Action Sports Meets All-Inclusive at Woodward Riviera Maya

Sneak peek at the grand opening of Woodward Riviera Maya, an indoor action sports center at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya resort – Action sports meets all-inclusive!

Woodward Riviera Maya

While my oldest daughter has been in competitive cheerleading for many years now, it was just last summer that I was instructed on all things ‘Camp Woodward‘, and how she simply “had to go”. For those not familiar, Woodward is a sleep away summer camp in 4 locations in the United States – and has become world-renowned for its action sports, gymnastics, and cheer programming.

After diving into details on the camp in question, I’ve been since debating on a couple of routes for her to attend – to either send my daughter herself, or we all go and make it a family trip in the area. The later route, well, I’ve been hesitant mainly because my idea of an ideal vacation involves a a beautiful beach and all-inclusive hotel.

Hey, I’m honest. So therein lied the debate, that is, until news and an invite had me so curious and very excited.

A few weeks ago I flew to Mexico to check out the grand opening of Woodward Riviera Maya, a 29,000-square-foot indoor action sports center located at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya resort.


Action sports meets all-inclusive!

A person standing in front of a building

On one hand you have the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya, an all-inclusive resort with top amenities, activities, and accommodations {check out my suite!}.

The Hard Rock Resort in the Mayan is a place where I quickly discovered to have both lively fun and quiet solitude and in ample opportunities. Then, there’s the flip-side where the addition of Camp Woodword right on site, make this the coolest all-inclusive resort.

Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Don’t get me wrong, the kids and I have found fun and joy in various all-inclusive resort kids-clubs from all over – but truly nothing compares to keeping kids active Woodward-style. It’s the Caribbean’s first and only action-packed top-end sports facility.

inside woodward riviera maya

Woodward Riviera Maya has raised the bar ten-fold when it comes to family-friendly adventure by offering private 1-2 hour sessions or 2 hour drop-in sessions with activities such as indoor skateboarding and BMX biking, dryland snowboarding and skiing, scooter, parkour, cheer and dance, and to top it all off – digital media.

This massive building contains areas like a launch ramp to a foam pit, jump to resi-landing, trampolines, cheer and tumble floor, indoor skate park, parkour zone. Many of which I shared in live videos on my social media profiles while I was there.

The response from my followers was much like mine, jaw-dropping awe. In the words of my daughter who caught my live streams, this place is ‘lit’ {for those not familiar, being ‘lit’ is a very good thing}.

dryland snowboarding and skiing woodward riviera maya

Woodward Riviera Maya was developed with top athletes in all the intended fields, making it a top training facility – yet of course with kids in mind, to align with their various abilities and need for intense fun.

During my time there I seen both children and world-renowned athletes take on the courses – it truly is intended for all ages and for any skill level.

Tony Hawk Half Pipe

Proof was in watching Tony Hawk take both the indoor ramps and the outdoor half-pipe like a boss, and then spotting his 9 year old daughter balanced on a board nearby as well. At one point I asked her if she skates as much as her dad does, to which she replied “nah. just a little“.

Hey, if Tony Hawk and his daughter, with obvious differences in skill, can have a good time at Woodward Riviera Maya – I know myself and my kids can too. Yet, ummm, reverse that situation. I wish I had the tumbling knack my daughters have!

tony hawk riding a skateboard up the side of a building

Being that my oldest daughter not only wants to have fun at a Woodward facility, yet also learn and grow her skill, her top question that I needed answers for was in the coaches at the Rivieria Maya location. I was pleased to find out that instruction at this Woodward facility comes from local trained coaches with years of experience.

Being such a sports novice myself, it was fun to learn some of the courses and get trained by Woodward Riviera Maya staff. They are there to help anyone progress whether it’s for basics or beyond, yet regardless, their energy and can-do attitudes are quite contagious. No YOU were doing flips from the mat into foam pits in the Mayan. Ok, I was – but you can too!

Woodward Riviera Maya Sports Facility

I tried both the indoor facility and the outdoor Wreck Tangle obstacle course, which is just another incredible area at the facility. Think, American Ninja Warrior.

For beginners to those with master-abilities, this is certainly the place to practice whether it’s on a full tumbling floor, ski ramp to foam pit, or a BMX track.

A large room at woodward riviera maya

I know what you’re thinking – BMX, ski’s, skateboarding – no, you don’t have to take all this gear with you through airports and to an all-inclusive resort. Guests can rent all needed equipment such as safety helmets and pads, BMX bikes, and scooters. And again, no details are overlooked when it comes to an indoor training facility, even if it’s in the middle of the Caribbean and for a usually snow-intended sport.

Woodward’s patented ParkBoards™ are designed and manufactured by Burton Snowboards, and ParkSkis™ – both of which roll on wheels. How many times can say that this is a top-knotch facility, and it most certainly shows.

But wait, your snowboarding lesson in the Caribbean didn’t happen unless there’s proof, right? Guests can rent GoPros and/or cameras to capture every bit of the action. Then, guests can visit the fully-outfitted editing room located in the facility, where they can learn how to video edit – again from an instructor.

A group of media at woodward riviera maya

I was very much impressed with the experience of both the resort itself and Woodward Riviera Maya, and cannot wait to be back and dive deeper into it’s offerings. While I was there, my oldest daughter continually messaged me for all the inside happenings. Then after studying my findings on my return – she’s decided that it’s definitely the experience for her, and may already have a packing list made.

For this parent who loves to make my sport-loving kids happy {especially while on vacation}, and also have that Caribbean view and all that comes with it for myself? Well, happiness, fun experience, education and adventure all around – is a very good thing.

Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya


All expenses to attend the grand opening of this press event were provided,
yet as always, all opinions are my own.



  1. wow what an adreniline filled time!! My kids would have a blast and be in sheer heaven.

  2. Oh wow now that looks like a cool place, it’s great that there is something like this for the kids, keeps them busy and out of trouble, plus they are getting some exercise to boot!!

  3. This is incredible, I’m not the sporty type myself but I do think that Woodward Riviera Maya have done themselves proud with this place.

  4. That is such a great location, awesome for your daughters and you have the beautiful beach and all-inclusive hotel. It’s a win win!

  5. That last photo really has me craving a getaway!!! What a cool experience that must have been to watch all those athletes. such talent!

  6. This looks and sounds like an amazing place. I can’t believe they fit so many activities under one roof plus it’s at a beautiful place

  7. Wow, so much to do in just one space! They’ve really outdone themselves. This place is a dream come true for sports enthusiasts!

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