Adios Amigos

I’m leaving on a jet plane again – so, I will be away and not posting or replying to emails for a little over a week.
My hubby and I are are taking a much needed vacation! We leave today and head to Toronto for a while {I know, I wasn’t I just there yesterday?}, and then head to Cayo Coco, Cuba!!! This resort we chose is simply amazing, the best beaches in the world, I hear. I’ll be sure to bring back all my stories and photos!

We are taking this trip solo, sans kids this time. I have a ‘My Chaos 101’ manual written and printed for the wonderful people helping us out so we can get away {that took a while to complete. yikes!} It’ll be a lot different going on a holiday without the kids, and it’ll be the first time I leave the twins for more than just a few days! Yet, we need this vacation, and I know my kids are in capable hands. I hereby admit to already breaking down once at the thought of being without them for well over a week. And, I am prepared to cry on the beach {and into my Margarita} at least once as well. Ok, more likely twice.

I have been counting down to this trip for months. I even downloaded a countdown iPhone app {there’s an app for everything!}. Thing is, I have been checking on this countdown timer, sometimes three times a day! Really? Did I expect it to drop by days in just a matter of hours? I was planning on showing you a photo of that app for this post, but I lost my iPhone in Toronto last night. Not even going to talk about it….*sigh*
Yet, the day is here!! Bye-bye snow!

I am looking forward to catching a nap under a palapa and being called Tammi for a while, though I’ll always be Mom. *here comes the tears again*

Everyone have a great rest of the month, we’ll talk to you again in the first week of April. Adios Amigos!!



  1. You stink!!!!

    Have fun on your vacation. Our next vacation will be in three years, unless I get some big blogging bucks.. LOL!!

  2. Have a wonderful time! Every mom needs a break so enjoy it and the kids will appreciate you even more when you return. I hope when you return it will be to a real spring and not the spring we are currently in!

  3. Have an amazing time!!!! We will be on our own vacay {sans kids} in the very near future and I can’t wait!!!

    enjoy every minute of it….don’t spend your time missing your kids – after an hour home you’ll be missing the holiday 😉 (remind me of this when I’m away k lol)

  4. Hi there! I am your newest follower! Thanks for the follow from Twitter! Hoping you can follow me back some time! Enjoy your vacay!


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