Anne Geddes New Beginnings

As a follow-up to my review & giveaway for the BEGINNINGS book by Anne Geddes, I’d also like to tell you about the launch of the short film, “Anne Geddes: New Beginnings“. This film is exclusively available as a digital download on iTunes.

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For the first time, a film crew and production company was granted unprecedented access to Anne’s private studio, and to her innermost thoughts on her creative process, as well, during the year that she was photographing for BEGINNINGS. Candid and unscripted, Anne discusses her work and how BEGINNINGS marked a turning point in her life as an artist.

© 2010 Anne Geddes. All rights reserved.

The outcome is a revealing portrait that shares the lead-up to the creation of images destined to join her most popular classics, how the youngest of the babies Anne photographs are found, the serene intensity of a “baby week” in her studio, and the captivating stories of the young and older women who posed for her. And we see and hear the mother-daughter interplay as Anne’s two daughters — Stephanie as a studio manager and Kelly as a camera assistant, both Fine Arts graduates — work closely with her in the creative process. In this documentary you get a peek of Anne’s life behind the camera from her husband, Kel, her closest friends, and her studio team.

When I watched the film, Anne Geddes: New Beginnings, I was completely memerized. At the time, I set out to watch bits and pieces as I didn’t have the time that day to watch the entire film. Yet, I was hooked within the first couple of minutes and ended up watching it all from start to finish. As a huge fan of Anne Geddes, I really enjoyed watching her process of taking photographs, and seeing things from her ‘eye’ as she explains what she does and why. Most of all, I discovered a new-found love for the book, BEGINNINGS since it’s a behind the scenes look at how she took the images. For instance, did you know that some of the nests in her photographs are hundreds of years old? This film brought many tears to my eyes, from the beautiful babies to the joy in everyone’s faces when the perfect shot was captured.

Anyone who adores the work of Anne Geddes, must see Anne Geddes: New Beginnings – especially if you own the book BEGINNINGS.
It’s available now, as a download from iTunes for $4.99

© 2010 Anne Geddes. All rights reserved.


Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


  1. you know i have deamed of being her! she captures the smallest detail in pictures! she is so creative. i think when i met my hubby he thought i was crazy as my house my plastered with her pictures! that was one condition when i moved in with him…no more paintings! *until i got pregnant and did the nursery in her paintings!* hehe

  2. I had the honour of reviewing her book before it was released. I am captivated by her talent (almost) a little envious. She lives up to the saying that a picture says a thousand words, because every time you look at one her photos, another story is being told.

  3. I will be seeing this, most definitely! I’ve been collecting items of hers for years! I love her photos!


    1. So have I , Anne!
      It’s amazing to see someone {finally}, after studying their work for so long.
      Great film, I highly recommend it!

  4. Oh I love Annes work, she is so talented and I tried to mock her photos with my newborn of course they didn’t come close to her amazing work but they were still of my beautiful baby girl. I can’t wait to see it

  5. She is awesome. My daughter, who is 15, even loves her work. For her to stop and care about something besides herself is a big deal. Lol. She is so amazing in what she does. I’m going right now to enter your contest for her stuff. And autographed? So very cool.

  6. I hadn’t even heard about this film. Can’t wait to check it out. Like a lot of mamas, I have been a fan of her work for years now. She’s such a talented woman.

  7. Hi!
    I love her work! There’s a captivating serenity to so many of her pieces!
    Thanks so much for sharing! 😀

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