A word from one of my readers….

I’d like to share a comment Sherry left in the Eyes Cream Shades review:

“I’m a California mother of a four-year old daughter as well as an eye doctor, and I am a definite fan of Eyes Cream Shades. I purchased my daughter’s first pair while I was still in school 2 years ago, not long after I learned about all the serious side effects that sun damage can have a young children’s eyes. They are still in great shape now, and it feels very good knowing that by simply putting the glasses on her, I am protecting one of the most vital and delicate structures in her body, her eyes. I currently recommend these glasses to every child who comes into our office and certainly all the readers of this post.”

Unfortunately, Sherry didn’t leave and email nor has a public profile – and I wanted to thank her for her own review and recommendation on a great product. It was wonderful hearing a professional opinion, especially from a doctor. So, thanks Sherry!

To anyone that has tried and tested any of the products that I feature on My Organized Chaos, your reviews are also welcome. I value any and all opinions, and love *meeting* new people!!


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