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Since I was young, I had always admired Anne Geddes for her beautiful award winning photography. So, it has been a marvelous experience for me to have had the pleasure of teaming with the company many times over the past year, for various Anne Geddes reviews. The result is that my admiration grew, as I was able to get an in depth look into all the other products available and see just how fantastic of an artist and creator that Anne Geddes truly is. The latest Anne Geddes product I received for review is her new Anne Geddes Begnnings Book. This book came about when she was contemplating a hiatus, and then an exhibit of birds nests caught her eye and put a new spark into her imagination. Instead of taking that hiatus, Anne spent the next 12 months photographing the simple and elegant elements of nature and new life, the theme and beauty beauty the BEGINNINGS book.

© 2010 Anne Geddes. All rights reserved.

Continuing in the tradition that has made her one of the most sought-after and popular photographers in the world, in Beginnings, Anne Geddes has conceived an original story about the powerful mystery of new life that will inspire nature lovers just as surely as her images of babies have engaged people around the globe.

© 2010 Anne Geddes. All rights reserved.

She explores the intricate beauty of birds’ nests, the delicacy of eggs, the elaborate yet often unnoticed texture of bulbs, and the glorious color hidden inside the tight, unopened petals of a blossom before it blooms. Then, Anne expands on her visual metaphor with surprising and illuminating juxtapositions of beginnings in floral forms, as well as her signature babies and pregnant women.

© 2010 Anne Geddes. All rights reserved.

I cannot say just how much I love Annes’s BEGINNINGS book. You cannot help but turn each page and feel your mouth drop at wonder of her brilliant photography. I was deeply moved by the photo of  Violet, one of the oldest women in Australia {age 107} holding the newborn – it simply took my breath away! There is also a photo of Maneesha holding a preemie and another photo of Maneesha herself when she was a preemie in 1993 {weighing only 1.5 lbs and cupped into a hand} – now that is the essence and magnificence of life! I find myself studying each photo and appreciating how the formation of life and creation is captured. Not only are the babies adorable, yet BEGINNINGS allows you to take notice of the entire world around you – and take wonder in it’s beauty.

BEGINNINGS would be a wonderful gift for so many including those who appreciate the art of photography, the wonder of life and beauty. It makes a great coffee table book as it sparks so much conversation. Yet, it’s also a great keepsake which any Mom will relate to and cherish. BEGINNINGS can be purchased in select stores {especially the flagship store in downtown Disney, which I browsed at this June during my trip to the Disney Blogger Event. What a beautiful store!}, and it can also be purchased online and at

Disclosure: I was provided with product to facilitate this post, opinions are my own.


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