you’d want from the very first day your wee one is born. They are made in very limited numbers in New Zealand, so that quality is maintained to the very best of standards. Because of this care and attention to each and every garment, only small quantities are made at any one time.

We received the Pure Singlet, the most essential item for a newborn, in Australia and New Zealand. It’s similar to an under-shirt, yet can also be worn alone on hot days. Unlike others that I have seen and felt, this is exceptionally soft – from the feel of the fabric to the delicate muslin trim. There is a newborn baby screen-print on the front of the Pure Singlet. Now, this is small {0-1 Month in size}, way too small for my girls to fit into. But, they were once that small, even smaller. And to hold this precious singlet in my hands and recall those early days of having newborns, just makes my heart ache. I can certainly picture them in my mind, curled up and sleeping soundly {yes they did! Not so much now, but they did sleep a lot more then!}. I know that this Pure Singlet is one of those items that will certainly be kept, tucked away into a memory box – and saved for another generation.


** Disclosure: Product was provided for review purposes, options are my own


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