{Almost}Wordless Wednesday | The Playground is Spinning…

Too much time playing on the playground spinner
"I think I'm gonna puke, Mom"
“I think I’m gonna Puke, Mom”

{she was just fine, by the way. She just needed to lay on something still for a while}



  1. Her eyes are sooooooooooooo blue!!! She’s gorgeous!

    I recall, when I was younger, having this very same issue. Haha!

    Happy WW!!

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous Tammi! Poor little thing…I hope she’s okay!

  3. Awww, poor thing! That second photo is perfection. Her eyes, hair askewed, chipped nail polish. It all screams “little girl” and I love it. Well done!
    Come on over and link up when you get a chance. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

    Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud

    1. Ha!
      Chipped nail polish – and do you see her fashion sense?
      Leggings, tutu, long-sleeved tee…lol
      It was cold this day – my girl is only seen without a skirt or dress when at school.
      Total DIVA!

      I’m linking up, Kristi!

  4. Awww, but you got some great pictures! I remember playing on one of those spinny, merry-go-round things with my little sisters when I was about 13, my dad was just spinning the heck out of us and I slid off, right through the only mud puddle for miles. AND we were an hour from home. Mom loved that. And now my oldest goes to the same elementary school that that catastrophe happened at. 😀

    I agree with how amazing that second picture is. You should definitely get that one framed!

  5. Oh dear. Poor thing! I totally feel for her. I used to get the same way as a kid. Nowadays, my motion sickness is so bad that I can’t swing or ride a carousel. blah

  6. Awe. Poor baby. That was always me, btw…. the one who was ALWAYS about to puke. My husband says my stomach is weaker than a newborn. lol

  7. Awww lol this brings back memories! Who hasn’t spun until nausea hit.
    She is too sweet for words.

  8. Cute photos! I remember that well. The swings last week made me feel a bit woozy.

  9. I just want to give her a hug. She’s so cute! I always wanted a girl, but love my boys sooooo much.

  10. She may be ready to puke,, but she is still so beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing your WW


  11. Thanks so much for coming over last week to visit! Sorry I’m running so late in returning the visit. It’s been a crazy busy week.

    Great photos! I remember being that young and feeling like that after I was done spinning.


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