{Almost} Wordless Wednesday | Make It Stop Already!

It’s been pouring for days now. My trees are being torn from their roots, my flowers are dying and my kids are bored and want to play outside. Make it stop, already!




  1. We are so needing rain right now. I would trade it for heat for sure LOL. Thanks for the Linky!

    1. Oh, but the wind here could make my girls fly, I’m sure. my huge trees are breaking, it’s not too fun here these days.

  2. I have the reverse problem..My plants are dying from lack of water and it is to hot for the kids to go outside. Maybe we can meet some place in the middle with the weather 😉

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  4. Ugh! Too much of anything is not good. We had a long period at the start of summer where it never got warm & was always raining. It really stunted my garden this year. I hope the rain stops for ya!

  5. We’ve had days of rain which is uncommon for this time of year. I’ve been taking alot of photos of plants, but the rain has about killed all my shots!! Great picture though….they’re so colorful.

    Happy WW!!

  6. Oooh I can so related with the rain! Ugh…mine isn’t beautiful flowers tho’ more like getting stuck in traffic for hours. Great shot tho’. Happy WW!

  7. Oh my gosh, the rain gets crazy!! We’ve been lucky here in NS…some sun, some rain….a happy balance between the two. It’s just so darn hot!!! Hopefully the rain lets up for you and the kids!
    Happy WW!

  8. Oh, no! We are having the exact opposite problem–hardly any rain. My plants have had the life dried out of them. I hope the rain stops soon for you, so your kiddos can get some sunshine! 🙂

  9. The rain was sooooo bad they actually cancelled the grandstand shows last night at the Calgary Stampede!!! First time ever they’re saying!
    Went for a drive in the country yesterday (with work) and there are tree branches all over the sides of the roads!!!!
    You’re right………MAKE IT STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Crazy that we’ve been longing for the rain…..it finally came this morning at 5 am, accompanied by thunder, lightening, one kid in our bed, and a psychotic dog going crazy, after just falling back to sleep after a fly woke me up by buzzing in my ear at 3 am…..I was thankful, though 🙂

  11. I can relate. Our late summer has caused most of my flowers to wither and I doubt they will make a recovery. Sigh…my yard was SO lovely last year.

    Happy WW! Come on by and link up!

  12. Aww- my flowers looked like this the other day- luckily they perked up. I hope yours look better, and the rain stopped.

  13. Well, if the wind ever lets up and the rain subsides to a gentle shower, you could dress up the kids in raincoats (ideally colorful ones) and boots and shoot some pictures of them outdoors. Maybe with a few rubber ducks floating by as well.

    Although, your toddlers might be a bit young.

    And make sure you keep the camera dry!

  14. We have had some rain but not a lot. I would like to say that the rain helps to cool the air down but really it just makes it more humid. Ohio is not fun in the summer. Too humid!

  15. Isn’t this weather the s***! I’m so sick of it! What happened to our warm summers??

  16. I get really down when it rains a lot! It’s been pretty rainy here, but not as bad where you live. Rain, Rain, Go Away, Come Again Another Day!

  17. Here in Stettler we got 96.8 mm of rain! It was crazy. It’s nice out now, but risk of a thunderstorm for the next two days (but then again in AB, that is the forecast most of the time).

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