Affordable Winter Produce in Canada – Finally!

We Albertans are trying to push through. The current {and poor} economic state is one that has and is affecting many. Every day we hear stories of failing industries and job loss; this combined with inflation and the fallen value of the loonie make for really tough times. I know many families that are facing complete lifestyle changes due to unemployment, and if this isn’t bad enough – have you been shocked with the price of food lately? 

Grocery costs have risen in huge numbers over the last year, and are expected to go even higher through 2016. Cauliflower was made famous just recently by its price tag of $8 a head, insane! 

It’s tough to feed a family good fresh food, especially with everything else we’re going through economically! We Canadians feel like we’re being hit on all sides, can’t we just get some relief already? 

Sobeys’ mission to help Canadians eat better.

Knowing that produce prices are top of mind for Canadians, Sobeys is working hard to help Albertans eat better, more affordably, and is now on a mission to offer better produce at lower prices, every day {backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee}.

lower grocery food prices canada alberta sobeys

I recently visited one of the Sobeys stores in our city and noticed big changes, for the better.

Customers will notice lowered prices on many produce items compared to their regular in-store everyday prices, including many items Canadians buy every week. This also includes  a wide selection of quality organic produce.

Sobeys has introduced weekly “produce picks” which are selected for their optimum quality and recommended by Sobeys experts to encourage food discovery. This not only gives us that quality we’re looking for, but also allows us to try new foods at the same time.

There are also plenty of helpful tips on preparation from Jamie Oliver via cards placed beside food displays. I loved reading these tips all over the place!

jamie oliver tip sobeys


jamie oliver food tip sobeys better produce

I found some great deals at Sobeys, and learned some great food tips too. It’s been a while since I left a store after shopping for produce, with 4 overflowing bagfuls for $40 {which included 2 additional dairy items too}. Not to mention the quality of the produce – which also speaks volumes.

better food for all sobeys affordable produce

Side tidbit worth mentioning: Sobeys is also introducing more positive changes to help Canadians eat better in the meat department, with premium quality Western Canadian Sterling Silver AAA beef, aged 21 days. In fact, all of the fresh meat offered in Western Canada is sourced in Western Canada.

I do like these changes, Sobeys! 



Sobeys is giving 10 x $50 gift cards to Western Canadians! 

This social contest is simple to enter – just take a picture of a Better Food Meal and post it on your own Instagram and/or Twitter account. Make sure to tag @Sobeys along with the hashtag #BetterFoodStartsHere and a brief description of how you’ll eat more affordable and healthier meals thanks to Sobeys.

Hey – with gift card winnings, your winter produce just got even more affordable, once again thanks to Sobeys! Good luck friends! 

*This contest is only open to residents of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. See full contest rules and regulations here.


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  1. I really applaud the two stores for taking the initiative to keep Canadians healthy via lower prices on healthy produce!

    It kills me that it is cheaper to buy a bag of chips than a couple apples..

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